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"What are you doing!?" Sasuke screamed and swatted away Naruto's hands while his face bloomed red. Naruto saw it of course but instead of feeling embarrassed he smiled lovely at the other boy. He couldn't help feeling entertained with Sasukes unusual behaviour. That Sasuke showed emotions were highly appreciated and he felt himself chuckling inside at Sasuke´s, almost, pouting face. He could almost say that Sasuke was cute… almost.

He knew he shouldn't keep looking at the dark boy the entire night, he had to answer or else it would seem weird.

"Well, hurry up! Undress yourself…" he coughed. He knew that it sounded so strange, in general he wouldn't even want to be in the same room as Sasuke and let alone together while one of them was half naked. But something was itching in the back of his mind. "I'll get you some clothes." He gave Sasuke a last look before he went on a hunt for clothes. He knew his view of Sasuke had changed ever since he came over, and since he opened up to him, but to what he didn't know. Suddenly, riling up the boy as usual didn't appeal him as much anymore. Something inside told him not to.

He found a pair of black pants and an orange t-shirt. He thought this would do since Sasuke really didn't have a say in it. Naruto walked up to the now half naked boy, boxers in place of course. Sasuke sat with arms tightly wrapped around his torso and feet rubbing each other. He looked awfully cold and Naruto almost felt bad taking off his clothes before he found any replacements… almost. He vainly tried not to think about how good Sasuke looked, he tried to push that thought out of his mind but it didn't work. It absolutely didn't want to go away as Sasuke looked up, looking devastated and shaking all over.

"Shit…", he mumbled and carried the clothes over to him. Sasuke grabbed them and nodded weakly. Soon he was dressed and Naruto had seated himself next to him again.

"You had to give me an orange shirt, didn't you?" Sasuke said after a while, looking annoyed as he tugged on the hem.

"Of course", Naruto said happily and unconsciously reached over to swat away something on his shoulder, his hand staying a bit longer than necessary. Fortunately Sasuke didn't notice.

"Thank you for letting me stay here tonight… I would probably freeze to death if I were to walk ho-"

"Don't worry about it", he interrupted and smiled. His eyes wandered involuntarily from Sasuke´s eyes to his stomach, his well build stomach with long and beautiful abs, and even down to his… "Eeeep!" Naruto cried and jumped. Sasukes face turned quickly towards him. Naruto knew he had been looking way too low for his own good. But the rapid beating in his chest worried him even more. He felt sweaty all over and as if something was clutching hard on his insides. As all the blood rushed down he immediately felt how he was growing hard. His eyes widened. Sasuke looked at him so uncharacteristically lost and worried. That excited Naruto even more, to his own frustration.

With unusual soft voice, or maybe it only was in Naruto´s mind, Sasuke spoke:

"What's wron-" But he didn't have the time so finish before Naruto literally jumped him. With his own sweltering body he pinned Sasuke´s under him. Clasped his legs around his hips and leaned over with hands resting on either side of Sasukes shocked face. He tried desperately to ignore the bulge in his pants, which he was pressing against Sasukes lower stomach. He was breathing hard and rapid. Sasuke tried to squirm but stopped when he felt exactly what Naruto feared. He could feel the hardness and couldn't help but gasp his surprise. That of course didn't go unnoticed by Naruto at all. Blue eyes stared into big black ones, surprise written in both of them.

"Naruto…", Sasuke said with a weak voice.

