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Part Five: Five Days

Not knowing what happened to my heart,

I lost it.


In a moment, the air suddenly seemed much colder and the room far dimmer, the sun seemingly having transformed into malignant light. Rebecca was shaking in the white button-up shirt and her fingers crawled out of the too-big sleeves in order to clutch at the immaculate sheets.

"No..." she whispered, finding herself staring straight ahead but comprehending none of what was before her.

"No?" Mokuba blinked, having just entered the room with breakfast on a tray. "You hate biscuits?"

His deep, throaty voice alerted Rebecca to reality and she blinked before noticing him completely. In a cerulean button-up shirt similar to the one she was wearing and white pants, he seemed perfectly innocent, not anything like the monster who could have stolen her innocence the night before.

Anger began to over-come her shock and looking around, she grabbed the first object to make contact with her hand -a round clock- and chucked it with vehemence at the billionaire's head. His reflexes being dead-on, Mokuba managed to dodge it without even realizing she had just attacked him. Surprise was clear on his face when he resumed a straight position and his mouth was gaped open, as if she had just told him a horrendous truth.

"What was that for?" he cried out but was unable to wait for an answer, as a lamp was tossed at him soon afterward. "Becks, don't break their house!"

She was standing up now and ripping off pictures from the walls in order to smash the frames on the defenseless Mokuba. However, fed up and realizing that they were making far too much noise for the morning, he lunged on impulse and managed to tackle Rebecca onto the bed. She struggled against him but her light frame was easily crushed by his.

"What's going on?" he asked, attempting to look Rebecca in the eyes. However, she merely tossed her head to the side and continued trying to push him off. Angered by her resistance, Mokuba grabbed her chin and attempted to force her to look at him. "Rebecca!"

"Please, don't touch me!" she cried out, crystalline tears beginning to pool from her eyes. Stunned, Mokuba suddenly realized the closeness of their bodies and eased himself off from her. Coldness began to envelope him and he almost wanted to reach out and touch the soft curves of her body again; however, from the way she was acting, he wondered whether he would ever get to touch her again.

"What happened last night?" Rebecca demanded after sitting up. Her eyes were cast down when she asked the question but moments later, the pair of crystal blue eyes drifted to meet with his.

Mokuba hung his head down for a moment and he took a deep breath before looking up again with the most serious expression she had ever seen on him.

"What happened...?" Mokuba frowned. "Well...You got piss ass drunk and couldn't resist me so we did it over and over again until you passed out. Guess you live up to your name, Bunny!" In the end, he was grinning and had chosen to squeeze her thigh. She instantly smacked his hand away.

"Go to Hell!" Rebecca cried out, furious tears in her eyes. "Mokuba, if this is a joke..."

"Well, see for yourself. You were pret-ty hot for me last night..." With those words, he opened his shirt up and revealed dozens of pink kiss marks all over his bare chest.

Rebecca felt as if an anvil had dropped in her stomach and her head felt dizzy. That lipstick was definitely hers and although she didn't feel any different, she knew it was true. Before she knew it, she was sobbing hysterically and clutching onto the pillow as if her life depended on it.

Mokuba, however, was equally hysterical. He was doubled over from laughter and his face was beginning to turn an interesting shade of red.

"Becks, it was a joke!" he was saying in between laughs. "A joke! Joke!"

Rebecca's sobbing continued and suddenly the laughing subsided in place of concern.

"Becky... Rebecca, it was a joke. Look, look-" He fumbled around in his pockets until he pulled out a slim black lipstick case. "-I borrowed your lipstick and I drew these marks on myself! We... Ow!" In between his explanations, she had opted to hit him while sobbing and he suddenly realized that hell had no wrath like a violated woman. "...I took off your clothes because we fell into a pond! We didn't do anything! Anything, really! Rebecca -ow- Rebecca.. OW! OW! Okay, listen... listen to me!"

