When things get crazy

By Almasy11

Chapter one:

The beginning of it all


Squall smiled, and flicked away his cigarette into the heavy sheet of snow covering most of the training center. It was a beautiful day, the first snow of the year, everyone had the day off, most were inside sleeping.

Squall turned around, walking back into the garden, which wasn't exactly a place he wanted to be at the moment. As he walked in, he tripped and fell, landing face first on the hard marble floor.

"(bleep)!!" He screamed a loud curse as he pulled himself back onto his feet.

He had alot of problems right now. For one, he was still planning his his marriage proposal to Rinoa, and on top of that, Cid was being a total jerk as of late.

He was surprised that most everyone had gotten up since he had been outside. Squall saw Zell walking out of the library as he turned the corner. He immediately knew why he had been there, as though Zell never read books, he had the hots for the library girl. Squall caught up to the blonde, and playfully punched him in the back.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!!!" Zell screamed as he fell to the floor and looked at Squall with bloodshot eyes.

"Get up Zell." Squall let out a small laugh. "I need to ask you something... Where's Quistis? I haven't seen her today... or yesterday."

"I heard she had another mood swing, and went on a rampage. The cops had to shoot her in the backside with a tranquiliser, and put her in solitary confinement." Zell twitched as he spoke.

"Wow... That is seriously messed up." Squall said with sincerity. "Look, I've gotta go. I have a few things that Cid needs me to do, I'll catch up with you later." Squall informed as he headed toward the elevator to the third floor.


Squall arrived at the third floor, proceeding into the newly remodeled Headmaster's office. After the whole Ultimecia incedent the Garden had been landed back where it was before, as there was no need for a mobile base anymore.

Squall walked into Cid's office, taking a seat.

"Squall, I'm glad to see you've come." Cid greeted with no emotion whatsoever. "I have a few errands for you to run."

"Of course." Squall replied, slightly agitated, being reminded of the time he had to run errands for the resistance faction. He quickly shook off the attitude, telling himself that he had to follow orders.

"Squall?" Cid's voice snapped Squall out of his thoughts.

"Huh?" Squall looked up at Cid.

"I was just explaining what the errands were when I realised you werent listening."

"Uh, sorry, I've just got alot on my mind."

"Well, I'm sorry Squall, but your personal affairs are not my concern, now stop your useless daydreaming and pay attention to your assignment!"

"Sorry Headmaster." Squall replied.

"The Garden is waiting for an incoming shipment of ammo, and equipment. The shipment is being dropped off at Balmab harbor by ship first, then taken by truck to the garden. However, before the second leg of the trip, a representative of garden must be at the harbor to sign the agreement. I've chosen you."

"Uh, why me?"

"Because I said so, and garden faculty will have the head of anyone who questions my orders!" Cid almost shouted. "You qeustioning me!?"

"No I-"

"That's right boy, I'll mess you up son! I'm Kernel Sanders with an attitude, I'll breast slap you!"

"Yes headmaster."

Squall got up and left, heading towards the parking lot. On the way he came across Irvine, who was walking across the main room of the garden, while shooting everything he saw with his new revolver. Which everyone knew was prohibited.

"Hey Squall!" Irvine yelled to the shorter seed.

"Uh Irvine, look behind you." Squall replied.

Irvine whipped his head around, his ponytail smacking Squall in the face. "Gotta go!" He shouted.

The garden faculty ran up to Squall, too tired and panting to get a word out. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to his destination

Squall walked into the parking lot, unlocking the garden car and stepping in with a groan.

"Another day of being nothing but a go-to guy." Squall complained and started the car.

With a rev, the wheel started moving, and soon Squall was on his way to the harbor.

He relaxed, leaning back into his seat as the beautiful scenery of the smallest continent in the world passed by almost too quickly to see in great detail.

Everyone Squall knew said he drove too fast, but hey, as long as you don't get too fast to control your vehicle right?

Squall once again got lost in his thoughts, as he was widely known to do.

Before not too long, he pulled into Balamb, heading for the harbor. Passing by a few residences, he saw some children playing ball. He had truly forgotten how beautiful the town was.

He drove into the harbor, parking the car and quickly stepping out, seeing that the ship had already arrived.

Squall proceeded to the dock, noticing a very short, fat man holding a clipboard and standing next to the workers.

"I was supposed to sign something?" Squall said in his professional voice.

"Uh yeah, here it is." The man said in a strange accent. "Hey.. Uh, you wanna buy some monkeys?

"What the hell are you talking about?" Squall narrowed his eyes.

"You wanna... You know... Smoke some monkeys?" The man made a few strange gestures. "You can get seriously (bleep)ed up with monkeys man!" The worker continued.

Squall rudely grabbed the clipboard from the man, much like the time he grabbed the Garden's contract with the forest owls from Rinoa. Quickly writing his signature, he gave back the clipboard and turned around to walk away. Without another word, Squall walked back toward the car and out of the man's line of sight.

Suddenly, he tripped over a rock and hit his head on the hard cement, his vision got hazy, and before he knew what was going on, he was unconcious.


Rinoa strolled down the lively halls of Balamb garden. She was glad she had the day off, as she planned on spending most of the day with Squall. As Rinoa turned the corner she saw the short brunette in the yellow dress she had become so accustomed to.

"Hey Rin!" Selphie squaled.

"Hey Selph!" The two friends hugged, and walked together down the hall.

"Me and Irvy are going out tonight!" The tiny seed almost yelled.

"I wanna go too!!." Rinoa wailed while jumping up and down.

"Calm down Rin! Of course you can come!"

"That's right! I better be able to come! No one has ever denied me anything!"


Squall awoke in a daze, not sure where he was. As his eyes came into focus, he recognized his surroundings as Zell's house. He slowly sat up, just as Ma Dincht walked in.

"My goodness Squall, you're awake." She started. "You had a nasty fall in town."

"How did I get here?" He rubbed his bruised forehead.

"I found you passed out next to the garden car in town, so I carried you back here."

"Thanks." Squall stood up.

"Ah, you might not want to stand so quickly, you've been out for around six hours." The caring woman warned him.

'Six hours!!' He screamed to himself.

"Never mind that," He dismissed her worries. "So you said I fell?"

"I'm guessing." She replied.

"I tripped and hit my head... I never do that." Squall berated himself.

"That's bad..." She lowered her gaze. "Do you want me to drive you home, just in case?"

"No, that's alright." He turned around and headed for the door. "I need to get back to Garden, Cid's probably fuming mad already. Thanks again" He closed the door behind him and headed for the Garden car.


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