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"Well," Lexa exhaled while leaning against the door. "They can't get in - and we can't get out."

Minutes later, the group found themselves in the lobby that united the men's and women's locker rooms, and joined by several of the other wrestlers.

"That's not all of it." Jesse exhaled. "With all of us in here, there's no one with Adam and Vince in the trailers." His blue eyes widened while looking around at the scare group of wrestlers surrounding his teammates. "They're completely exposed."

"Adam's smart." Brennan exhaled. "He'll know to get them out." The elemental leaned against the wall and looked around before his eyes came to Edge. He crossed his arms, while taking in the bruises along the wrestler's ribs and chest. Earlier, after they'd reached the room, Brennan found himself frowning as Hunter dumped the man down on one of the benches. And that's when he'd taken off his shirt, revealing the injuries. The elemental knew Edge had been with Jordan and managed to take in her ripped clothing as well. It didn't take much to tell him something wasn't right. Rubbing the back of his head, Brennan scanned the room till his eyes fell on Hunter. From over the upturned bottle of water he was drinking, the man's eyes burned into Edge. Then there was Dave, who stood speaking lowly with the game, and apparently filling him in on whatever the situation was. Only moments before, he (Batista) had been in deep talk with Randy. He watched Edge with an immense hatred. Of course that broke up when Shalimar walked over. And despite his curiosity, it still burned Brennan to see her with Triple H. The large feral slipped an arm around her before kissing the top of her head, making Brennan have to physically turn away. "Jess," He began in an attempt to clear his head. "What's next?"

"What's next' is how to get out of here. Adam and Vince can only do so much on their own."

"There's no way Adam's leaving without us." Lexa interrupted. "If our theory about Vince's children being mutants is right, then he's not going anywhere. Jess is the only one who's stable, remember? Whatever research he'd have left to do would be based on Rocky's DNA." (The Assault, Season three).

"Thanks honey. I'd managed to forget that." The molecular smirked at his girlfriend. "But I'm starting to believe that most of us have passed our drop dead dates."

"Same here." Brennan exhaled. "Look, our focus is getting these guys out and stopping the Dominion without destroying the place."

"I say we still head for the production trailers." Jesse admitted. "With these guys, we could travel the rafters, and then I could faze Vince and Adam out through the roof."

"And after that?" Lexa asked.

"After that," Brennan smirked before crossing his arms. "We kick the Dominion's ass- permanently."

Shalimar stepped out of the conversation with Hunter and Batista, her eyes narrowing as she moved towards the women's locker room. Lately Adam gave her the most vicious headaches, and right then she didn't need the one that was starting. The small blonde stopped short when finding Jordan changing. Her ripped clothes had been cast into a pile on the floor and replied with a pair of low rise black jeans and a dark cropped halter. She sat pulling on her boots as the feral walked up.

"You brought extra clothes?"

"I always get a locker when we do a show." The woman began. "These curves won't exactly fit Stacy Keibler's size two's."

The blonde chucked while leaning on the opposite lockers. "If it wasn't for your curves', you would be Stacy's size."

"Look whose talking, Barbie."

"Please. Don't call me that." The feral exhaled. "Jesse and his damned nick names." The feral found herself sitting down across from her team mate. Her brown eyes scanned the woman as she sat back, and reached for a bottle of water. "Want one?"

"Sure." Shalimar replied. "So...are you alright?"

Jordan's dark eyes danced at the question. "You know me," She grinned before running a hand through her long dark hair. "I always land on my feet-and I'm not even feral."

"Oh..funny." The blonde replied. "Now are you gonna tell me what happened out there, or do I put it together myself?"

The light-colored black woman found herself grinning. "Sounds like you have a theory."

"I don't need mutant abilities to see you were attacked."

"Comes with the job."

Shalimar exhaled before sitting back against the lockers. "So, who was it?" She began. "The Dominion… or Edge?"

"You know better than that." Jordan smirked. "The Dominion doesn't play with anyone they could - study."

The blonde felt her eyes widen at the admission. "Did Edge rape you?"

"What?" Jordan nearly laughed out loud. "Please, honey. It didn't get to that. Some men just don't get no', till they get it - you know where."

"Ouch." Shalimar smirked. "I heard Dave and Hunter muttering about it over in the corner. So you really are okay?"


"Hey, I know- I get it. You and Lex have been doing this for a lot longer then the rest of us. But you are younger- And before you make an age joke, shut up. I am trying to be nice." Jordan purposely covered her laugh, while the blonde smirked. "I was worried."