Fed up, he grabbed her wrists mid-flight and stared at her straight in the eyes. "We didn't do anything. I would never, ever take advantage of a woman, especially not someone I respect like you."

He allowed for the words to sink into her before releasing her wrists gently and getting off from the bed. However, he was startled when he felt a pressure on his back and turned partially around to see Rebecca hugging him, her eyes tightly shut.

She said nothing but when she released him, he asked for his shirt back and reached out to personally take it, which granted him a smack to the head.


An hour later, Rebecca had dissolved any trace of her hysterical sobbing and was looking nothing short from adorable in a black and white flower-patterned summer halter dress. Her blonde locks hung in pigtails and she looked cute enough to make Mokuba wince and rub his jaw.

Mokuba, for his theatrics, was forced to carry all of the bags while Rebecca happily ate some white chocolate the Mrs had given her as a farewell present.

"Becks, I'm really, really tired..." Mokuba moaned. He was slouched over and walked slower than a rock being blown by wind. In fact, it seemed that they had barely moved a block.

"Suck it up," she snapped and then popped another chocolate into her mouth. Mokuba swallowed hard and from his wide, doleful eyes, Rebecca felt a wicked desire run through her. Taking a chocolate, she held it between two fingers before indulging in the smallest possible bite.

"It just melts on your tongue!" she expressed, closing her eyes for a moment in what she hoped was an expression of ecstasy. Mokuba mumbled something and began to shuffle slightly faster.

She took another tiny bite, and then another, and afterward exclaimed, "It's melting all over my fingers..."

"Then hurry up and finish it!" Mokuba cried out, clearly irritated.

Holding her white chocolaty fingers out, she brushed them against Mokuba's lips but right when he was going to part his mouth open and perhaps take an illicit lick, she snapped her hand back and popped her fingers into her own mouth.

"This is revenge, isn't it?" he asked but was granted no reply other than a flippant shrug. Although he did feel bad before hand about what he had done to her, now he felt he was quite justified in his trick. Rebecca Hopkins was evil. There was no doubt about it.

He sighed, wondering why he hadn't been stuck on this trip with someone like Serenity -a videogame loving, empathetic, beautiful woman who had half the zest Rebecca possessed. It especially wasn't fun to harass someone when all they did was cry or fight back.

He cast the girl a glare through the corner of his eyes and she responded by blowing him a raspberry and running further from him through the emerald fields.


By the time they reached the station, there was a good twenty minutes before their train left. Mokuba had happily dumped their belongings into the storage compartment and had made a beeline to the convenience store where a sizable amount of money was spent on chocolate bars.

Rebecca had been waiting for him a few blocks further back and when he had reached her, he found her staring into the not-so-far distance.

"What a beautiful church," was the first thing she said when he stepped up beside her. He merely grunted and continued to consume his mass amounts of sugar. "I want to go inside!"

"No way," he responded in between bites. "Oh, are you hungry?"

"Not really... Anyway, I'm going -hey!"

Mokuba had used a semi-free hand to grab Rebecca by the arm before she jetted off to see the church.

"No way -I am not missing another train."

"That was your fault!" she cried out, attempting to twist her arm from him. A movement that implied she wanted to knee Mokuba in a sensitive area caused him to release her in fright and back away, allowing her in turn to run freely from him.

"Shit!" he hissed before chasing after her. Rebecca, however, for reasons unknown to him and perhaps even science, was ridiculously fast and by the time he reached the church, she was inside and he was panting, believing he was near-death.

Once he had gathered his breath, he dragged himself inside the massive white church and had to admit that he was taken aback. The ceilings were high and decorated with stunning stained-glass and the rows of benches and the alter were pure white with gold trimming. Everything seemed immaculate and richly beautiful, but the most stunning sight was Rebecca.

She had knelt before the alter, her hands clasped together and head down in prayer. Wth her golden hair and fair skin, she seemed like the epitome of an angel and Mokuba found himself flushing. Quickly, he loudly and rudely cleared his throat.

