Before, it was absolutely unheard of.

But now that I look back, on police photos and even my own, I can see how alike their eyes were.

At her worst, if you looked into Terra's eyes, you couldn't see the light, carefree blue. You saw darkness. Not darkness like when you walk into a room and the light is off, but darkness like the sea at night. Like an abyss, where so many thoughts and so much emotion were whirling around at once, like a tempest of midnight colors that pulled you in and around and down, like a whirlpool. Something angry and untamed. It seemed impossible that anyone could see through those eyes- you could only look at them, admire them, like sapphires in the changing light of twilight and of dawn.

Raven's eyes were always that shade. Always troubled and dark. But they were something contained, like staring at stormy water through a pane of thick glass. No matter how much you tried, you could never reach into those waters, and pull something rare and beautiful out. Oh, no. Only two people had ever been able to do that, and it was only for a moment with me. And I meant it.

Raven was beautiful on the inside. She was silver and obsidian, hidden treasure, buried beneath a tumultous, dark, foreboding surface. No matter how much you tried to push through the glass, only rarely could you even graze your fingers across the surface.

It's been said that Slade put those pigments in her eyes. Slade wanted Raven in Terra. He wanted her nonchalance, her casual insults, her inability to love or to care.

It was this, what Slade tried to drill into her, that made her snap. It's what made Terra hate Raven so much. Such a great master to learn under, and yet this… This half demon, cold, unpopular goth had what she wanted most? Unthinkable.

It was this intrusion of darkness upon light, this attempt to extinguish the flames of innocence that destroyed Terra from the inside out. It was those last flickering flames of goodness that pushed Terra to sacrifice herself, as it was Raven's sacrifice of emotion to prevent what she took to be destruction.

They say a person's eyes are a window to their soul.

I never quite saw how alike they were, until I looked- really, looked- into their eyes.