AN: Lack of sleep & listening to Tori Amos CDs leads to . . . 11 Éowyn drabbles. Aragorn, Faramir, and other men make appearances, but I wanted to this mostly focus on Éowyn – and, for most of this, her reasoning behind her white dress. Or something like that. Thanks for clicking!





She sat behind the throne, a nursemaid to her Uncle and a witness to the corruption within the Riddermark. While Wormtongue and his absent master slowly destroyed the very foundation of her people, she watched in silence.

At first, she had dreamt up ways to save her homeland, to alert the Marshals and drive this poisonous influence from Meduseld. But her brother and cousin could not spare a moment to listen to her schemes; consumed in the affairs of the East and Westfolds, they smiled and misunderstood.

So she shut her lips, damming the stream of words from her eager tongue. She would never be heard, so she became voiceless, another fair statue in a dying house.