"Hurry up or we'll be late!" he said and Rebecca glared over her shoulder, completely breaking the spell she had on him momentarily.

Getting up, she walked up to him and took one last, long look inside of the church. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" she said softly.

"AND IT ECHOES!" Mokuba called out and received a swat to the head.

"Jeez, can you ever act like a human being?" Shaking her head, she walked in front of him while Mokuba couldn't help but to smile.

Having managed to catch the train on time, the pair chose to play card games to pass the time, neither really saying anything significant to the other. Eventually, they reached their destination in Romania where their friends happened to have just gotten off of another train.

There were many hugs, tears (from the girls) and questions during their reunion. Nothing between Mokuba and Rebecca was divulged other than their residence with the farmer and his brainless wife and their friends truly did seem disappointed with what little they had to say.

Together, they traveled throughout Romania for four days, the girls drinking in the sights while the boys continued with their general stupidity.

On the fourth night, they were having a formal dinner at a restaurant when Jennifer broke out pictures of their trip and everyone poured over them excitedly. There was a noticeable distance between Rebecca and Mokuba, but no one seemed bothered or inquisitive. That was until Kira gasped and leaned forward on their long table.

"Becky, I forgot to tell you -your Mom called you on your cell phone! Something about the wedding!"

"Oh yeah, are you still marrying that idiot?" Jennifer asked with a devious smile. "He's pretty good looking last I heard."

"I guess..." Rebecca said quietly, remembering the deal she had made with her mother.

"...If you agree to marry Ishida when you come back."

Biting her lower lip, she remembered the ring he had given her the day she had left on her trip. It was sole reason why she had been late -he had wanted to see it on her finger, and then the idiot decided to take photographs. Remembering his exuberant smile made her want to bury her face into the daisy white table cloth but instead she grimaced.

"Seems like you really like him," Tatsuya commented with a smirk. Her eyes slowly lifted to him and then suddenly remembering Mokuba, she flushed and cast a hurried look in his direction. However, he wasn't even looking at her -his attention was on the photographs, his fingers lazily thumbing through the glossy pile.

"You're inviting me to the wedding, right?" Jennifer asked, bouncing slightly in her chair.

"Of course!" Rebecca forced a smile onto her face as she unfolded a cloth napkin and spread it out on her lap. "You too, Kira."

Instantly, the girls began to chatter about wedding preparations. Only the boys seemed to notice Mokuba's strange silence and the sudden darkening of his usually mirth-filled eyes.

After dinner had been served, they had decided to return to the hotel; only Mokuba made the decision to stay out later.

It wasn't until Rebecca returned to the hotel that she felt worried for him. He had shuffled off in a random direction in a foreign city, his hands in the pockets of his suit and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He had been hunched over, as if heavily burdened, and although she didn't want to think that it was because of the sudden revelation of her upcoming marriage, she couldn't think of anything else.

"Why didn't his friends stop him?" she suddenly asked both Kira and Jennifer, who were in the process of changing. Rebecca, still in her shimmering green dress with a golden hue, was sitting on the hotel bed, unable to relax.

Jennifer looked over her shoulder, clearly surprised. "He wanted some time alone. What's wrong with that?"

"But he didn't... say anything," Rebecca managed, fiddling with her clutch purse in her lap. She never realized she had been rocking slightly until Kira placed her hand on her shoulder.

"About what?"

Rebecca stopped and looked up, her heart beating quickly.

The wedding...

"I'll be back," she said quickly, abruptly getting up and briskly walking to the door in her high pumps.


However, the slamming of the door cut off her friend and Rebecca continued hastily down the hallway and then onto the streets.

The city at night was fairly quiet with the occasional drunk men stumbling through the streets and officers casting her weary looks. She supposed in a strappy dress cut just above her knees she should have felt worried for herself, but instead she could only think about Mokuba.