Naruto pushed the thought of him confusing Sasuke far back in his mind. He lay down slowly on top of the black haired, caressed his cheek before his hand travelled to his hair. The heart of one Naruto was beating so hard that any rational thinking disappeared. The only thing in his mind was how luscious Sasuke looked and how his lips seemed so inviting. Their chests were pressed against each other hard and as Naruto reached forth he squeezed his hardened self against Sasuke again. The two faces were so close by now that their noses touched. Naruto closed his eyes and reduced the vacant area between them by tilting his head and pressing his lips onto Sasukes bewildered ones. Sasuke jolted from beneath him and opened his lips in surprise. This of course made something inside of the blond awaken. He was young, inexperienced and didn't even know about this sort of things. If sneaking a peak at Kakashi´s books couldn't be accounted for, of course. Naruto was acting on pure instinct and lust, letting his urges drive him. But in the back of his mind something about Sasuke and him hollered. It told him to stop before their newfound friendship was totally destroyed. As he felt two quivering lips slightly responding all of those negative thoughts disappeared. Sasuke's open mouth was too inviting. Naruto took his chance and plunged his tongue inside the wet mouth. It felt too good to be true. Warmness captivated him and he couldn't hinder himself from exploring every inch of his rival. As said before, he was young, inexperienced and didn't know the slightest about kissing. But he didn't care.

Loud smacking sound could be heard by those who were not too confused to react, like Sasuke was. Black eyes fluttered shut as a warm tongue caressed him with exciting movements. Without his own consent he started responding to the kiss. His own tongue caressed Naruto´s, mixing their taste.

He knew nothing. He didn't know why Naruto was doing that to him and why all of a sudden he responded. He never knew that one could feel this way. He literally pushed the thoughts of "why" out of his mind. He wanted to enjoy this, and that was one of the few things he did know. He had started caring about Naruto more and more, never even considering that it could lead to something as wonderful as this. Actually, Sasuke was quite a naïve boy. As the wonderful blond boy on top off him rubbed his body against his own, making a great friction, he felt himself getting hot. Well, hot was an understatement.

The naïve boy, Sasuke, moaned aloud as a wet tongue licked his jaw-line down to his collarbone. Just as he thought he couldn't get enough of Naruto, the blonde boy left him. His eyes fluttered open and he touched his chest with a quivering hand to feel the warmness that still lingered. But the source of warmth had sat up, creating a space between them. He sat up too, yet halfway, resting on his elbows and looking at the joyful surprise that was Naruto.

"I'm sorry…" Sasuke could hear a faint whisper coming from the blonde. He had his hair blocking his face and shoulders sagging, looking way too downcast for his old jumpy self. Sasuke grew worried. "I shouldn't have done that… I- I don't know what came over me."

Sasuke kept looking, unable to form words in his mouth. The shock of Narutos retaliation got to his heart in a flash. He hated the feeling. That hurting one which makes ones heart scrunch up and turning ones throat in desperate need of saliva. His stomach figuratively turned upside-down.

"I know what you are thinking. You think I'm crazy, disgusting even. Of course you're right. I'm sorry for… doing that. I know you didn't want to." He looked up and Sasuke could see Naruto fought hard not to let tears fall. "I should go." He said, stood up and made it all the way to the door before he felt a soft puff on his head. He swiftly turned around to see a pillow lying in the floor beside his feet. He looked up to Sasuke who still sat on the couch, looking way too beautiful in the dim light. Naruto scrunched up his face not to cry.

"Where do you think you are going?" Sasuke said. "Home? You're already home… You idiot!"

Naruto looked around. Oh, yeah… he was home, he'd forgotten. He was busy yelling at himself and hitting his head over and over again when a strange sound suddenly reached him. His head whipped back to Sasuke. He was laughing… It was not a sneer, it was not sarcastic and it was not mocking. He thought he would have a heart-attack. It was joyful… and damn it, it was adorable. Naruto blinked his eyes repeatedly. It couldn't be true. After all, Sasuke was not one to smile and laugh. And there he sat, eyes tightly shut and arms wrapped around his stomach and laughing heartily. If it had been possible he would have dropped his face.

"Oh no", Naruto breathed. "I made you sick! You probably got a fever, or worse… A DEADLY DISEASE!" Naruto started ranting and didn't notice that Sasuke approached him, still chuckling from time to time.


"What if he'll die, it will be my entire fault. Then Sakura would kill me… oh no… I'm going to miss h-"

"Naruto, shut up will you!" Sasuke said and tried to make it sound harsh, but it came out in mid-laugh, not earning the satisfactory of ticking off the blond as usual. The blond boy looked up at him. "I'm not sick."

