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She was always the last to sleep and this was no exception. Pulling from the shower, Lexa Pierce wrapped a towel around herself before exiting into the room. Brennan and Shalimar had managed to fall out on the couch while Jesse got to stretch out on the bed. His naked chest only gave way to more of the bruises he'd suffered from the 'interrogation'. Moving to the table, the brunette sat down and finally exhaled. Her head collapsed back against the chair, letting blue eyes slipped closed and for a moment, she was grateful. She was sure Mutant X had used it's nine lives a long time ago. As for Adam, hewould manage himself back into their lives- he always did.

For now, they were running and they needed a plan.

The molecular groaned in his sleep, before turning onto his side.He couldn't seem to escape his pain and for that, she was sorry. Before, Leo had been her only crusade. Now, she had another three. Quietly, the woman slipped out of her chair and moved to sit on the edge of his bed, her dark hair falling as she rested elbows to knees. She seemed almost sneaking when looking over to him and more so heartbroken when she saw his face. Jesse was always a quick healer but now, he was the only one of them who at least wouldn't die from his mutancy. And that carried her gaze over to Shalimar and Brennan.

Sparky and Battle Kat- her nick names for them almost made her smile. As usual, the blonde was draped over him and he was knocked out. They were so cute, it was sick. Lexa found herself happy that they finally had each other. Now she just had to give them a chance to survive.

Closing her eyes, her chin wrested in an upturned palm and slender elbows balanced on her knees. Scanning the room in thought, her eyes fixated on the television, watching some re run play out. Slowly, her brow rose. Quietly moving to dress, the brunette exited to room before making her way down the hall and out of the hotel. It may have been the only shot she had to save the all.

The life never went without the noise. Every night, bustle ran the hallways, thick in anticipation an energy. Production was a rush, pure in every manner and begging to be let out. The halls echoed with heavy foot steps, rolling trailers and a chaos of voices all vying for the same thing. And she was eager to be involved. It was after all, Monday night.

Usually, little things slipped by at these times. Radios blasted, conversations were loud, and anything that could be consumed know was an empty wrapper or plate pilling high into numerous trash cans. The woman couldn't even hear her own heels at times, as she walked the hallway. Clipboard in hand and pen behind her ear, the rest of the world faded into its sounds. Suddenly, something familiar managed to reach back.

It happened after just passing the locker room. Once submersed in work, the dark head snapped up, her eyed wide and processing. Stopping to enter the room, she pushed past the bodies circling around a large monitor, their conversations becoming mumbles as the screen ran its story. The reporter continued her story.

"As we reported earlier, the police are still investigating the explosion that occurred earlier tonight. And while there seem to have been no injuries, there are also few eye witnesses. The General Securities Agency was one of the top ...." Bullshit. She knew all too well what happened. The General Securities Agency...was more or less the GSA. And since that was defunct for the better part of two years, there was only one other answer- the Dominion.

Like clock work, her phone rang.

Dark eyes processed the blocked number sign flashing on the screen. Smirking, she answered. "Jordan. What do ya' want?" the silence she anticipated lasted just till the woman found herself back out in the hall. Moving into the empty space, she spoke the only thing she could. "Lex?..."

"...I need your help."

Moving down the hall, Jordan knew their time was short. "...I'm on my way."