It wasn't until two hours later at one in the morning that she realized her search was near impossible. It was a large city and each step she took felt as if a thousand needles were shooting up her legs. Pausing for what was probably the hundredth time, she leaned against a gazebo in a park she had been searching through and screamed when an arm grabbed her around the waist.

"You idiot, ever thought I wanted to be alone?"

Mokuba's appearance seemed more disheveled than it had been earlier on. His hair had returned to being unruly, his jacket was thrown to the floor and his tie was askew.

"I hate you," she mumbled to Mokuba, who had apparently been merrily smoking in the gazebo. There were a dozen of cigarette buds on the white floor and Rebecca felt her worry become anger.

"Mokuba, you're defacing public property!" she shouted and was prepared to continue until Mokuba pulled her roughly against him and kissed her hard. Startled, she tried pushing him away but instead, he grabbed her wrists and pushed them up against one of the thick pilars of the gazebo. Pining her body with his, he kissed her ferociously, thoroughly bruising her lips and tasting her as if there had been a famine. His fingers dug into her wrists at points and sometimes his lips deviated to her neck where his teeth grazed her soft skin and made her unwillingly writhe.

Rebecca eventually stopped struggling, finding his strength surprising, but when he pulled away, she slapped him across the face.

Blinking, Mokuba stared at her as if he had suddenly been awoken and suddenly seemed to notice her formally styled hair falling out in golden strands around her face and one strap of her dress hanging limply off her shoulder.

However, his moment of realization dissipated and his darkened mood returned so suddenly that Rebecca barely had time to defend herself from his verbal attack.

"How the hell can you marry someone that you don't love?" he demanded bitterly, his hands bunched into fists.

Her mouth open and closed a few times, but no words came through. Instead, she felt tears scalding her eyes but shut her eyes tightly, refusing to let them spill.

"You wouldn't understand!" she said, returning her dress strap to her shoulder and futily brushing back a few strands of her hair, which were falling onto her eyes. "A-and who says I don't love him-"

"-Because you love me!"

He made another grab for her wrist and yanked her to him, causing her to cry out and stumble on her heels. When she began to fall, his lips caught hers again and this time, his fingers dug into her waist as he kissed her.

"Mokuba!" she cried out after breaking her lips from his. "Stop it! It hurts!"

"Mokuba, stop! Please, please-"

Abruptly, he released her and froze for a moment, the only sounds being their breathing and the soft wind caressing the leaves cascading above them. Then, he stepped past her and grabbed his jacket.

"No, you can't love me," he said, tossing the jacket to her. "But I would never marry someone I don't love. Not even for revenge."

He then stepped out of the gazebo and began to walk out of the park in the opposite direction she had come from.


In the morning, everyone had reluctantly shuffled to the train station and were piling on their belongings. Rebecca and Mokuba hadn't spoken since yesterday; however, neither one acted like there was something wrong. Instead, they smiled genuinely to one another as they shoved their bags into the carts and once finished, Rebecca prepared to board the train.

However, an abrupt grabbing of her hand caused her to turn around, one foot on the floor of the train and one on the platform.

"We still have an hour until the train leaves," Mokuba said, his eyes avoidant. "Can we talk?"

"Yeah..." When she stepped off, she stumbled slightly and fell perfectly into Mokuba's startled arms. Lifting her head slowly, their eyes met for a moment before she pushed herself away from him and turned around to hide her blushing. Rubbing her face, she took in a few breaths before facing him with another cheery smile.

Wearily, she followed him to a bridge not far from the train station and waited until he gathered his thoughts, leaning against the wooden rail of the bridge and staring down.

"It's beautiful," she said, leaning with her back against the rail.

"Thought you'd like it," he said. "I find it boring."

"You probably thought everything we did together was boring," she said, casting her attention to the rushing water below him. The smell in the air was deliciously crisp and she wished she could have ventured through the lush forests not too far beyond the bridge.