"I appreciate it. Have you tried to raise Adam on the COMM links yet."

"No. Jess and Brennan are strategizing right now." The feral exhaled. "You know what that means..."

"The direct approach."

"They're gonna play cowboy trying to rescue him and Vince."

Jordan rolled her eyes before moving to sit up. "Then we better get Lex in here. We'll need an actual plan to make theirs look like it works."

He stood by, watching the women engage in their conversation. Blue eyes processed one slowly, then the other. The smaller blonde was like him and the interest of 'arguably' a friend. And it didn't take a betting man to know she sensed him there. Never the less, her eyes stayed on the other. The man was in no way attempting to stay out of sight. He just knew how to keep a comfortable distance. Fortunately for him, the blonde' wasn't his reason for being there. It was the woman across from her. A smirk played on his lips as slender fingers ran through her wavy black hair, pushing the lengths back behind her shoulders. With everything literally going on outside their door, his mind remained stalled on the moment not even an hour before. And though it was quickly becoming aware that she was fine, the man had become quicker in the realization that he wasn't. He would have loved to beat the shit out of Edge. It was then that his senses caught wind of the feral's' movement, leading the large man out of the women's locker room and in towards the men's. Suddenly, he was curious.

Edge stood in his changing area, grunting at the pain of pulling on a fresh shirt. It went without saying that Jordan wasn't thinking of healing him. The man groaned while tossing his ruined clothing into the duffel bag in his locker. He'd just woken up when Hunter dumped him on the bench a few minutes before, and found the Mutant X team barricading them all into the locker area. The tall blond sneered at his situation.

And turned to face the scowls of Batista and Triple H.

"What." He muttered as he closed the locker door, trying to relax in the fresh pair of jeans – and choosing to ignore his bruises.

"You look pretty beat up there, Edge." Hunter smirked while leaning against the lockers.

"Funny, Hunter."

"Is it?" Dave snarled under his breath. "What happened to you?"

"More like who." Triple H snickered. "So, you and J-"

"Cut, the 'me and J' shit." Edge spat.

"Dude, I'm not your problem. But Randy is – and Mulwray will be. Yeah, J kicked your ass, but those two…" Hunter exhaled. "They're gonna fuck you up."

"I'd be 'keeping my eye' on that piece of ass you call a girlfriend." Edge snickered. "Considering the situation right now, it won't be long before those two start bonding again…Shalimar's done with you."

Hunter leaned in close, breathing heavily – purposely into Edge's face. "You, keep 'her' name out of your mouth." He muttered. "And don't forget, we're on the same side here junior. Remember that."

"Well, think about your girlfriend later, – in case you forgot- we're about to be rounded up and dissected like lab rats. Mulwray and the "Superfriends" are kind of our ticket out."

"That didn't stop you from throwing around J like a chew toy…" Batista snapped before stepping forward. "You - "

"Hey…, no worries." Triple H smirked while backing the large man up. "Look, Edge, they have a plan. We follow it. You keep on your pants and we get out of here alive." Hunter pulled back suddenly grinning. "For now, behave."

"…I don't get this , Hunter." Edge said before opening a bottle of water. "Other than, Shal, what's in it for you?"

The large blonde smirked before looking back towards the isle, secretly images of Genomax played in his head. "Let's just say …I'm gonna pay back a favor." He replied. "For an old friend."

Brennan stood, leaning against the lockers, his large arms folded as his 'team' talked strategy. Shalimar was half paying attention to him and Lexa when she 'felt' Randy walk up. He pulled the elemental to the side and spoke in a whisper so low that not even her ears could pick it up. But Brennan's face said it all. He looked from her to Jordan, his brown eyes seething with anger. She made an excuse to leave the conversation and walked through the lobby and into the men's locker room. There, she stooped short when seeing Dave and Hunter talking with Edge. She narrowed towards the locker and attempted to listen in, There was tension amongst them – thick tension. Putting it to the back burner, she returned to the women's locker room. Randy had left, leaving Brennan, Jesse and Lexa to lay out the details of their plan. Easily, she slipped back in, trying to ignore Brennan's stare.

She hadn't felt heat like that in a long time.

"So that's the plan?" Jesse exhaled, breaking her from her thoughts. "...It just might work."

"That, and it's all we've got." Lexa replied.

Brennan nodded before pulling at his shirt. "Well, it has to work…we don't have long." His frame was fidgeting, antsy in its electricity. "Let's get things rolling."

