The day had started off like any other day. General Hammond arrived in his office at the SGC promptly at 0700 hours. His first of two cups of coffee for the morning was placed on his desk along with the overnight Commanding Officer's report at 0710. He had the usually forty-five minutes to read the report, fill out the requisition forms for the day, answer any voice mails from the Pentagon, and read over the mission notes for the day's first briefing.

By 0800, the first briefing had begun. George had been looking forward to the briefing. Not only was it with SG-1 but, for once, it started on time. Normally, when Hammond had a briefing or debriefing with SG-1 it always started fifteen to twenty minutes late. One reason being that Colonel O'Neill never forced Dr. Jackson to follow military protocol with respect to briefings or anything else for that matter. Of course, the Colonel sometimes disregarded the regulations himself, like never turning in his mission reports on time. So Hammond shouldn't have been surprised that O'Neill never enforced the rules and regulations with Dr. Jackson. But at times it was an inconvenience.

Only Hammond didn't have to worry about the inconvenience today because Colonel O'Neill wasn't at the SGC; he was on vacation at that lake of his where no fish seemed to exist. In all the years Jack fished there he had never caught a fish. Hell, Hammond assumed Jack probably had never even seen a fish while fishing. Hammond's good friend, Jacob Carter, was leading this particular mission. George knew he could always count on Jacob to be punctual. And George could always, always count on Jacob for getting everyone to the meeting on time, even if he had to drag him or her by their ear.

This morning's briefing had been no different. Much to George's amusement, he witnessed his friend escorting Dr. Jackson into the briefing room. The poor young man looked a shade paler, no doubt from coming under fire from one of the toughest two stars Generals in the Airforce. Jacob may never be the biggest man in a room but he could scare the crap out of anyone. All Jacob had to do was stare in cold silence. If that didn't work, which was a rare occasion, he could intimidate his 'victim', often making them feel small and insignificant for disobeying an order.

Hammond also knew that Jacob was a smart enough man to know that fear and intimidation didn't always work to get what he wanted. However, the problem with Jacob was he had never been subtle about anything. After all, why use subtly when a sledgehammer worked just as well, if not faster? Direct and to the point, that's how Jacob wanted it, that's how Jacob delivered it…whether you were ready or not.

Like this mission which was Jacob's idea, Hammond barely greeted the man before he started going into the details. He had come to Earth to enlist Hammond's help in recruiting volunteers. Only Jacob hadn't put it so delicately. In fact, he was insistent on needing a team to complete the mission. And like many other occasions, George was left wondering just how Jacob ever managed to get a woman to marry him.

But of course, and no surprise to Hammond, Major Carter had quickly volunteered first. The young woman was so much like her old man. Mainly when it came to Jacob's strengths and the Carter stubbornness. Thank God she retained her finer qualities from her mother, along with her mother's looks. She was the perfect blending of her father and mother, an intelligent, beautiful, tough woman and an exceptional officer and human being.

And with Major Carter on board for the mission, Dr. Jackson and Teal'c quickly followed. Both men appeared eager for action despite the absence of their leader. Hammond didn't see any harm. While Jacob was a pain in the ass, George trusted Jacob with his life and with the lives of those under his command. And while Jacob was loyal to the Tok'ra because of Selmak, Hammond knew Jacob was strongly loyal to Earth as well and would never intentionally put any of Hammond's people in danger.

Jacob explained to them that the mission was to benefit Earth. He knew of the SGC's quest to discover new technologies, be them weaponry or other. The planet, Geban, Jacob and Selmak had discovered was of no use to the Tok'ra or the Gou'ald because both races had far superior healing abilities and healing technologies. However, Jacob believed Earth might be able to benefit from the medical technologies that possibly existed on Geban.

The mission appeared to be the standard exploration mission as Jacob quickly briefed everyone on layout of the ruins, including certain sections that should be checked out carefully. Locations that Selmak believed would contain said technologies. Only once the briefing was over did Hammond finally give the go ahead for the mission to proceed. A decision he later would regret.

Hammond should have known the day was going to turn bad when Jacob flashed that shit-eating grin of his. It reminding Hammond of the days when the two men were young and seemed hell bent on getting arrested by the MPs. Only they were never caught or incriminated in anything. Of course, George was much younger, a little thinner, and a lot lighter on his feet back then. Maybe never as fast as Jacob, but he never had to worry about being fast. Jacob would always make sure George made it to safety first, often leading the MPs on a wild chase. Then when the two would meet up again, at a pre-designated spot, Jacob would show up with that grin plastered on his face.

