Dreams of a Nightmare

By DarkNightangale

Wow. I am soooo sorry that I have let this go without updating for this long. Lots of things have happened. Including me preparing to head off to college. So. I'm trying really hard to finish this this week so that a long wait won't go by while I'm trying to settle into the college life. Ha. We'll see if that works. If it does, yay! If not, I apologize in advance for any prolonged wait to come.

Summary: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, and Talia al Ghul all become trapped on the top floor of a deserted apartment building. With nothing better to do, they start chatting and end up revealing a lot about themselves to each other.

In order to help you keep track of all the people here is a list of the characters each girl has her own chapter and it's from their own points of view:



Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)


Black Canary

Talia al Ghul

I don't own any of the above characters or any other recognizable characters/places/things etc.

Chapter 11—Batgirl: Tick Tock Tick Tock

It's times like these that make the invention of the clock seem like the best thing in the world. I wish I carried one around. Mental note: start keeping a watch on your person. I'm not sure how much time has passed. I feel sort of useless. I should have gone to search for Batman. What if he doesn't believe Catwoman? I groan. I should have at least gone with her!

Dammit, why don't you think when you need to?

Ivy is sitting by Harley, she's broken. I didn't realize the bond between the two was so strong. Without Harley, Ivy is…alone.

We're all just waiting. Waiting. And waiting. I shiver suddenly. Did the room get cold all of a sudden? No, pull yourself together. Catwoman is reliable when she needs to be. And if no other time she needs to be reliable now.

I bite my lip unsure of what to do when I hear a sudden intake of breath. I wheel around and look at Ivy, who is clutching Harley's hand even tighter. For a moment I think that Harley has woken up, but no, it's worse, her breathing has become even more labored. She's slipping away faster than we thought. Where the fuck is Catwoman?!

"What do we do?" Ivy suddenly asks. I wonder who she's addressing until I realize that she just asked all of us.

Huntress looks at me. Black Canary looks anxiously outside. Talia completely ignores us. She's probably plotting her own escape. Coward. I start to open my mouth to say something but find that my voice isn't really working. So, I clear my throat and try again.

"I don't know Ivy…" I whisper.

She looks up at me with the most pain-ridden face I have ever seen in my entire life. I needed to think of something. In fact I think everyone is waiting for me to think of something. Why? I'm not Batman. That fact shatters through me for some reason.

I'm not Batman. I don't do anything near as grand as he does. In fact, I don't even know why I'm part of the team. I think he felt sorry for me. I might as well be Huntress…This fact makes me feel as though I'm slipping. Everything around me is slipping. We're all slipping. All together. We're all going to end up like Harley because we're all going to rot here. No, not like Harley. Harley's the lucky one. She'll slip away painlessly. The rest of us will suffer and probably go crazy and when they finally find us, we might as well be like the Joker. Completely mad.

No! No no no no no! Pull yourself together. You are not going to die here. None of us are going to die. Not even Harley. Catwoman will bring Batman and he'll have medicine. Medicine.

"Medicine!" I shout suddenly. That word sounds like a savior, a hero in and of itself. Why didn't I think of it before. "Ivy! Medicine!" I'm suddenly really excited, energy and adrenaline coursing through my veins. Everything is stable, steady. Nothing is slipping. I can't believe I let myself go for that moment.

Ivy looks at me as though I have gone crazy. Talia is suddenly interested in what I'm saying. Huntress and Black Canary look a little bit wary, much like Ivy.

"You can make medicine, Ivy. For Harley. She'll be okay so long as you can give something to her." I explain quickly. God what a good plan. Well…considering the circumstances, "If you can give her something just to make her hold on until Batman comes then she should be all right."

Ivy, Huntress and Black Canary suddenly catch on.

Ivy starts reaching into hidden pockets that I didn't know she had on her green costume. She pulls a bunch of plants out and seems to study them very carefully.

"No. None of this will work." She says sadly.

"What?" Huntress says, "Are you telling me all you carry with you is poison?"

"No," Ivy says, "It's just that none of them will combine properly. Anything that I mix together will kill her. I need something else."

The darkness washes over us again. My brilliant plan for keeping Harley alive, I realize, was just a way to convince myself that we would all live. Now that Harley's death seems to have become the only option, then…then…

"What plant do you need?" Talia asks from out of nowhere.

We all turn to look at her. I had forgotten that she was there.

"I need to get to my supply." Ivy mutters, she seems to be talking to herself, "If I can do that then I could mix it there, bring it back and give it to her…"

There's a moments silence.

"But I'm afraid it might take me too long."

"Well, don't just sit there debating about it," Huntress says, "Go and mix it."

Ivy stares at her almost incredulously.


"Go mix your medicine!"

"She's right." Black Canary said, "We'll watch Harley, you need to go make your medicine for her."

Ivy gets up, and she seems in a daze, but then she seems to realize that time is of the essence, and she runs quickly to go off to wherever it is that she needs to go.

Huntress takes Ivy's place by Harley, who seems to be clinging to life as much as I'm clinging to stable ground. Talia resumes her place sitting against the wall. And Black Canary resumes her look out by the balcony.

We all slip back into the waiting. And in my head chimes a "tick tock tick tock" as if a clock were in the room.

Catwoman stood on the roof, Cat's Eye in hand. The alarms were blaring and police were starting to sprinkle in, but no Batman. She couldn't risk getting caught by the police, so she had to take off.

Goddamnit. Where is he?

As she leapt onto another roof, she tried to think of where Batman could possibly be.

How about all of Gotham? Why is it that he can find me when I don't want him to yet when I need him, he's nowhere around. Just like a man.

Then she thought of something. How many other villains would be out? Talia said something about tipping off…but then so had Ivy…how…how could two people tip off on the same person?

Catwoman stopped. There was something more. Something deeper to this. Why would Talia have wanted to trap all of them in the same building? Both good and evil? That made it seem…like she was after something herself. It must be good enough to want to get rid of the good guys who would interfere, but also the bad guys who would be competition. Which means that all the other villains of Gotham must be in on something that she wasn't.

How did I miss something this big? Catwoman thought, What would be so good that villains who normally sort of stand by each other would want to off each other?

Catwoman sighed as she couldn't think of anything. But she had to think fast because time was running out and she was losing that time. She sighed. How long had she been gone? Ten minutes? Fifteen? Regardless she needed to pick up the pace and find Batman. Either that or she would head back empty handed and they'd need to figure something else out. And by the time that happened it might be too late. Too late. She started running. It was no longer the enjoyable feeling she usually got. This run was driven by fear. Not thrill, but terror. And Catwoman continued this run in her desperate search for the only man who could possibly save her new found ally.

End Chapter 11

Again. I'm soo sorry that I've let this go for so long. It's pretty much unacceptable. I hope this chapter makes up for it. And I hope that I can get this finished before heading off to college at the end of this week.