Accidents Happen

By: ForbidenMaggiks

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon

Author's Notes: This is just a funny romantic story about how a simply innocent screw up can have the best results. So enjoy…

Chapter 1

"So tell me again why exactly are we here at this ungodly hour of the night" Princess Serenity mumbled as she and four of her closest friends entered the old abandoned library of the west wing in the moon palace.

"I've told you a hundred times, your powers are stronger at night when we are in full view of the Earth…"

"And, what does that have to do with me?" the sleepy lightening goddess mumbled while trying to wipe the sleep from her eyes. The brunette had been in the middle of a particularly good dream that involved a very handsome man with a frightening resemblance to her ex-boyfriend.

"Well it's time for Serena's magic lesson but the spell I'm looking for happens to be cleverly concealed in one of the many volumes strategically placed in a locate that has eluted me for some time now. Since this is strictly unacceptable that Serena be deprived the use of her magical ability do to my insufficient working in this matter I thought it best-"

"Ami," the priestess of fire whined "it's 2:30 in the morning if you want meatball brains to have more in-o-fish-what's it we'll get it for you later."

"Raye's right Ames, I need my beauty sleep, come on guys help me get Serena back to bed," turning around to help her leader carry the moon princess back to her chambers Lita allowed Raye and Mina put the petite sleeping beauty on her back. Once Lita turned around however she quickly dropped Serena and let out a scream at the goop faced monster before her.

"What the HELL are you wearing on your face, Mina," Lita demanded still holding her heart.

"It's called a facial" She spoke with annoyance dripping off every word.

"Well warn someone before you start walking around with the face that looks like Raye melted off." Lita demanded indignantly, "Damn it you scared twelve years out of my life with that look."

"It's not that bad" Mina shot back.

"It is by candle light," Raye declared with a giggle.

"I don't care if she looks like my dead aunt fanny, Lita, just don't drop in my sleep." Serena demanded as she removed herself from the cold floor while dusting off her simple white form fitting night gown,.

"Guys I think I've found the book with the spell," the blue haired Ami shouted in joy, "And you don't have an Aunt Fanny, Serena."

The other occupants in the room groaned at Ami's inability to understand jokes; at the age of five she could read at a scholarly level age 19 and could take a joke.

Ami skimmed thought the book as they made their way bake to their rooms. Serena and Mina managed to lean on each other with enough balance to wake while Lita and Raye stood on either side of Ami.

"Let's see…" she thought aloud. "If I'm reading this correctly, and I would like to think that I am it says…step one point at object" she balanced the book in one hand and used the other to point directly in front of her as if testing the steps to see if she could accomplish each task. "Call out the words, Amon Baruch Hinotetori en tu Hannah voy a ." Ami looked around the text to see what word was meant to fill the blank but when none was found she looked to the sky as if searching for the answer. She smiled at the familiar blue orb hanging amongst the stars. "Earth" she whispered. Closing the book she looked up in time to see her leader and princess disappear wrapped in a blue light.

"Ami" the amazon brunet muttered uneasily "where did Mina and Serena go?"

"I…I don't know."

"Mina where are we?" All trace of sleep gone from the young princess's voice as she observed her new surroundings.

"Not a clue, I'd say Jupiter but I've never seen flowers like this on Jupiter." The blond stared mesmerized by its soft red petal's as she felt their velvety texture. "We seem to be in a garden of some kind."

"Hey, I think I see a building through the trees, but it's hard to tell. It's to dark out here. We can certainly rule out this place being Mercury."

"How so" Mina asked making her way towards the building with Serena in toe.

"Lack of intelligent life." Mina giggled as her princess continued to complain. "If anyone on this planet had any sense they'd put up some light's around here."

With much difficulty, they managed to stumble through the dense part of the garden coming up to a clearing. Before them stood an enormous palace with guards posted outside large double doors, and a fountain placed in the middle of it all. The palace itself was made out of stone, which was unheard of for the two foreigners, but the inside seemed to have it. The palace seemed to be one floor and about half the size of the Moon Kingdom's own palace.

