The Dreams of a Nightmare

By DarkNightingale

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Summary: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, and Talia al Ghul all become trapped on the top floor of a deserted apartment building. With nothing better to do, they start chatting and end up revealing a lot about themselves to each other.

In order to help you keep track of all the people here is a list of the characters each girl has her own chapter and it's from their own points of view:



Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)


Black Canary

Talia al Ghul

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ABOVE CHARACTERS OR ANY OTHER RECOGNIZBLE CHARACTERS. If I did…I wouldn't be sitting here writing this—now would I? Use your common knowledge people!

Chapter 1: Catwoman

The door at the end of the hall. The bright light as the door opens. And the fall off the balcony that isn't really there. These are the dreams that the weak have. These are the nightmares. These are for people who can't bear to die. I am stronger than this. I can handle these dreams. These nightmares. But every night I am waking from these in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Seeing the face that has haunted me for all eternity. It doesn't make me weak…does it?


The alarm clock snapped me out of the half-awake state I had been in. I had been pondering the dreams that had been haunting my sleep so very often now. I had tried to ignore it at first, brushing them off as silly dreams. But…they held more meaning as soon as I saw that face outside of my dream. As soon as I saw it in reality, in the world that was the place where I was both a little doll, being used to do the day's bidding, and the one who had the City of Gotham in the palm of her hand. Catwoman. The Femme Fatale of Gotham, who had Batman chasing after her and newspapers trying to find out who she was. That's me. Selina Kyle, alias Catwoman. Or, as some reporters and others like to call me: the Cat. Many have tried to unmask me and catch me. But they always loose. I'm too much like a cat, too fast, too tricky, too smart. Which would be why I've got Gotham City in the palm of my hand. And I pride myself on it.

I don't try to get attention, but hey, if the crown fits… I'm not like Miss Harley Quinn who races down the streets practically in broad daylight, following the Joker, drawing attention to herself as often as possible. No, I hide in the shadows, following the night and the dark. Protecting my identity. The only person who can really follow me is the Bat. I don't leave any clues behind on crime sprees. I don't try to get caught. That would be suicide. Complete suicide. I would be giving up everything I'd worked so hard to achieve.

It was 9:00 in the evening. The museum had had a new exhibit put up. Cat's Eye Jewels. Obviously appealing to Catwoman. Which I'm sure Batman was expecting. I enjoyed having him chase me across the rooftops of Gotham. But, if he got to close to actually catching me, I would have to become serious and completely disappear, leaving him flummoxed and defeated.

I made my way to the museum with ease and skill. Relishing every moment of the wind on my face and leaping across the rooftops. Cartwheels, back flips, somersaults, everything that I was able to do and then some. It was like I was free. No rules and regulations. Every time I did this, I felt like I was flying. Flying away from the hurt and pain that life brought. This was my one escape. Sometimes I wondered if the others like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ever felt this free traveling at night like this. Or was it only my feeling? Mine that was meant for only me? I came upon the museum, but there was something I didn't expect. People already waiting for me. The Bat squad. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Dammit. Don't they ever take a break? I almost managed to duck down without them seeing me—almost. Before I knew it, I was staring into Batman's face with Robin and Batgirl on either side of me. I put on that smirk every time I had an encounter with Batman.

"Well hello there!"

Batman looked at me with no emotion written on his face, "Hello Catwoman. Going somewhere?"

I glanced at Robin and Batgirl and realized no one was behind me. If I did it right, I could run behind me and escape—if I did it right.

"Oh…no…just a little night romp. Why do you ask?"

I played my role so well. Still nothing behind me, I backed up ever so slightly. Robin and Batgirl tensed up. Damn—they saw. I heard something land behind me. And saw a flash of purple out of the corner of my eye. That must be Huntress. This might work to my advantage. I knew for a fact that Batman did not want Huntress interfering with his business. Yes, this would definitely work to my advantage. I couldn't help but grinning as I thought up my plan.

"Well, now the whole Bat squad is complete!"

Batman looked ticked off. I knew that would hit a cord. Batgirl rounded on Huntress.

"Get out of here Huntress. We don't need your help. We have things under control." She hissed.

Huntress paused, unsure of whether she should do as Batgirl said, or to disregard completely and push herself further down the chain of popularity with Batman. As she paused, I seized the moment and did several back flips out of the circle that they had surrounded me in.

"Sorry I can't stay Bats, but I've got things to do: mice to chase, jewels to take. See you!" and I jumped onto the next roof, leaping and running as they gave chase. Yes, this was what I liked: the chase. The thrill of the chance of getting caught. Although, I would never actually get caught. I was way too smart and tricky for that. And I knew it drove Batman crazy. I smiled and gave a giggle as the feeling came over me. I loved it. It was like euphoria. The thrill of the hunt. Was this what cats felt when they were hunting? I glanced over my shoulder, they were still chasing me. Huntress was following too, against Batman's wishes apparently because she was lagging behind a bit. This was good. The only person who could possibly catch up to me would be her. This folded into itself quite nicely.

After chasing me over three rooftops they were closing in—fast. Ok. Now it was time to get serious. I looked down at the next building. No, it was occupied. I jumped onto that rooftop and eyed the next building. That was occupied too. As I approached the building after that, I saw it was deserted. I smiled and fell down onto the fire escape, and then jumped into an open window of the deserted building. I quickly slammed the window shut, not that it would prevent the Bats from breaking it. I found myself in a bathroom. Lovely. It stank and had mold growing in the sink. I'd seen abandoned buildings before, but nothing this disgusting. I opened the bathroom door and stepped into a living room. I closed the door behind me. That still wouldn't hold Batman back, but it would definitely slow him down. I looked around. It seemed as though who ever had lived here had just grabbed what they could and left. There was tons of crap lying all around. Trash everywhere. Broken shoes and ooo! Was that an Hermes scarf? No. My face fell in disappointment. The least the people could have done was leaves something worth taking. I shrugged my shoulders and moved into the kitchen. Maybe there was something to eat; all that running had left me famished. I opened the fridge. Bare racks. I opened the little drawers. Nope. Nothing. I closed the fridge door in disgust. I then opened the cupboards, a spider scuttled by in one of them, but otherwise they were completely empty. Goddamn, did these people eat? I left that apartment, and moved on to the one next door. Hoping that I would find something to eat.

End Chapter 1

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