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Chapter 24

Christmas break just started and Ginny went home for the holidays. The Weasleys along with Harry and Hermione were going to spend it in New York. Mr. Weasley just got a new promotion at work and decide to treat his children that still lived at home plus Hermione and Harry to a winter vacation.

"Dad isn't winter vacations supposed to be warm places?" Ron asked while shivering. He still hadn't passed his apparition test.

Harry and Hermione were to afraid of splinching themselves for such a long distance to even try it. Mr. Weasley apperated ahead to check on the rooms at the Palace Hotel. A wizard hotel in New York just like the Leaky Cauldron, only can be seen by magical beings.

Mrs. Weasley pulled out an old hair brush.

"Ok everyone you know what to do." She said.

They all but two fingers each on it. Then they felt a pull on there navels. They appeared in a lobby of a grand looking hotel.

"Oh Mum its gorgeous." Ginny said.

"Indeed it is." Mrs. Weasley said.

"The one in France was bigger." Ginny heard Hermione whisper to Harry.

"If your going to say things like that then maybe you shouldn't have came." Ginny said to her when her Mum, Harry, and Ron were out of earshot.

"What Ginny I didn't say anything." She said shocked that Ginny heard her.

"Whatever." Ginny said following the others.

Later that night Ginny was walking through the back streets of New York after sneaking out of her room. However making sure Hermione was asleep first.

"Hello Pretty." A voice said from behind her.

Ginny smirked and turned around "Hello ugly." She said when she saw the vampire.

He lunged at her. She knocked him back and punched him in the face. He back away.

"Hmm a slayer my boys will have fun with he." He said with a grin.

"Boys I don't see none of your so called boys." She said.

He snapped his fingers and out f of the shadows came 4 other vampires.

"Oh those boys." Ginny said with a nervous laugh while puling out stake.

They all lunged at her at once. She tried fighting them off as best she could she staked one but the others kept coming. She felt one grab her arms from behind. She knew she was done for when her legs where kicked out from under her. She felt the one of the vampire's hot breath on her neck and closed her eyes expecting the worse. Then she felt the weight loosen on her legs.

She looked up and aw a medium size black girl with long dread locks that looked about a year or two older then her fighting off two others.

Ginny kicked the vampire who was holding her arms and managed to free them. She staked the one behind her and the one in front of her. The other girl got the last 2.

The girl looked over at her and helped her up.

"You should get home and fast. Its not safe out here." She said turning and started walking away.

"Rona." Ginny called after hr.

Rona turned around. "How did you know my name?"

"Lets just say we have a common friend. Dawn Summers." Ginny said with a smile.

"You know Dawn Summers?" Rona asked.

"Yeah she's my watcher." Ginny said with a smile.

"Come on your hurt." Rona said nodding to the cuts on Ginny's arm and stomach from when she fell.

"Where to?" She asked.

"To see my watcher."

"Andrew! Are you here" Rona called through a nice looking apartment.

"He's in the library." A girl with short red hair lighter then Ginny's said from the couch.

"Thanks Vi." Rona said nodding to her. "Andrew." Rona asked walking into the library with Ginny.

"Yeah what's up Rona?" He asked.

"we picked up a straggler." She said.

"Ah you must be Miss. Ginny Weasley one of the Slayers of the Vampires." He said.

"Uh. Yeah." She said looking around.

"Oh good Dawn mentioned that you might stop by." He said standing up and walking over to her.

"Stop scaring the poor girl can you just get her fixed?" Rona said.

"Sure thing." Andrew said walking over to a cabinet and pulling out a first aid kit.

When Ginny climbed back through the window of her room at 7:00 in the morning a light turned on. She looked up and saw Hermione staring at her.

"Surprise, Surprise." Hermione said with a smirk.

"Hermione, go back to bed." Ginny said walking into there bath room.

She came out in sweat pants and a tank top.

"Where'd you go?" Hermione asked.

"None of you fucking business." Ginny said.

"I saw that outfit. Leather pants a midriff showing top. You were out slutting it up weren't you?" Hermione demand.

"Just go to sleep."

"You leave me no choice but to inform your parents." She said walking out of the room.

"Ok." Ginny said getting into bed trying to get a few more hours of sleep. She pass out on Andrew couch for a hour or two before.

Several hours later Ginny woke up to see her parents sitting on the other bed looking at her.

"Ginny darling where were you?" Her dad asked.

"I was out patrolling and I got jumped by 5 vampires." Ginny said.

"Oh god are you ok." Her mom asked frantically.

"I'm fine I ran into another Slayer named Rona she helped me out and then she took me to her watchers to get the minor cuts cleared up." Ginny said. "I feel asleep on there couch."

"Oh Ginny baby as long as your ok. I realize that you have to accept your destiny." Her mom said.

"No punishment?" Her dad asked her mom.

"No punishment." Her mom said.

"Thanks guys." Ginny said getting up and hugging them.

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