"Not bad," Mina commented off-handishly. Usagi simply nodded her head in agreement.

"Damien you have better come out right now or I'll-!"

The two turned around to see an elderly plump woman bouncing toward them. She seemed to be a bit on the angry side waving her hands around and calling for this Damien person. As she got closer they themselves began to look for this missing person as the older person continued to shout.

"Mina" Serena whisper, "look over there." She pointed to a small bundle curled up against a cherry blossom tree. "I think that's it." Mina nodded walking over to the older lady and calling her attention while Serena picked up the small boy wrapped in a red cap that looked to be ten sizes to big for him.

"Well thank you very much, but you don't have to carry him. I'll just wake him."

"It's not a problem, Miss just tell me where his bed is and we'll put him to bed" Serena interjected as she brushed the boys hair out of his eyes. "He looks so cute, I wouldn't want to wake him."

At the older woman's questioning glance Mina assured her, "She loves children, that's all."

"Oh, alright but just what are you two ladies doing out at this time? I would think that two princesses such as yourselves would want to rest up before the competition."

Usagi and Mina turned to each other and blinked. "Competition?" Mina asked uncertainly.

"Well yes" the older woman continued as she led them through the main hall and up the stairs. "You must be more of the late arrivals, my name is Sara retired nanny to the first Prince of Earth and unofficial to the four Generals of Earth and current nanny to the second Prince of Earth Damien, the little buddle your holding miss…"

"Oh forgive our rudeness, I am Mina and this is Princess Serenity" both curtsied much to the disbelief of the older women.

"Well you're not like any Princess I've ever meet. Must say never had anyone curtsy to me before. Are you two sister?"

"Yes we are," Serena answered naturally, and to her it was true she had been raised with the scouts and to her they couldn't be anything less than family.

"Ah, here we are." They stood before golden double doors which the brunet nanny promptly open. The room was drenched in green, gold, and other complimentary colors to the first two. It was also rather large for such a small child. Sara led them though the sitting room, which had double doors on either side, she led them through the one on the left. It was a simple room with a huge blue bed in the center with the drapes drawn back.

Serenity made her way up to the bed as Mina pulled back the comforter. The silver haired princess gently but the prince down before pulling the covers around him, lovingly she placed a kiss upon his brow. "Goddess give him the sweetest of sweet dreams." She whispered before stepping aside and removing his shoes.

"Indeed," Sara thought aloud "not like any princess I've ever seen."

Mina just giggled, "She's always been great with children."

"And what of yourself miss," Sara asked as they all exited the room.

"I'm more of a take charge, battle plan ready, leader type."

"You're not just that" Serena interjected as they turned the corner. "Don't listen to her Miss Sara, she's just as good with children as I am."

"I'm sure she is, now this is where I leave you ladies," the brunet had stopped before a white set of double doors. "Behind these doors is a waiting room and two adjoining rooms for you two ladies. I'll be back some time around seven to get your dresses and have them cleaned."

I'm sure that we can find the coach you arrived in and have your bags brought in here by tomorrow morning. Breakfast will be promptly at 10:00 so don't be late." Both girls smiled at the older women before offering there good night and thank you.

"Good night, dearys" Sara called as she disappeared down the hall they had just come from.

"Can you believe it?" Mina squealed in delight, not able to hide the grin that spread across her face. "Are we blessed or what?"

"What are you talking about I am Princess Serenity of the MOON on foreign soil with out the permission of the ruling body. And, you, your not even from the moon, Venusian. This has inter-galactic incident written all over it!" Serenity seethed in a hushed tone.

"What are you talking about" Mina asked in a relaxed tone as Serena followed her into one of the adjoining rooms to plop herself on the bed. "No one knows who we are and with any luck Ami will have us out of her before breakfast tomorrow."

"And, what if she doesn't," Serena argued "Earth isn't part of the Alliance because it was there choice, I don't think they'll take lightly to finding a couple of members in there midst. Besides, even if they don't find us I don't like lying."