And from 0900, when the team had departed, to 1237, George was having a good day. During that time, Hammond had no worries. His was confident in Jacob's abilities to not cause trouble the way Colonel O'Neill seemed to have a knack for. Jacob may be prankster, but not when it came to the mission. Therefore, George didn't have the same anxieties that he normally felt whenever SG-1 went through the Gate. It's not that he doubted the Colonel's abilities, it's just that George would like to keep what little hair he had left on his head, for as long as possible.

But at 1237, the alarms sounded. The General quickly headed down to the control room. SG-1's iris deactivation code had been received. Dr. Jackson's voice sounded urgently over the radio when he announced that they needed medical assistance. After which, Hammond immediately called for the medical team over the loud speakers. Then he hurried to the Gate Room, arriving just as Dr. Jackson and Teal'c emerged from the event horizon.

The moment Hammond saw them he knew the rest of the day was not going to be good. He even had a feeling the week was shot as well. After getting a better look at the condition of two of his people, Hammand adamantly believed the next century was shot! But the obvious question that he was afraid to ask was begging for an answer. And it was Dr. Jackson who answered the question about the black haired boy in Teal'c's arms. Only Hammond didn't really need to hear the answer, he could have guessed by the way the uniforms were too large on the boy and the blond hair girl.

"Jacob needs medical attention immediately!" Daniel announced.

"What happened to them?" Hammond asked as the two men reached the base of the ramp.

"I don't know. Teal'c and I were exploring another section of the ruins when we lost contact with Jacob and Sam. When we found them they were on the ground, unconscious. Along with what's in Teal'c's jacket."

Hammond was handed the jacket. After he slowly opened it he nearly dropped it. An immature and very irate looking symbiote quickly reared its head and hissed at him startling him.

"Is that…?"

"We believe it's Selmak," Daniel explained. "It was lying on Jacob's chest when we found them."

"It appears Selmak was transformed to a more youthful state as well," Teal'c added.

Hammond frowned. He swore he could feel his hair falling out. Would it have been too much to ask, for today to just be an uneventful day?

Dr. Fraiser arrived at the SGC wondering what new medical miracle she would have to perform today. Janet always welcomed a challenge. She excelled in such situations. It was one of the main reasons why she was assigned to the SGC. The other reason being that she was a formidable officer, despite her size, capable of handling the many officers in command of the SG teams. All strong willed officers with take charge personalities. All officers who quickly learned to obey her commands while in her infirmary. And if any were too mouthy, she would give them her sweet smile while jabbing them with a very large needle right in the ass. It worked every single time, just to shut them up.

Only the morning was slow. There were no mouthy Colonels to stick. And she just received a new set of needles and was hoping to try them out. To help pass the time, Janet resorted to doing an inventory of the medical supplies, which was long over due. The only excitement came when Sergeant Siler nearly electrocuted himself, hence the name Sparky. The man zapped himself at least once a month! Luckily for him the voltage was low enough not to stop his heart or do any damage. By lunchtime she released him from her care, sending him home to for the rest of the day.

Things did start to liven up after lunch. Janet had been heading back to the infirmary when Hammond called for the emergency medical staff to the Gate Room. She arrived just as her staff did to find two unconscious children and one cranky immature symbiote. Actually, she couldn't tell if the symbiote was cranky or not. But it did appear agitate and ready to chomp on Hammond's nose. Janet quickly had Hammond fold the jacket back up, trapping the symbiote inside.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Janet asked pulling back the eyelids of the girl and flashing her penlight to judge the reaction of the pupils.

"We found them like this," Daniel answered. "We tried to wake them but there was no response. Then we noticed the blood in Jacob's mouth and hurried back."

"Jacob?" she asked, unable to hide her surprise. It was at that moment that she finally noticed that the uniforms were too big on the children.

"We believe this boy is Jacob Carter and that the immature symbiote is Selmak," Teal'c said as Janet gently opened the boy's mouth.

"And, if that's Jacob then this must be Major Carter," Daniel added setting the girl down on a stretcher.

