Chapter 1- Never Again

It was hot…almost unbearable. He stood there whipping the sweat off his brow with his forearm waiting for him to appear. He knew the volcano could explode again at any moment, and the rock island protecting him from the hot magma was on the verge of collapsing. He didn't care, he wanted to end this, and he wanted to end this now.

"Robin," a sinister but familiar voice behind him said. "So nice to see you again; my how you haven't changed a bit."

Robin turned to face his adversary. "Slade," he said in a cool tone.

"Did you miss me," Slade asked.

"Not quite, what are you planning!?!"

"Come now Robin. Look around you…this isn't about my plans…this is about you, and finishing what we started."

"This ends now Slade, I'm taking you down and this time you won't get away!"

"On the contrary Robin," Slade said, "I've never been…away."

With an angry grunt, Robin leapt forward off the rock towards Slade on the ledge above him. Slade moved quickly away from his oncoming attack and poised for battle.

"You do realize even if you succeed in defeating me, you won't escape your own fiery demise," Slade said.

Robin paused and looked down at the boiling lava below them. He didn't say anything. He knew this was it, but instead answered with an oncoming fist. Slade blocked it and quickly retaliated with a knee to Robin's stomach. Robin fell on all fours gasping for air then being kicked in the face, Robin flew back several feet.

"EEEERRRRAAAHHHH!!" Robin quickly got up and charged Slade, coming back at him with all his might. Robin felt the familiar sensation of cold metal as his fist made contact with Slade's mask. Spit shot out of Slade's mouth as Robin landed an onslaught of vicious attacks upon his foe; mercilessly. Slade lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Get up," Robin exclaimed trying to catch his breathe.

Slade looked back at him with an evil glare and in an angry roar punched Robin in the face and began his own onslaught of vicious beatings. Slade was bigger than him, stronger than him and Robin knew it, he could slowly feel himself reaching the end of his so called "rope." After being kicked in the chest again Robin stumbled back trying to regain his ground. Battered and bruised Robin stood there holding his side; one of his ribs had been broken. Slade charged again throwing another fist at him which Robin quickly dodged. The next attack he wasn't as fortunate as Slade landed a round-house kick on Robin's back. Robin was instantly shot forward and over the edge of the cliff they were fighting on. In desperation he reached for the ledge and grabbed hold of it. Dangling by one hand Robin looked down at the scorching lava flowing sluggishly like river water below him.

The volcano suddenly erupt spewing chunks of molten rock through the air like a dazzling display of fireworks. It reminded him of the time he and Starfire were on the fairish wheel together when her sister came to visit. He dangled there helplessly as Slade slowly made his was over and looked down at the struggling Robin holding on for his life. He placed his foot firmly over Robin's hand and stood there, almost taunting him. Robin paused looking up at Slade, waiting for the unbearable pressure of his foot to overwhelm his hand.

"Never again Robin," he said. "Never again……."

Robin starred strangely at Slade as if seeing him for the first time, confused as to what these words meant. Then focusing all his weight on his leg, Slade began slowly crushing Robin's hand.

Robin gave out a cry of pain as he felt joints, tendons, and bones snap and crackle under the weight of his predecessor's foot. He tried to hold on but the pain was too great and let go. He watched as Slade's figure disappeared into the distance, and felt the heat from the lava overwhelm his body. Screaming, he fell to his fiery death when suddenly he sat up in his bed still shouting from the horrible nightmare he had just escaped.

"….it was a dream," he said to himself catching his breath. "It was only a dream." He placed his hand over his face feeling the cold sweat seeping into his mask when suddenly a dark silhouette appeared in his doorway.



Hi everyone! Well this is my first fanfic, and I'm sorry if the grammar n' stuff isn't all that great I've never really written anything like this before. Well I hope you'll enjoy my story, and I'll do my best to keep pullin' you all in. Oh and please leave a comment, I love comments. 