New Line Productions was not involved with, and therefore has not endorsed, this story. All references are based on Rush Hour 2. All references to Rush Hour 1 are coincidental.

-on the plane to New York-

Lee: I will have the chicken meal. What about you, partner?

Carter: Hey man… you know how they kill those chickens? When we were in Hong Kong…

Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

Carter: I'm staying away from chickens for now. I'll take the veggie lunch.

Lee: (looks surprised) You are vegetarian?

Carter: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? You know how they kill those chickens? When…

Lee: (laughs) okay…okay! I have veggie one! Geez! Man, you know, you are biggest mouth in the West!

Carter: Well, you ain't the sexiest man in the East, for all I know…

Lee: Shut up!

Carter: Hey man… don't talk to a police officer like that, you know…

Lee: O yeah! How you get away from that girl in Vegas?

Carter: I…

Lee: O! Let me guess… hmm… you run up to my suite?

Carter: No, I…

Lee: Or you throw money at her?

Carter: Damn it, Lee! Can't you let me finish one damn sentence?

Lee: Okay… I listen to Carter.

Carter: I used my moves.

Lee: Your moves? Like kung-fu moves?

Carter: No. Black guy moves.

Lee: Running away?

Carter: Lee! You gotta remember where gangs came from, okay? Have you ever been to downtown L.A.?

Lee: Then how do you fight?

Carter: That doesn't matter now, does it? Just remember the golden rule of life: Always wear Versace leather jackets when you fight. With cash in the pockets. Got it, Lee? Hey! At least I'm still alive. Now don't forget this time we're going to have a real vacation, right Lee? No B.S. this time, man.