"There is some blood here, possibly from the symbiote exiting his body," Janet said. "I'll need to do a thorough exam just to be certain."

"Doctor, I want you to find out if they are in fact Major Carter and her father," Hammond ordered.

"General, shouldn't we go back to the planet to learn more. Possibly found out why or how this happened?" Daniel anxiously asked.

"No. Not until we determine exactly what has happened to our people. Doctor?"

"I'll get right on it, Sir," she nodded then turned to one of her nurses, "Get a tank ready for the symbiote. If it is Selmak, we better do our best to keep him alive. Otherwise, we'll have a very upset General on our hands."

"Yes, Ma'am."

It took a few hours for Dr. Fraiser to finish the exams and tests. Only she hadn't learned much more than what Daniel and Teal'c had already concluded. The children were in fact Major Samantha Carter and General Jacob Carter. The symbiote even had trace amounts of Jacob's blood on it, leaving no doubt in Janet's mind that it was Selmak.

The problem was that Janet couldn't find an explanation for what happened to them. Nothing was wrong with them, other than the fact that the three of them were much, much younger. They were physically healthy in their current conditions. No evidence of tissue damage from their transformation. She even noticed they still had the same scars they bore as adults. Both Sam and Jacob even had naquadah in their blood streams.

Only Dr. Fraiser wasn't entirely sure of their mental status. The exams revealed no signs of trauma or brain damage of any kind. Their brain waves appeared normal, yet they couldn't tell Janet how much of their memories were still intact. That would be determined once Sam or Jacob woke up.

Medical condition aside, Janet found it rather fascinating to look at Sam and Jacob. Seeing these younger versions was like peering into the looking glass for a glimpse of their pasts.

First there was Sam. While she was Janet's best friend, the two never really talked much about each other's past. There was the occasional mention of their failed relationships with men but no mention of their childhood. The here and now was far more exciting than dealing with the past. Looking at her friend now, Janet wondered if Sam was like other children who loved to play. Maybe she was a troublemaker. Or maybe she was a good girl who always did her homework on time. That was probably the case because the adult Sam was a workaholic. There were times she had to be ordered to take a break.

Then there was Jacob, Sam's father. There wasn't too much known about the man other than the reputation that preceded him wherever he went. It was a well-known fact that General Carter was a man you never wanted to piss off by disobeying his orders. That he was a man who mastered the art of fear and intimidation when dealing with subordinates. But he was also a close friend of General Hammond. There had been several occasions Janet witnessed the two old war-horses reminiscing about the good old days over lunch or dinner in the commissary. From Hammond's friendship with the senior Carter, Janet could only conclude that Jacob was in fact an honorable man, whose bark was worse than his bite. After all, Sam turned out alright having Jacob as a father, so he couldn't have been all that bad.

Hammond's voice sounded pulling her out of her reverie. Glancing at her watch she saw that he was on time for her report. Only problem was that she didn't have much to tell him.

"Doctor, what have you discovered?" Hammond asked when he joined her by the children.

"DNA tests confirm, that this is Major Carter and her father. While I have no DNA test to compare the symbiote to, I think it's safe to assume that it is Selmak."

"Do you know why they've…changed?"

"I've run every test I can think of. My exams show them to be normal, healthy ten or eleven year olds. I did notice certain attributes each had as an adult as carried over into their child versions."

"For instance?"

"Both still have naquadah in their blood. And, if you can see," she explained moving toward Jacob and pushing his hair back to expose more of his forehead. "They still have their scars."

"Jacob's had that scar since he was seven."

"That may be Sir. However, Major Carter shows scars from injuries she received during her service here at the SGC."

"What about their memories? I need to know what happened."

"At this point…I don't know. Their brain waves appear normal. Once they're awake we'll know whether their memories are intact or not."

"Is their condition permanent?"


Janet observed Hammond. The man was in deep thought. No doubt assessing all the information she had just given him. From the frown on his face he was not satisfied. Hammond didn't like being in the dark about things, especially if it involved anyone under his command. His concern for his people was a huge reason why everyone enjoyed working for General Hammond and would lay their life on the line for him. Janet included.

"I want you to wake them doctor," he ordered.

