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Pairing: Possible future H/Hr

Warning this story is now discontinued. It won't be finished.

Learning Incentives

By Loralee

Three days into the summer break Harry Potter received and owl from one of his best friends, Hermione Granger. He was in no mood to be lectured and almost didn't read it when he saw who it was from but then felt guilty and read it anyway.

Dear Harry,

I know you are probably unhappy and sad but moping around doing nothing but chores for those muggles is not the best thing for you. I know you don't have anything to study since we received no homework this year. (As if you'd study voluntarily.) So I decided to send your birthday present early and ordered you a book from Flourish and Blots. The subject sounds interesting and fun and I'm sure it is something you can use. It even has possibilities in the fight against Voldemort. Somehow I know that no matter what anyone else says that you have a part, perhaps a big part, in the fight with him. If being your personal librarian and nagging you to study is the only thing I can do to help then so be it. Please know that I want to be with you in this fight.

I look forward to practicing the techniques in this book with you when school starts or sooner if we see each other this summer. The book should arrive in a couple of days by owl. I ask them to send a catalog with the book. If you like it I believe that there are more in the series with advance techniques. To use the catalog just look up the book you want and fill in the order number rather than the title on the form. They will bill your vault if you don't have an account with them.

Love Hermione

Harry snorted a bit. Of course Hermione would have an account at the bookstore. Well he was bored perhaps the book would be interesting. Probably something on defense if she thought it could be useful against Voldy and it sounded as if she'd be talking him into running the defense club again since she wanted to practice with him.

Two days later the bookstore owl pecked on his window mid afternoon. Harry was finished with his chores for the day. He thanked the owl and began to unwrap the book. He laid the catalog aside and glanced at the title while thinking at least he had time to look through it now.

Harry's jaw dropped open is surprise as he stared at the book title. That couldn't really be what the book was about could it? He opened the book to a random page and looked at an illustration, squeaked in surprise and shock and dropped the book on the floor. He fumbled on the desk for Hermione's letter. Yes, that's what he remembered. I look forward to practicing the techniques in this book with you. Hermione had written that quite clearly. Harry, mouth open, eyebrows high, eyes wide, cheeks red looked from the letter to the book and back again, several times in confusion. Finally he picked up the book and ran his fingers over the title to make sure it stayed the same. No change, it still read 'Sex Magick for Beginners'.