Shalimar turned to leave when he grabbed her arm. "What, Bren?" He nearly smiled at the seemingly ancient nickname."

"Shal…I just want to you to be careful around Hunter." He replied. "What you two have is your business…but he's around Edge. That doesn't mean that you have to be."

"Ditto." She grinned. "…I'm sorry for hurting you…"

His large arms embraced her in a warm hug, and for the moment she forgot they're situation. "If we don't get out of this…I love you, Shal." With that he left, not waiting for a response. Her brown eyes widened at his retreating figure, leaving her completely off guard. He was working his way back into her heart.

Jordan leaned against the lockers, turning the COMM link over repeatedly in her fingers. This had to have been one of the longest days of her life, and it was far from over. Part of her truly believed she should have never brought them into the WWE – into this life – her new life.

"Hey…" Brennan smirked while coming to stand beside her. He leaned casually against the cool metal while crossing his arms.


He eyes her momentarily before finally deciding not to bring up the episode with Edge. Dark eyes looked up from the face that had haunted him since the day she left Sanctuary. Casually he motioned to the ring. "You should put that back on."

"…I 'should' do a lot of things." She began before crossing her arms.

"Like what?"

"Like apologize." Jordan replied. "I should have never pulled you guys into this – life."

"I'm not complaining." The elemental grinned. "You kind of saved us from being hunted down by the Dominion – no big thing, of course."

"But I brought you into something worse." She began. "If we get out of this…"

"You don't owe us anything." Brennan reassured her. "You definitely don't owe me…" He grabbed her hand not missing the spark that was still there. But the affect was different now. "..It was hard to let you leave." He began. "…And."

"….I'm not completely over you…" She interrupted. "But, you know that."

His dark eyes burned into hers, as he eased into the conversation. "…And I'm not completely over…you."

Jordan grinned at his words before turning to face him. "…But I know where your heart is." Brennan leaned his head against the lockers, remembering the past they shared. Jordan stepped closer putting a hand on his arm. "Shalimar doesn't belong with Hunter. You know that."

"I know… But I can only fight so much."

"Well who said you had to stop, yet?" She grinned. His smile was still intoxicating, still weakening. But it was part of her past and they both felt it. "Make yourself happy, Sparky."

His eyes searched the pretty face, knowing what was coming. "If Mutant X leaves, you're not coming with us." He stated. "Once this is over, and all."

"I don't belong with the team…I haven't for a while."

"So what's keeping you here?" He smirked. "Or should I say who?"

Her dark eyes slipped closed for the moment, truly pondering the answer. "…Just me."

She was taken aback when he kissed her, but soon (and a little too easily) gave in. "Well, 'just you', make sure it's what you want."

"…What was that for?" She managed as he hugged her.

"Because, now, we can never do that again." She waited till he began to walk away to turn back to her things. Quietly, she slipped the ring back on.

"That's a nice piece of bling." Randy smirked as he walked up, hands pushed into his pockets. "You got kids with him, too?"

"Funny, Orton." She grinned while grabbing her jacket. "Brennan and I are in the past."

"It'll be good to watch him bust up Shal and Hunter." The feral began.

"Like things aren't entertaining enough?" Jordan replied. "Thanks for earlier. You didn't have to help me with Edge."

"You helped yourself. We should have left him there."

"…We 'should' have." She began. "But leaving him, would only put you in danger…And I kind of like having you to pick on." Randy grinned, causing her to roll her eyes. He watched as she pulled on her jacket and stepped forward to 'help'.

"So, you and edge were never…"

"Nope." Jordan admitted. "I did listen when you warned me." She smirked as he connected the zipper and began to pull the leather closed. "..I should go…"

"Maybe, you should let your friends take this one." He whispered stepping closer. "You could stay here, and …hang out with me." He was slow with taking the metal closure over her full chest. Jordan smirked at the man.

"You sure are taking your time."

"I'm going the wrong way." She pushed his hand away before attempting to hug the tall wrestler. His kiss was also unexpected. But it was slow, and demanding. – till Lexa interrupted.

"Sorry," she smirked. "But…we have to…"

"Yeah…" Randy stepped back. "You guys go do what you do…" Jordan hadn't realized he'd lifted her off the ground till her feet touched the floor.

"Jess and Brennan got a panel open in the lobby ceiling." The brunette added. She winked at the woman walking past before turning back to Randy. "Don't worry, muscles. I'll bring her back in one piece."