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Interview with Cyclops



"What? What? Is Boom-boom here?" DragonMaster2 Says.

"No it was Scott Summers' trailer blowing up"

"That's it?"

As the smoke begun to clear, the shattered door of the trailer swung open and Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops staggered out. His dorky clothes hung in smoking tatters, his face was a soot-blackened mess and his hair stood on end, the tips still burning.

"I…I…who…wha…" he choked.

Before he could say anything else, three guys in fire fighting uniforms stepped forward and hoisted fire extinguishers on to their shoulders. They then let the full force of three hi-power foam extinguishers caught him square in the face. The fire fighters stuck to their job. They emptied those suckers all over the guy. It took a while, too. Long enough for me to realize that my host for fanfic was being smothered in foam and would be bloody pissed off and refuse to do my story! By the time they finished, Cyclops was just a pile of foam, his sunglasses the only part of him still visible. A plume of black smoke rose from the top of the foam. He looked like a barbecued ice-cream sundae.

"WHO…DID…THIS?!" screamed the pile of foam.

"Hey have you seen a bomb some vhere?" A beefy Bavarian bellowed.

"Yeah and an explosive"


"What happened?!" the foam screamed again.

"Vell, ve vere filming a movie called Cake Fear in ze other studio, and our dog vas meant to take avay ze bomb but I guess it vas real and you know…" behind the man was a scruffy looking dog.

"No one was hurt," DragonMaster2 stated.

"Hey what about me?" Scott whines.

"No one was hurt," I repeated (am I giving you guys a headache changing from 1st to 3rd person? Well get used to it)

"Well I'm not doing this Interview anymore!" Scooter shrieks (my ears!).

While he was moaning that no one cares about him Magneto passes by. I grin evilly.

"Hello, Maggie"

Magneto stops walking and looks at me. He began to run away.

"I love when they run, makes it more interesting" DragonMaster2 says as she runs after Mags, a loud banging of metal can be heard moments afterwards.

Now lets start this Interview shall we……………

Interview with Magneto

"Welcome back"

We are now in the studio where Magneto has many dents in his bucket, a bleeding nose and a torn cape, DragonMaster2 on the other hand had changed her outfit for the 16th time today.

"Welcome back to Interview with the X-men we now instead of Cyclops have Magneto" I pronounce.

"I must kill Summers, I would of gotten away if it wasn't for that ditch…" Mags mumbles.

With us already is Dragzer! My lovely but annoying Dragon, which in this fanfic plays the role of my brain.

"Hello brain of mine!"

"I hate my life" Dragzer whimpers.

"Well I do too, don't see me complaining" (I don't hate my life if I'm getting reviews hint hint)

"Right I have a question for Bucket Head, why do you want mutants to rule the world?"

"So I will be the ruler of the world and everyone will wear my bucket… I mean helmet and suffer! Mwuhahahahahaha"

"Oh I've got a question about your bucket…"

"Helmet" Magneto corrects DragonMaster2, but DragonMaster2 doesn't care as she is looking through a lot of paperwork because she forget that all the questions for Magneto is right beside her, on her table.

"I knew that" DragonMaster2 says all shifty eyed.

"You knew that because you wrote it" Dragzer being my puny brain points out.

"Don't you ever shut up?"

No response.

"Found it! Mags, what's up with the dorky helmet/bucket?"

"To tell you the truth because I know are going to force me to say it anyway, well when I was young someone had put super glue into a bucket and put on a slightly open door, I was the unfortunate one to open the door and have the bucket fall on my head, its been stuck ever since"

"So you lied it blocks telepaths?"

"That is true" looks down shamefully, only to see DragonMaster2 rolling around of the floor in fits in laughter.

Magneto's face is like this: --

DragonMaster2 finally calms down during this though Mags had gotten a drink and was reading Woman (it's a magazine).

"Hey, Bucket Head got another question, do you get lost using a compass?"

"Yes, why?"

"HAHA!" (read at the bottom of this fanfic to understand this joke)

"Wait where you going?"

"Home" Magneto is walking off stage.


Two huge dragons tackle Magneto to the ground (they obey me because I'm the DragonMaster).

"Next question, Mags when you were fighting Wolverine, why didn't you just take control of his bones? They were metal you know"

"Metal! Mwuhahahaha!" Mags is now using his 'creepy' paperclips to fly around the room reminding DragonMaster2 that she has an Interview with Pyro soon. (not next to interview soz!)

"Saying it would have been funny to see all the metal fly around the room including Wolverine" DragonMaster2 now talking to Dragzer. Just on cue Wolverine is now flying around the room with several crew members and the remains of Cyke's trailer.

"Well good bye Magneto!" I scream over his insane cackling (can't wait to interview Pyro!)

"I wander where the pile of foam is?"

"You mean Scott?"

DragonMaster2 and Dragzer walk off stage to do God knows what.

THE END (for now)

Right, for the joke on the compass (I don't own that compass, oh wait yes I do) and Magneto, well in the comics whenever Magneto was around anything everything went magnetic right? So a compass wouldn't work right coz he would be a magnet and compasses always point to a magnet either to the north magnet or a magnet very close by, you get it? If you don't tell me.

Next to interview is the person with the most questions so SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE X-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another note: That is penny is mine and I'm watching you!