"You laughed", Naruto said matter-of-factly.

Sasuke snorted. "First in a long time. Take credit for it instead of thinking I've become sick because of you." Sasuke grabbed his hand and led him to the couch again. When they were seated Sasuke couldn't suppress his questions any longer.

"Why did you kiss me, Naruto?" He heard a gasp coming from beside him.

"I… I- I felt like it", Naruto gulped. He didn't know how to explain it.

"Are you into guys? Thought you liked Sakura…" He needed to know for his heart wouldn't stop beating so damn hard. It was killing him.

Narutos eyes widened. "No!"

"No what?"

"I'm not into guys…", he said weakly. Sasuke felt his heart break.

"The why did y-"

"It was only you, okay? It was you…", he trailed off. "It was Sasuke whom I kissed, it wouldn't have mattered if he was a guy or girl… or a toad."

Sasuke´s heart stopped for a moment. He almost smiled, but then…

"Was it out off pity then?" He almost didn't dare asking it, but needed to know.

Naruto sighed, he knew he couldn't lie. It was best to say what his heart was telling him to.

"Something about tonight, about you opening up to me and me being able to help made me think. I don't know if half of it would make sense told but here I am, totally…", he swallowed, "… totally love-struck. It sounds weird, even to my ears. I guess you're absolutely engrossed or upset. I mean, I totally wrecked our friendship. That is what pulled me from the kiss; I didn't want to destroy our friendship even further." He looked up to a shocked Sasuke. He watched his features and his glimmering black eyes. "I'm sorry I've ruined it."

"You didn't…"


"Are you in love with me?"

Naruto blushed and looked away. "Does it matter? Will you be my friend even if I was?"

"No it doesn't matter, I guess." Sasuke stared. "But I would like to know."

"Answer me first. Where you offended, engrossed, mad, upse-"

"Naruto! If I was, would I sit here with you? Next to you? For the first time in a long time laughing, in your presence? Think about it." Sasukes eyes flashed, he almost looked troubled. Naruto sighed, a bit happy because he wasn't hated but he was also feeling tremendously nervous. He was going to admit something he realized just minutes ago. He was going to declare feelings for someone he used to detest… all in one night.

"I… I think I'm in love with you", he stammered and Sasuke smiled. "What? Why are you smiling?"

"I am?" He only smiled brighter. Naruto jumped on top off the couch, glaring and pointing a finger at him. "Guess I am then."

Naruto glared some more. "Why? Is it that funny? Thought you wouldn't care if I was or not!"

"Of course I care", Sasuke pulled him down next to him again. "Because", he hesitated, "because I liked your kiss, Naruto. Stop looking so dumbfounded, you're confusing me!" he put his hand over the blonde boy's eyes, shielding them from his vision. He felt the boy leaning into the touch. "I like the way you took care of me tonight. I could talk to you and didn't feel like a complete fool. During the kiss I thought I was going to explode. You have no idea how good it felt. I'm not used to be feeling great, warm and happy at the same time. There's something about you… and I can't wait…", he blushed, "… for you warmth. If you say you are in love with me then I can't refuse you." His hand travelled down to Narutos cheek, revealing his amazingly blue eyes.

Naruto looked at him intensely. "It's all because of this night. Usually I wouldn't even find you attracting… but tonight Sasuke, I have to look at you." Naruto leaned in, separating Sasuke legs so he could get closer. Sasuke let him and touched his cheek again. Naruto breathed on his lips. "It's like all off a sudden everything unravels. You come crashing down with all your glory and I get to see your beautiful and warm side. It's like I've been waiting, unknowingly. Now, when I can see you clearly, I don't want to stop. Call me crazy, but that's the truth."

"Wonderful words from an unsuspected source-", Sasuke breathed back onto those throbbing lips. Suddenly Narutos lips descended upon Sasukes, cutting him short and two pair of eyes fluttered shut.


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