"Sir, I would recommend that we allow them to wake on their own. They are in no physical danger and appear to just be in a deep sleep. We may do more harm than good if we force them to wake. I did have to give Jacob antibiotics. The wound at the back of his throat has healed but I didn't want to risk an infection. He no longer has the symbiote to heal his illnesses or injuries."

Hammond sighed. Then he slowly moved across the infirmary to where Selmak was resting in his tank. She slowly followed acutely aware that he was not through with his questioning.

"How is Selmak?" Hammond asked.

"Stable and should remain that way. But for how long…I don't know," she replied. "Sir, are you going to send a team to the planet?"

"Not yet. If possible, I want to learn what Major Carter and Jacob have to say. I've already recalled Colonel O'Neill. He'll be here for the briefing first thing tomorrow morning. I will remain on the base until either Jacob or Major Carter awaken. Please, call me the moment one of them does wake up."

"Yes, Sir."

It had been an uneventful day. No fish caught, as usual. A lot of beer drank down, also, as usual. And best of all, no worries. Well, only the worry of running out of Guinness. Other than that, it had been a relaxing day for Jack O'Neill. A well deserved relaxing day and beginning of his week!

He couldn't believe that his team turned down his invite to join him. Actually, he expected Carter to turn him down. The woman was brilliant but never knew when to take a break. She redefined workaholic. Then there was Daniel. He decided to study some artifact SG11 brought back from their recent excursion. And Teal'c, he was helping Daniel before possibly heading off to see his son.

Oh well, their loss. Jack was having a good time without them anyway. Even now, after the sun had passed beyond the horizon to the West, Jack settled inside his cabin in front of a warm fire. He enjoyed these times just listening to the crackle of the fire, smelling the sweetness of the wood as it burns, and of course, the marshmallows. Can't forget those.

The trick to the perfect toasted marshmallows is the length of ones stick. Too short and you singe the fine hairs on your hand. Too long and you risk over toasting the marshmallow because the marshmallow end of the stick drooped into the fire too far. Then the marshmallow usually ended up melting then falling off into the fire or onto your lap! But Jack didn't have anything to worry about. He had the perfect stick and a full bag of marshmallows, all to himself.

"Perfect," he smiled after placing the marshmallow securely on the stick.

Jack extended his treat into the flame. Then waited for the precise moment to retrieve it. Only a knock sounded at the door. The noise distracted him long enough that the marshmallow quickly melted and fell off into the flames.


The knock came again.

"For crying out loud!" he snapped getting to his feet.

The knock sounded again, only more insistent!

"Coming!" he barked.

He quickly yanked open the door to see an Airforce Major and a Lieutenant standing on his doorstep. Jack should have known that turning the cell phone off wouldn't have worked.

"Colonel O'Neill…"

"I'm on vacation!" he said attempting to close the door.

"Sorry, I have a message from General Hammond," the Major said quickly stopping the door from closing. "You are to return to Cheyenne Mountain immediately."

"I'm on vacation," Jack repeated.

"Sir…he said it's important. It concerns a General Carter and a Major Carter."

"What's the problem?" Jack quickly asked.

"I do not know, Sir."

"You don't know?"

"General Ha…"

"You drove forty miles from your base to tell me you don't know! Did you even ask if their lives were in any danger? They happen to be two very good friends of mine!" Jack snapped making the Major instantly shrink on the spot.

"No, Sir," the younger man said swallowing hard. "I'm sorry, Sir."

"Then what do you know?" Jack asked, not hiding how annoyed he was for having his vacation interrupted by some incompetent desk clerk.

At least to Jack the Major look like he had spent his entire Air Force career behind a desk. The man looked too green to have seen any combat. Probably a pencil pusher that filled out requisition forms all day and made sure his CO had his coffee on time.

'Geek,' Jack thought glaring at the young man.

"General Hammond only said that it was imperative that you return immediately. The General wanted you well rested for your mission tomorrow morning."

"Very well," Jack sighed. "I'm going to make a call myself and find out what's going on. You can wait here…outside. Then, when I'm finished, you can take me to my transport. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

Just for the hell of it, Jack slammed the door shut. Hard. While annoyed that his vacation was interrupted, he knew Hammond wouldn't recall him unless it was important. If Jacob Carter was involved, it must be extremely important. And if he was involved the Tok'ra must be as well.