"I'm sorry... about everything. Before and even now."

"I'm not marrying him for revenge," she said quietly, touching his arm lightly. "I know you've changed from before and that you didn't mean it."

"Rebecca... Don't marry Ishida." His hands rested on her shoulders and for what seemed like the first time in a while, he stared at her directly in the eyes. His eyes seemed as soft as autumn and with his next words, she felt her heart skip a beat. "I love you."

"What?" She didn't even realize she had spoken. Her eyes seemed forever fixated on him and she almost felt as if this moment was limitless.

"I love you."

Her breathing hastened and unable to think of anything, she continued to stare at him, completely dumbfounded.

That was until Mokuba began to laugh. Hysterically, at that. He was doubled over in a few seconds and was pointing at her, his cheeks puffed out and face quite red.

"You should have seen your face!" he exclaimed between his laughter, pointing at her like an amused child. "You actually believed that! That I loved you!"

Frustrated, Rebecca growled. "I can't believe you! You're like... like a porcupine! You act like you're approachable, like someone can possibly care for you but ... but then that's when your sharp quills come out and... oh, I don't know what I'm saying...Jeez! Can't you ever be serious?"

"I will," Mokuba stated, having sobered, "when I fall in love."

"I feel sorry for the girl," Rebecca said, half-consciously as she began to walk away. "See you in the train, and don't miss it."

Mokuba watched her back intently, a small smile on his lips. His heart was racing, oblivious to her knowledge, and his confession had been truth -he was just too much of a coward to admit it.

"If she loves you," he muttered to himself, "she'll turn around once."

Her image became farther, her blonde ponytail glistening in the citrus sun and her walk graceful, even if she didn't place any thought into it. He remembered her voice, condescending and yet warm at the same time. Her blue eyes, like the water below them, pure and sparkling. And her smile... He did love everything about her -he was too much of an idiot to realize it until now.

"Turn..." he whispered as she became even smaller. "Turn..."

The way she always acts like she's right, the way she fights with me, the way she touches me so gently, even the way she eats...


And she did. A full turn while she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and then she continued on.


"We're going to miss our plane!" Takeshi cried out, mainly to Tatsuya who was busily jotting down the numbers of both Kira and Jennifer. When he moved to Rebecca, there was a swift intervention by Mokuba who smiled eerily pleasantly at him.

"I think Takeshi is right," he said, his smile not waving for a moment. "Why don't you go with him and I'll come in a few moments?"

Tatsuya nodded slowly and followed Mokuba's request. Once he was gone, Mokuba sighed and leaned on Rebecca, who abruptly pushed him off of her.


"You're heavy!"

Mokuba whimpered. "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!"

"I'm not saying you're- Oh, I give up... Kira-"

However, when Rebecca turned around, her friends were already up the escalator, leaving the train station.

"We'll call you later!" Jennifer shouted and winked, which caused Rebecca to flare up.

"You could've been more discreet..." she muttered, clutching onto her suitcases with a death-grip. Mokuba began to laugh and he patted Rebecca on the back.

"Well, I guess this is where we part ways," he said and picked up his backpack. There was a strange muffled clanging noise from within and enlightened with recognition, Mokuba reached within the pack. "This is yours, I believe?"

"My cowbell!" Rebecca cried out, fumbling with her suitcases and reaching out to take it. Clutching it against her chest, she smiled. "Thank you."

"No problem, Bunny."

There was an awkward silence as people walked past them but when Mokuba began to turn around, Rebecca spoke up.

"So will you come to my wedding?" she asked sincerely, gripping her suitcase until her knuckles turned white and the definitions of her bones were clearly visible. Her eyes were forced on the dirty floor beneath them; however, a light touch from Mokuba's warm fingers beneath her chin forced her gaze upward.

When her eyes connected with his, he spoke. "No," he said softly, a small smile appearing on his lips. "I won't come."

And with that, he turned around and began to walk out of the station.


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