"You're not lying, you just fibbed to Sara a little."

"Yeah well that Prince Damien might have heard us too, I'm not entirely sure the child wasn't faking sleep it to avoid scolding." Serena interjected

"It doesn't matter, you didn't really lye, and technically you are a visiting royal." Mina soothes propping herself up on her elbows to see her princess pacing.

"If you ask me, Princess Mina you're enjoying this far to much."

"Fine, we'll stay here until morning than after breakfast we'll come clean to the royal family and just ask them to…borrow their communications system to contact home and if they don't have one that can do that will just use there library to look up the spell Ami used to send us here and if that doesn't work we'll have to wait for the others to come find us."

"First of all Earth's technology isn't half as advanced as the other planets because only Mercury is and-"

"-everyone else is because Mercury shared there information with the members of the Alliance." Mina finished.

"Magic wise I haven't got a clue and I'm a little nervous about going straight to the royal family."

"Alright then you come up with something genius."

"Will wait for the others to come get us and until than we'll use the royal library to find anything that can get us home quicker, I can't rely on my magic because I don't even know how to teleport but I can hide the crest on my forehead and the silver hair. I'm just glad I skipped out on my hair cut last week or my bangs might not have been long enough to hide it and it was to dark to make out my hair color. She probably thought it was a really light blond."

"Alright, that works for now and we'll just get cloths from the spare we carry in our space packets. Speaking of you do have your locket right." Mina concluded.

"Always in there and you've got your transformation wand right" at Mina's nod she continued, "anything goes wrong just say we're diplomats trying to reform broken bonds. It's as far from the truth as I'm willing to get and who knows we might make a couple of friends anyway. Alright, let's get to bed. Good night." Serena called as she made her way to the other room.

"Endymion, your guests are waiting," Kunzite stated in a calm voice.

Prince Endymion of Earth clenched his hands, trying to keep his anger in check, at least for his little brothers sake because he was in the room and nana would be upset if Damien learned another bad word. He already knew far more about women than he should for hanging around Jadeite. He clenched his jaw, body tense, and then slammed his hand down onto his oak wood desk. "To hell with them!" He turned from the mirror to face his four generals. "Let's take a trip for a couple of days."

Kunzite had to refrain from showing any hint of amusement at his friend's words, let alone his actions. "Your mother would beat us to death," he stated seriously.

"It would only hurt for the first five to ten minutes," he brushed off his friends comment before dawning a defeated expression. "Any news or advice?"

"Some of the servants think things will start to get nasty if you show favorites. As for advice, pick the cutest one or show favoritism so we can see a cat fight." Jadeite spoke jokingly.

"Though your suggestion is enticing, seriously speaking there isn't a promising one in the bunch," Kunzite added.

"But, Princess Beryl seems to have a little something going for her, I've never seen covers like that on a princess." Jadeite offered.

"Or so little a dress, I'm sure she's fallen out of it quit a few times." Nephrite interjected.

"According to court gossip she has, with at least half the princes and all the dukes under 45." Zoicite informed as he buttoned young prince Damien's dress shirt. "The staff nick named her pumpkin, Damien cover your ears," the young prince did as he was told with a smile to which to group of men smiled in turn. "Anyway the staff is calling her the Pumpkin Bitch."

Endymion dawned a confused expression to which Zoicite explained, "because her bust size rivals that of pumpkins," before removing Damien's hands from his ears.

Amusement flickered over the older princes features, "Thank you for your opinion guys, and Beryl is not an option. I'd rather die before taking her into my bed let alone my life."

General Jadeite smirked, shrugging carelessly. "Suit yourself, the rest of them are just as bad or worse. Each of us, including the staff, have been keeping an eye out to see which young lady is worthy of you or already taken, and I haven't heard anything from the staff except stay away from Beryl and a couple of other miner things, nothing special."

"What about Serena and Mina?" Damien asked as he struggled to tie his tie.