Jack was wondering what the Tok'ra wanted from Earth this time as he pulled the cell phone from his bag in the bedroom. He had made it clear how he felt about the Tok'ra. Even coming close to letting Jacob have it just for being a part of them. But Jack never wished any harm on Jacob. The man has saved Jack and his team a few times.

But Major Carter was involved. She was his second in command. If anything happened to her, Jack knew he wouldn't like it. Not only was she his friend but she was a valuable member of the SGC. He didn't want to contemplate what would happen if the SGC ever lost her.

"General Hammond," he said, then waited to be transferred. "General, O'Neill here. I understand something's happened to Major Carter and her father…Yes, Sir, I turned my phone off on purpose. Sorry…Just…Oh, you can't discuss it over the phone. Can you tell me if they're ok at least?…Alright, when's the briefing then…Ok, I'll be there, Sir. Bye…"

Now Jack was really worried. It had to be something bad if Hammond couldn't discuss it over the phone. Bottom line, Jack just hoped that both Jacob and Major Carter were alive and well.

Selmak had been resting comfortably inside a warm jacket until somebody opened it up and let the blinding light in. Then someone was trying to grab her. No one ever touched her and she planned on keeping it that way. What she would give for a set of fangs or very sharp teeth. Unfortunately for her symbiotes didn't have teeth. So Selmak did her best to rear her head and let whoever was trying to grab her know that she wasn't to be touched.

Only she quickly realized it was General Hammond talking. Even Dr. Fraiser was there. Good, that meant the doctor would be taking care of Jacob. At least Dr. Jackson had the good sense to hurry back to Earth. Although his method for dropping her into Teal'c jacket could have been handled with a little more delicacy. He acted like she was a hot potato almost flinging her across the room when she wiggled her tail. Luckily Teal'c was quick to calm the young man and take her from him.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity she was placed in a liquid substance that somewhat resembled a Goa'uld symbiote holding tank. The liquid was warm enough…barely. Selmak wished she had enough energy to hiss at whoever set the temperature. In addition to being cold, the liquid was too salty for her liking and the room was way too bright! There was no way for Selmak to tell them to throw a curtain over her tank or to shut the lights off. So all she could do was squeeze her eyes shut and curl into a ball.

While the light and her tank was agitating, there was something else troubling her even more. She was lonely. There were no thoughts to be shared with her host. She was utterly…alone. She couldn't remember the last time she was out of a host's body, other than when her mother first gave birth to her and all her Tok'ra siblings. But at least there was communication amongst them. Not mentally but symbiotes had their own language amongst themselves, much like all creatures of the universe.

However, leaving Jacob was a necessity. Selmak feared her presence within him would kill him. Whatever happened to make them young was painful for her. Jacob was screaming with his mouth and in his mind because she was unable to block the pain from him. She remembered him double over clutching his head. The bright light that engulfed them burned her like hot fire. Afraid it was designed to kill a symbiote, she quickly fled Jacob's body. She didn't want to accidentally kill him when she died. True the man was a pain in the ass but she loved him, like she loved all her previous hosts. She never wanted to see any harm come to them…unless she delivered a well deserved smack on the brain stem for being unappreciative of her.

Her only hope now was that Jacob was doing well, even if it was without her. Maybe he would even check on her to make sure she was doing ok too.

Jacob's mind slowly began to wake. He instantly felt the dull headache. And as he slowly began to come more to his senses that dull ache was becoming a raging migraine. He mentally sighed and wondering why the hell his symbiote wasn't taking care of the pain.


There was no response. No sarcastic comment about his hairline. No wiggling of her tail. No warm and fuzzy feeling from their emotional bond. No anger penetrating his mind for having messed things up…again. No wise cracks or mental chortling about him being in the infirmary with another 'boo-boo'. There was simply…nothing.

A rush of fear filled his heart and he quickly sat up, wide-awake. He couldn't sense Selmak at all. He couldn't even feel the pressure at the back of his head from her body having to squish itself around his neck vertebrae. She was…gone. Great! The Tok'ra took her from him. They finally had enough of him. He was such a pain in the ass.

He was suddenly hit with an image of her resting on his chest and looking down on him. She left him! She was in pain! He remembered that.

Fearing the worst, Jacob frantically started searching the infirmary bed. If she was still in pain he had to find her. Plus, he knew a symbiote would not be able to last long outside its host. So finding Selmak was imperative. But he was so consumed by his quest and his feelings that he royally screwed up that he didn't even recognize his physiological changes. All he knew was that he had to find Selmak.

