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The Bet

Goku chuckled. "I've got good cards in my hands now. I'll surely win this time!"

"Hm! Don't be too sure." Sanzo said. Hakkai just laughed.

Sanzo and Hakkai open their cards in a fan and place their bets in the middle of the table. In the meantime, Gojyo came into the room.

"Hey guys!" Gojyo said.

"Gojyo. You're late." Hakkai said.

"Yeah, so we started without you." Goku said looking down at his cards again.

"No problem. I'll get in on the next hand." Gojyo said and looked at Goku's cards. "Whoa!"

"Em? What?" Goku asked.

Gojyo cupped his mouth with one hand and whispered to Goku, "You're keeping those two cards, right?"

Goku looked at his cards. "--I dunno. I--"

"He'll take three cards." Gojyo said and pointed at Hakkai.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. Trust me." Gojyo whispered. "NOW BET! BET EVERYTHING! RAISE! RAISE!" he shouted.

Goku obidiently raise all his money. Hakkai and Sanzo stared at Goku wide eyed.

"I didn't know that you knew so much about poker, Gojyo." Goku said.

"Poker? Oh- Is that what you guys are playing?"


The Camera

Gojyo finally finished patching the hole in the roof and was climbing down the ladder when suddenly his 'antennas' got stuck in the rain gutter.

"Oh, darn!" Gojyo cursed and tried to untangle it. But the more he tried, the worse it became. "Goku! Go get help! I'm stuck!"

Goku who was watching Gojyo from below nodded and quickly ran into the house for help. Hakkai was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.

"Hakkai! Gojyo needs you to help him." Goku said, tugging at Hakkai's sleeve.

"Why... What's wrong?" Hakkai said, lowering his newspaper.

"He was patching the hole on the roof and..."

"Oh, dear. He didn't fall off, did he?" Hakkai said with a gasp.

"No. He got his gokiburi antennas caught in the rain gutter."

Hakkai got up. "Oh, my. I'd better hurry!"

"Hakkai, you're going the wrong way! Gojyo's this way!" Goku said, pointing.

"I know. I have to get something first."

"Eh? What do you have to get?"

"The camera." Hakkai said and snapped a picture of Gojyo.

"Oi! Hakkai!"


Computer Mouse

Goku and Sanzo was out doing their shopping, so it was only Hakkai and Gojyo left in the house. Hakkai was checking his e-mails and Gojyo was in the kitchen making some coffee.

"Something's wrong." Hakkai said, lightly slamming the mouse on the table.

"What's wrong?" Gojyo called from the kitchen.

"Looks like I need a new mouse."

"A new mouse?" Gojyo said, walking out of the kitchen with a jar of coffee and two mugs.

"Yep. This one's broken."

"I dunno you rared a mouse, Hakkai. What's it got to do with the computer anyway?" Gojyo said. "Some coffee?"

"Sure." Hakkai sipped on his coffee. "Gojyo, can you help me get a new mouse?"

"What?! Why me?"

"Well, I kinda like don't have the time. So can you please?"

Gojyo sighed. "Oh, alright."

"Arigatou, Gojyo."

...Half an hour passed...

Gojyo went to the mouse trap he set and found a mouse was trapped.

"Yes!" Gojyo cheered. He took out his handphone and dialled Hakkai's number. "Hakkai, I've already caught the mouse. What now?"