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Setting: a small town a few miles outside the city of Dakota.

(I think that's all you'll need right know so on with the story!

Through the Green Glass Door

She had to get out of here, 'cause he was here. If he caught her...she didn't want to think about it. She crept along in the shadows of her of her living room /funny, being afraid at home, I thought this was suppose to be a safe place, ha! not for me...never for me/ there was the door, her freedom, its just a few more steps and she'd be gone, away from this living hell /I'll come back for you later Austin, when I've got everything figured out, and then/ her thoughts were interrupted by movement on the couch

"Where do you think you going" said the mass of drunkenness.

"Answer me bitch" the mass slurred

"Out dad"

"Don't get smart with me girl" the mass started

"Ya, wouldn't want to hurt you brain"

"Shut up! You Stupid Bitch you think you smart? Your nuthing girl Nuthing!" the mass slurred as he through a beer bottle at her and hit her in the face. She crumpled down on the floor clutching her face.

"Ha-ha! Teach you to get smart with me" the mass said as he stumbled towards her

"Get away from me"

"Don't tell me what to do" he said. The mass kicked her in the head and she let out a chocked cry

"Shut up!" and another kick, and another and another, finale she blacked out, retreating to her little world, where she was safe, where no one could hurt her.

(Scene change, Time elapse: 12 hours)

She opened her eyes, she was in her living room, that she knew. /what happened? /

"Good you up, make me breakfast" said her father

"NOW!" her roared throwing a bottle at her, it hit the wall above her head and shattered.

"Make it you self" she hissed


"You heard me"

"Bitch, make me breakfast now, or your sister wont live to 5" he said as he hosted her up by her throat and slammed her against the wall

"...fine, I'll cook you stupid breakfast, just... just don't hurt Austin"

"Always gets to you"


Austin walked into the room a few minuets after their fight, dragging her doll behind her "Angel, I hungy"

Angel's green eyes softened when she gazed on Austin, her ocean blue eyes and soft blond hair where a sharp contrasts to her own jet black hair and dark green eyes. Angel had vowed after their mom died under suspicious circumstances that she would always protect Austin, always.

"Alright, I'm making breakfast" said Angel, who was over by the 'fridge looking for the milk.

"What's the matta with you face?" asked Austin cutely.

Angel froze, she forgot about her face!, the cuts from the bottle last night…

"Ya, what happened to your face?' asked her dad in a mock worry tone

Oh well, what Austin doesn't know wont hurt her

"I, um, I walked into my mirror last night, don't worry about it." She said. When breakfast was done, Austin went to her room for her mid-morning nap.

"Clean up you face, Bitch" said the monster a.k.a. her dad.

"It's fine" the next thing Angel know she was up against the wall with a hand around her throat.

"Don't talk back to me, you worthless piece of shit!" the monster yelled

"Austin's…she's trying to sleep" she managed to get out as her air supply was cut short.

"Fine, whatever, get me a beer and get out of my site" the monster said.

As she get the beer for her father, angel had made up her mind /tonight me and Austin are gettin' out of this hell hole/ she clutched the beer bottle by the neck and raised it up over her fathers head /one way or another/