"Jacob, is everything alright?" Dr. Fraiser asked hurrying over to him.

He ignored Dr. Fraiser, flinging the covers back. He jumped down onto the floor fearing Selmak had fallen out of the bed. However, the second his bare feet landed on the floor he froze. He blinked a couple of times. Those were not his feet. They were small. The toes were long but the feet were definitely not a size nine and a half. Even the hands before him weren't his own. He slowly turned them over and examined them.


Startled by her voice Jacob quickly turned. Only he found himself looking up at Dr. Fraiser.

"Jacob, I need you to relax," Dr. Fraiser said slowly moving towards him.

Jacob jumped backward, slamming hard into bed.

"Where's Selmak? What's going on?" he asked immediately wondering if that was really his voice because it sounded a little higher than normal. "What did you do to me?"

"Jacob, I need you to calm down, right now," she said resting her hand on his shoulder.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?" he demanded pushing her hand away and finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. "WHERE'S SELMAK?"

"First of all, I didn't do anything to you. Second, I want you to calm down, you're going to hyperventilate," she said firmly. "Once you're calm, I will answer your questions, and not before!"

"FINE! I'LL FIND OUT FOR MYSELF!" he roared then tried to run by her.

"VALIUM! NOW!" she ordered grabbing Jacob by his arms.

"Let go of me!" he growled attempting to free himself from her grip.

"Give me a hand over here…where's the Valium!"

Jacob kicked and thrashed wildly tempted to taking a bite out of someone's hand if it got near his face. Only no hand came close. Unfortunately for him, one of the male nurses came over and assisted Dr. Fraiser. He quickly restrained Jacob, setting him on the gurney and tightly holding him down.

"No…please!" Jacob pleaded watching the needled being inserted into the IV port.

"Jacob, just try to relax," Dr. Fraiser smiled as she slowly injected the Valium. "Just so you know, Selmak is fine. Maybe if you're calmer, I'll let you see him for yourself. Until then, try and relax…everything will be fine."

"She's fine?"

"Yes," she replied with a puzzled look.

"Please…Dr. Fraiser…" he said fighting the effects of the drug. "Don't…don't let the Tok'ra take her away from me…"

"Jacob, I…"

"No Tok'ra…please! Don't let them take Selmak away," he said feeling the darkness closing in on him.

"Jacob, why would they do that?"

"They don't like me very much," he frowned, before closing his eyes.


The question prompted a memory of Selmak telling him he was a pain in the ass.

Dr. Fraiser had been regulating the liquid's temperature when she heard one of the monitors beeping furiously. Someone's heart was racing. Looking up she noticed it was Jacob. That figures. He would be the first to wake up and not be happy about his situation. That's all she needed, a grouchy General and his cranky symbiote. Only he appeared to be searching for something. Frantically searching. His normally confident eyes appeared desperate as if he lost something extremely important and needed to find it.

When she rushed over and questioned him, he had completely ignored her or didn't hear her. Whatever he was looking for, he seemed determined to find it. Still, she was afraid he might code on the spot with the pace his heart rate kept increasing.

Then when he jumped down from the bed Janet realized Jacob wasn't aware of his condition. There was this absolutely shocked look in his face. His mouth dropped open. His normally narrow dark eyes were wide open as he examined his hands.

"Jacob?" she spoke approaching him cautiously.

The boy…man…Jacob completely flipped out. Janet should have realized it might be a shock to him or Sam, or both. Only her words were not calming him down and his heart rate increased.

"Jacob, I need you to relax," she implored him as she reached for him.

Jacob jumped backward. Janet had a feeling he would have a good bruise with as hard as he slammed into bed. He responded like an animal being trapped and lashed out at her. And he looked just as desperate.

"Where's Selmak? What's going on? What did you do to me?"

"Jacob, I need you to calm down, right now," she said trying to grab hold of him shoulder.


"First of all, I didn't do anything to you. Second, I want you to calm down, you're going to hyperventilate. Once you're calm, I will answer your questions, not before," she insisted.


To her disbelief he tried to run.

"VALIAM! NOW!" she quickly ordered barely managing to grab hold of him before he tore loose from his IV and heart monitor.

