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Last time on Jokes, Goku brought a cat into the house.

"No!" Sanzo bellowed. "It's bad enough having a monkey in the house! If the cat stays, Goku goes!"

"B-but, Sanzo." Goku stammered. "This kitty was abandoned."

"It's our neighbor, Mrs. Kamiya's cat." Hakkai explained. "She moved out three days ago and left her pet cat behind. I don't think she'll be coming back for her."

"Tch! Call the RSPCA!" Sanzo said, turning away. He felt sorry inside but… you get the idea.

"Come on Sanzo-sama." Gojyo said as he picked the mud-covered, skeletal creature. "A cute little kitty like her deserves a better home. She must be hungry, poor thing."

Sanzo turned to look at the cat, then back to his newspaper and sneezed. "Do whatever you want!"

I Need a Push

It's late at night, and raining. What could the Sanzo-ikkou be doing?

Goku and Sanzo were sleeping, (well, Sanzo's most likely trying to sleep without the cat, Micca, curled up at his feet and Goku snoring in the other room), Gojyo's watching the TV and Hakkai's folding the clothes.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang.

"Gojyo, can you please answer the door?" Hakkai said.

"But," Gojyo stammered. He refused to do it, but the 'scary smile' on Hakkai's face changed his mind. "Oh, alright!" he said reluctantly, stood up and head for the door.

"Um… I need a push." A drunken man, standing on the doorstep said.

Frustrated, Gojyo slammed the door shut and resumed to his movie.

"Who's that?" Hakkai asked.

"Nah, just some irritating idiot asking me to give him a push." Gojyo said.

"Why don't you go and help him?" Hakkai said. "Remember last week when Hakuryuu broke down in the middle of the road and two men came to our aid?"

"Fine." Gojyo sighed and went over to the door again. "Oi, you out there! Do you still need a push?"

"Yes, please!" The man answered.

"Where are you?" Gojyo asked.

"Over here, on the swing!"

A Gunshot


Sanzo woke up suddenly, confused and shocked. Who could be making such noise in the middle of the night? Could it be…?

Sanzo shoved his blanket away, reloaded his gun and padded downstairs into the darkness, heart pounding, sweat forming…

He reached the living room where the gunshot had come from. He turned the door handle, pushed open the door and cried.

"Turn that television down! I'm trying to sleep!"

Panda Eyes

It's the summer holiday, and since they've never been out for a while, the Sanzo-ikkou decided a trip to the zoo. But, poor Sanzo didn't get enough sleep last night. As a result, he ended up with two black, swollen eyes.

They were walking between a lane of different kinds of caged animals when they came across with a father and son.

The father was teaching the little boy about different kinds of animals and what they are called when suddenly, the boy pointed at Sanzo's face and cried excitedly.

"Look, Daddy! Panda bear!"

Shopping for Electrical Goods

"How about this?" Hakkai said, taking a good look at a vacuum cleaner. "It looks good. It'll definitely give the house a good cleaning."

Gojyo took one look at it and shook his head. "Nah, it won't do."

"Why not? Nothing seems wrong with it."

Gojyo pointed to an advertising board for the vacuum cleaner that says: Nothing sucks better than this!

Hakkai's Point of View: Wash and Dry

We've been to the shops lately and bought our first washing machine. It was semi-automatic and I was excited since our clothes are always hand washed.

The vendors had provided instructions, so I put in the clothes and soap powder and pressed 'Start'. When the machine stopped, I pressed 'Rinse'. And when that cycle stopped, I pressed 'Spin'. After the cycle finished, I pressed 'Open'- and found all my dirty washing covered in powder.

Well, they should have told me to turn on the tap!

The Heartbreaker

"It's over," Dokugakuji said, trying hard not to catch her eye. He knew how much this would hurt her, but he had to be honest.

"D-Dokugakuji?" Yaone stammered, forcing back her tears, covering her mouth with both hands. "Y-you…?"

Dokugakuji clenched his fists.

"I tried to make it work, I really did." He said. "I'm sorry."

Yaone felt her heart sink.

Again she'd missed her favourite program because the video recorder hadn't worked.

A letter to The Three Aspects

Goku wanted to know what it's like to have ten thousand yen. He wouldn't shut up about it, so Hakkai told him to pray to the Three Aspects in order to have it.

Of course, Goku was so naïve, he did what he was told.

He prayed for it for a week, but nothing turns up. So he decided to write to Them, requesting for ten thousand yen.

Goku then handed Hakkai the letter and told him it was for the Gods. Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai, felt so touched, they decided to give Goku two thousand yen.

Goku was delighted with the money, and immediately sat down to write a thank you letter.

"Dear Aspects,

Thank you very much for the money. I noticed you had to send it through Gokiburi Kappa, Droopy-eyed Sanzo and Creepy-smiley Hakkai. As usual, those thieving gits went and deducted eight thousand in tax."

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