To all my lovely readers, followers and reviewers, I announce the sequel to this fic! It is called Hook, Line and Sinker, and I've included a sneak preview right here:


Hermione peered up the side of the tall building, squinting against the bright sun. Merlin Hall stood before her, and would soon be her new home. She had just arrived at the St. Augustine School for Advanced Magical Healing. She had finally finished her studies at Hogwarts, and soon she would finish her training and become a full healer.

Now that Harry had finally defeated Lord Voldemort, Hermione felt good about doing something seemingly normal. Of course, when you considered the prestige of St. Augustine's and the level of healing that she would be studying, it really wasn't so normal after all.

A pair of arms grabbed Hermione around the waist and cheek pressed against her neck.

"Hey, baby," she said with a smile.

Draco pressed his lips into her hair near her ear. "We made it," he whispered, sending chills down Hermione's back.