"Let go of me!"

"Give me a hand over here…where's the Valium!" she shouted.

Fortunately, Dale, one of her male nurses was on duty today. He easily managed a strong hold of Jacob and was able to lay him down on the gurney, despite Jacob's violent kicking and thrashing. But he suddenly became calm when he saw the needle.

"No…please!" Jacob pleaded with his voice and his eyes.

"Jacob, just try to relax. Just so you know, Selmak is fine. Maybe if you're calmer I'll let you see him for yourself. Until then, try and relax…everything will be fine."

"She's fine?" he asked.

'She?' Janet asked herself wondering why he was referring to his symbiote as a female.

"Yes," she answered saving her question for another time.

"Please…Dr. Fraiser…"

Janet noticed Jacob was calmer but the Valium may have been too much for him. He was slowly losing consciousness. She quickly motioned for the nurse to leave.

"Don't…don't let the Tok'ra take her away from me…"

"Jacob, I…"

"No Tok'ra…please! Don't let them take Selmak away," he desperately pleaded as his eyes were beginning to close.

"Jacob, why would they do that?" she asked.

"They don't like me very much," he whispered sadly.

"What?" she asked in disbelief.

"Selmak says they don't like me because I'm too much of a pain in the ass," he mumbled so softly, as though he wasn't aware that he had spoken it out loud.

He was asleep. Janet could finally relax herself now that his heart rate was beating within normal parameters and his breathing was regular. She quickly checked his pulse to verify what the monitor already indicated to her.

"Well, you certainly have been a pain in just the past few minutes," Janet smiled smoothing his thick black hair. "One might think you would be a little more appreciative of your situation…you have your hair back!"

"Dr. Fraiser, it appears Major Carter may be waking up," Dale announced.

"I'll stay with her," Janet said moving to Sam's bed. "Inform General Hammond."

"Yes, ma'am."

Sam began blinking her eyes.

"Sam, can you hear me?"

"Yeah…" she yawned.

"Sam, what's the last thing you remember?"

Sam rubbed her eyes then sat up.

"Dad and I were investigating a room in the ruins…then…that's it. I can't remember what happened after that. Why, what happened?"

Janet resisted the urge to laugh. She did find the whole situation rather amusing.


"Apparently, Daniel and Teal'c lost radio contact with you and your father. When they found you…you and your father were…different…changed."

"How different?"

Janet retrieved the mirror from the bedside table and handed it to Sam.

"Holy Hannah!" Sam exclaimed.

While Sam was surprised, she was no where as shocked or terrified as Jacob. In fact, she smiled touching her face and hair while looking in the mirror.

"They're awake?" Hammond asked immediately when he arrived.

"Yes, sir," Janet replied. "I had to give the General Valium. He was…startled by his condition."

"Dad too!" Sam said excitedly looking over where her dad was laying. "Wow…he's got hair!"

"Major Carter…" Hammond started to say but Sam yanked the heart monitoring device off her finger and got off the bed then went over to her dad.

"Who would have guessed…he had curls! Big ones too! No wonder he joined the Airforce to buzz his hair down! He's kind of cute too!"

Janet chuckled softly to herself watching Sam ruffle her dad's hair. She even noticed Hammond had a small smile on his face before he cleared his throat.


"Right…sorry, Sir," she said turning and looking up at them.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Hammond requested.

"No, Sir. I don't remember anything from the room dad and I entered until when I woke up a few moments ago."

"Doctor…what about Jacob?"

"Jacob, didn't respond well. I think he was shocked to wake up without his symbiote, then the situation only worsened when he discovered what happened to him. Of course, he thinks I'm responsible."

"Still, I need answers. Wake him," Hammond ordered.

A few moments after Dr. Fraiser's injection, Jacob began to wake up. Hammond immediately recognized that scowl on his friend's face. He had learned to recognize the deep wrinkle in Jacob's brow and know that the man was super pissed. Only it was hard not to smile seeing Jacob as a boy reacting as he would as a man.

The foul language, Hammond could have done without. He had half a mind to wash Jacob's mouth out with a bar of soap. Then, judging by the way that Dr. Fraiser and Major Carter were reacting, with their giggles and smiles, Hammond could see they were finding Jacob's predicament just as amusing as he did.

