He stood in the middle of the forest shivering. His soft golden waves glimmered with tiny snowflakes. The forest looked down at him angrily, it didn't want him there. He was an intruder in their land. It was so cold, and all the slender man wore was a white shirt and black pants.

He walked deeper into the forest, still quaking. He finally found the clearing. Blood drenched the ground in artful splatters. Painted on the tarp stretched through the trees were the words, 'Isn't Life Wonderfull?'

He averted his eyes and looked down on the body of Regalus Black. He knelt at the boy's side. Regalus Black was the picture of human innocence spoiled and tainted. There were two clean cuts on his sides where his heart and lungs had been removed. His eyes were closed and his skin was pale as death.

"Regalus…" He whispered, tracing the boy's cheek bones with his fingers. "Help me…Who did this to you?"

"Guess dumbass." A voice snarled. The blonde looked up suddenly to see Regalus Black, hovering in the air, one leg crossed over the other. His big green eyes were startling to look.


"Duh. I guess you don't know what happened do you?" Regalus growled. "Well I'll tell you. Sirius lived here as a child, he grew up in this shit hole. He went into the forest and Riddle attacked and branded him. Then Sirius was adopted. He came back again at sixteen, nobody really knows why, his parents say it was a vacation. When he was twenty two they brought him back here, claimed he was working here for a collage project. He taught me to play piano and he warned me about Riddle. Have you ever heard him play?"


"Well you should. He was amazing." Regalus sighed. "I don't know what the Blacks did to him…I don't know much about the brand either, it's a way of identification I know…But other then that…"

"Thank you Regalus..." He whispered.

"Whatever, just take care of yourself." Regalus warned.

"What about Sirius? Doesn't Riddle want Sirius?"

Regalus raised an eyebrow. "Well I can't tell you straight cause I'm dead now and we can't give away the fates of the living, but I'll say this. Don't go in dark alleys alone…" And then he was gone.

The blonde sat there alone wondering. "Riddle wants Sirius…For the Blacks. Why should I be careful?" He shook his head and got to his feet, he began to walk out of the clearing and back into the snowy forest.

But suddenly the world around him began to shift and change. The sky started to spin as well as the trees around him. The forest blurred in white and browns and greens. Electric shades of purple and orange colored the scenery. Only he, on his little patch of snowy ground did not spin.

Eyes wide in wonderment he watched as his world changed and he could finally see a large lake forming where there had once been forest. He looked to the other side and saw the huge dark mansion of the Blacks.

He screamed and fell to his knees, grasping his head. Images bombarded his brain. Pictures of Sirius, Sirius smiling, screaming, winking, cursing, glaring, laughing. Then he saw Sirius in a big tube of glass, tubes connected to his naked body kept him breathing and alive. His body was cushioned with orange fluid. His hair billowed around him. He looked like a fallen angel.

The blonde shook his head violently when he saw little Paris screaming and crying as he was cuffed to a table, a needle inches from his eye, silver fluid dripped onto his eyes burning it.

And then he could see himself in one of those test tubes. His normally short hair was now floating around him in golden waves, his amber eyes were shut and a small frown graced his features. A body covered in waves stood there starring at him, chuckling cruelly.

It was Riddle. He leaned closer and pressed his cheek against the golden haired angel's tube. "Finally…All mine."

Remus bolted up in dead shock. He looked around his room and found that Sirius wasn't there. He shook his head and fell back on the bed, clutching his white pillow. Hs eyes were still wide and his breath still came in pants. That was just a dream... He dismissed.

He slipped back to sleep, dreaming of Sirius. The dream turned into a nightmare of Sirius drowning in that lake, Sirius being slapped in that house. Remus moaned and rolled over. There are some evils he couldn't escape.


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