I long to be exceptional. To be different everyonewill love me because of it. Late at night I carve shapes and symbols in my skin and pretend they mean something. Pretend that there are others like me and I can go to them if I need help or jus a friendly face. We don't talk about our symbols. They are far too important to talk about.

Sometimes when I am alone I close my eyes and for a fraction of a second some one is holding me, loving me. I can feel them touching my arms caressing my lips with a finger in such a loving manner that it needs no explanation. If I keep my eyes closed long enough I might just start to believe that there is some one out there for me. Some one to hold me, some one to love me. When I open my eyes I see the world, my world and no one is there. No one is holding me.

I own nothing. No i havent abandond my other fic "Out." I just cant think of anything but this one came so easily I can't tell if this is Tom thinking or me.