"So, when does the doc fix us?" Jacob asked moving to where Selmak's tank was.

"First we have to determine how and possibly why this happened," Hammond explained as he watched Jacob stick his hand into Selmak's tank. "We'll brief Colonel O'Neill. He, Dr. Jackson, and Teal'c will be accompanying Dr. Lee's team to the planet."

"Ah…doc, are trying to kill her? The temperatures too cold! The mixture doesn't feel right either. Have you even bothered to check the PH and Saline levels? And the voltage! Are you trying to electrocute her? You've got enough to run the Western half of the country! Jesus Christ, doc! She only needs a small electrical current from a couple of D batteries! Look at her…she's not even moving! Shit…is she still alive? And all these lights…it's too bright in here for her!"

George resisted the urge to laugh at Jacob for referring to his symbiote as a female. He read the reports from Colonel O'Neill about their first encounter with the Tok'ra. Even he wasn't sure if the symbiote was to be referred to male or female. Only that the host was female. On a number of occasions George wanted to ask Jacob. Now he didn't have to. Jacob answered for him. And George was so looking forward to having fun with Jacob on the matter. George had been the butt of too many of Jacob's jokes and was going to enjoy having the table turned.

Just not yet.

"Jacob I've check everything myself, they're within acceptable peramaters," Dr. Fraiser responded and looking extremely annoyed by Jacob's comments.

"Hey, this is my symbiote! I know exactly what conditions are appropriate! These not acceptable to me!" he snapped adjusting the temperature cage. "You're not the one who's carried her for almost four years!"

"Jeez…that explains some of your mood swings!" Sam giggled to no one in particular.

"What?" Jacob growled.

"Jacob, what about the Tok'ra?" Hammond asked not wanting to get off the subject too far. "I didn't want to involve them until you were awake."

"No, Tok'ra!" he quickly said while drying his hand off on his shirt.

"Jacob, we need to tell them what happened."

"No, Tok'ra!" Jacob thundered. "We don't need them! They've been looking for an excuse to separate Selmak from me, this would give them the perfect solution."

"Come on Jacob…" Sam started to say.

"Hey, I'm still your father Samantha! You will address me as dad or father!" he growled pointing a finger at her which only made her laugh more.

"We're not doing anything tonight!" Hammond snapped silencing them, and suddenly feeling like he was back in the seventies and yelling at his own kids. "Both of you are assigned quarters, I suggest you get a good nights sleep."

"First, I'm going to make sure doc here gets Selmak situated correctly," Jacob insisted.

"Very well," Hammond sighed. "Dr. Fraiser, will you escort him to his quarters when finished?"

"Yes sir."

"Why don't you have her tuck me in too…George!"

"I think Janet even can tell you a bed time story…Dad!" Sam smirked then stuck her tongue out at him.

"Keep it up young lady and I'll have Uncle George tuck you in!" Jacob snapped making that smirk quickly disappear. "In fact, I may have him sing you a lullaby. I happen to know for a fact that he has a wonderful singing voice. That ought to make you go right to sleep!"

"Enough!" Hammond yelled, trying to retain some control over the situation. "Dr. Fraiser, escort Major Carter to her room."

"Understood, Sir," she said then left the room with the Major.

The two were barely out of the infirmary when Hammond heard them giggling.

"Don't start with me George! You may be a lot taller than me right now, but you arenot my father! I'm not going to let you push me around like he did. I'll go to bed when I damn well please!"

"Jacob…" George started then though better about what he was going to say. He was getting a headache and he was tired. It was late and he needed to head home.

"Can you tell me anything about what happened?" he asked.

"No," Jacob sighed as he tended to fixing Selmak's tank. "I only remember Selmak being in a lot of pain. When a symbiote is in that much pain, it's hard for them to keep the pain away from their host. She must have left me thinking she was dying or something. But that's all I know. Otherwise, my memories are like Sam's. There's nothing from when we entered the room until when I first woke up."

"Very well. I'm going home. There will be a briefing at 0800."

"I'll be there."

"Are you sure? O'Neill will be there."

"George…we're all professionals here. I don't see why I can't still be doing my job."

Hammond decided then and there he was going to have a long drink tonight before he went to bed. Something to make him fall asleep right away. He didn't want to contemplate on what might happen tomorrow morning when Colonel O'Neill saw Jacob.