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This fanfic is an Interview bet ya you didn't know that! This where I will interview all the X men, Brotherhood and Acolytes. And I will hope that you will send in your questions so they can answer them!

INTERVIEW WITH THE X MEN (and the brother and acolytes)

Chapter 1: Interview with Professor Xavier

Good morning, afternoon or evening which ever time your reading this. Welcome to Interview with the X men (and the brotherhood and acolytes). Today we have Charles Xavier, the man who made the X men. I, DragonMaster2 (I know my name is dragonmaster02 but someone nicked it so I have to have that one instead) will be the host and interviewer of this fanfic. Lets begin.

"Welcome Charles, can I call you Chuck?"

"Hello DragonMaster2, no, can I call you an idiot?"


"Right, then"

"Lets begin"

"You already said that"

"Shut up"

"Make me"

"Oh really?"

"Bring it on!"

"Why I oughta…"

"DragonMaster2 sit down, and stop gnawing on Professor X's leg!"

Out comes Dragzer my talking dragon that breathes fire and if your arse is in the way it burns, and it bloody hurts!



"Your meant to interview this man, not eat him!"

"He tastes like chicken"

"Actually humans taste like pork"

"I knew it Dragzer you been eating humans!"

"No I ain't"

"Yes you have!"

"Can we get back to me!?"


So we all sit back in our chairs (well wheelchair for baldy).

"Don't call me Baldy!"

"Oh yeah?!"


"Alright, alright. Charles what's up with you and your brother?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Stupid idiot…" DragonMaster2 (that's me!) muttered.


"Umm…. Well why are you and your brother always fighting?"

"Well as you can see I have no hair (puts his fingers through imagery hair and sniffles) but my brother does, well I got so jealous I made him believe he has no hair. And he still believes that he still has no hair, so he has been trying to get back at me by trying to beat me into a bloody pulp. So I had to put him in the liquid stuff and lock him up, and even when I took it off he still wants to rip me apart. I am so sorry, Juggernaut!" Chuck then starts crying.

"Don't worry Baldy its OK he will forgive you one day"

"He will? Well why am I sad then?"

"That would take a lot of therapy to sort that out, but as I don't care lets move on to the next question, Chuck do you shave your head every day or are you just a slap head?"


"Don't lie now"

"Fine! I'm a slap head are you happy?!"

"Pretty much"

"Oh look what you did you made him cry again!" Dragzer was obviously was pointing out the obvious.

As his crying was getting on my nerves, I got an idea (like wow never got one before!)

"Hey, Charlie why don't you just make everyone believes you have hair?"

"That's a great idea, someone get me a hair magazine!"

Someone god knows who gives him a hair magazine, he flicks through.

"I think I'll have this one!"

On top of his head is long, curly blonde hair right down to the floor.

"I'm a rock star now!"

He starts nodding his head making his hair and down you know what I'm talking about, I hope.

"Creepy, so Chucky how did you become handicapped?"

"I used to defend the world bravely no foe could beat me, until my legs got crushed…"

Suspiciously he looks away. Using my brain (I'm so gonna have headache in the morning) I suspect he's not telling the truth! So I give him one of my evil glares, if we were in the Ice Age it would have been Sea World (its so evil it melts things!)

"Alright, alright, when I was young, Magneto (yes the man that collects paperclips to scare people coz he can control metal things) and I were playing dare and he dared me to 'play' with a electronic saw and lets say that my legs were in the way"

"But you still have your legs now"

"Oh after the accident we stapled them back on"


"What you don't believe me? Go on look"

Charlie then shows us his scar where his legs are being stuck together by several staples.

"Do you know one of your legs are back to front?"

"It is? Oh yeah"

"Sorry Chuck, but its time to go, we've gone over time and I'm sick of talking to ya"

"I told you not to call me Chuck, Idiot"

"Is that a threat?"

"Come on then"

"Dinner!" Someone called.

"Food!" Me and Chucky yell, Chucky gives me the evils, looks like he's constipated to me. We run, well I run and Chucky wheels backstage for some fish'n'chips (yumm, starts drooling)

Now, you know you want to press that button that says go, we all know.

And remember to send in your questions in ready for either Magneto or Cyclops not sure which one to do next. REVIEW!