Endymion chuckled at his little brother while the other generals watched the little boy curiously. Walking towards his brother Endymion picked him up easily placing him on the bed than processed to tie the boy's tie. "Whose Serena and Mina Damien?" Kunzite asked as he watched Zoicite rummage through his list of guests obviously not knowing either and Jadeite looking through his list of gossip from the butlers, maids, stable boys, cooks, and gardeners.

"They're the pretty ladies that tucked me in last night" he answered as if it was obvious.

"Tucked you in?" Endymion asked suspicious.

His little brother nodded as the bedroom doors opened to reveal Damien's nana Sara. "Sorry I'm late this morning dearys had a bit a business with the kitchen staff."

"About the two new arrivals from last night" Nephrite inquired.

The elderly lady looked a bit surprised but upon seeing the younger prince Damien in the room just smiled knowingly, "yes about the two new arrivals. A sweet pair of sisters showed up in the garden when I was looking for Damien, who had run out on his writing lesson" at this the aforementioned prince received a disapproving look from his nana. "Anyway they helped me find the little thing. He was, well apparently pretending to be, asleep under a tree. I was going to wake him to take him to bed; I am too old to be carrying little princes', but before I had a chance to one of the girls had picked him up and followed me, without complaint to his room. It was sweet they took his shoes off and tucked him into bed as if he was their own."

Endymion grew angry at this, "Sara, don't let that happen again." At his angry tone he received a questioning glance from his old nursemaid.

"And, why is that?" she asked indignantly.

"It's bad enough that these girls are fighting for me but I don't want them using Damien to try and get to me. He'll end up getting attached and then after this is all over it'll be him that gets hurt not them."

"Endymion D. Mamoru I did not raise you to be paranoid or pessimistic and don't you presume to tell me how to do my job. I know an honest girl when I see one and those two were as honest as they come. And, if you ever presume to tell me how to do my job again 20 or not I'll take you over my knee as if you were 9, is that understood?"

The black haired prince tried not to be intimidated by the older women but he knew she was serious, so he sighed in defeat nodding his head.

"Now you boys match yourselves to the dinning room I didn't raise you lot to be late either."

A chorus of 'yes nana' could be heard as they made their way to the dinning room.

"Really assertive back there by the way Endy" Jadeite commented before running off toward the dinning room with an angry prince on his tail. Damien watched before addressing Zoicite who was holding his hand, "Hey, Zoi," the general in question looked down at his young prince. "Nana's scary" Zoicite laughed shacking his head in agreement before adding, "you have no idea."

When they entered the chatty dinning hall a few minutes later, talk immediately paused and all the ladies rose to greet their prince. The Princes and his generals briskly walked to the head of the table, sure not to make eye contact with any of the ladies, as servants closed the large double doors after them. When they were seated, the ladies bowed and sat down as well.

"Hey, you ladies lost or something?"

Both blondes whipped around at the sound of a voice just behind them. They both sighed with relief once they noticed the servant a boy probably no older than 15 but still taller than there height of five feet or so.

"Yes, we are," Mina answered, grateful that they had stumbled along some help.

"Can you please help us find the dinning hall?" Serena asked sweetly.

The boy smiled, "Follow me, it's this way, you two were heading in the to the Men's sleeping chambers."

Both girls paled, embarrassed that they had been found so close to the men's chambers. The boy looked over his shoulder at them and laughed at their horrified and slightly pink faces.

"Don't worry about it, this palace is pretty big even I get lost sometimes and I've worked here all my life. Name's Sammy, any questions just ask me and I'm not royalty so you don't' have to say all that please and thank you stuff.

"Why not you're still human you deserve respect like anyone else. A persons worth isn't determined by they station." Serena said indignantly, "merely by their actions."

Sammy stopped walking turning to look at the Princess who had just spoke those words before his face broke out in a deliriously bright smile, Mina swelled with pride at her princesses words and knew she meant them for she treaty Mina like family and she was truthful below Serena's station.

"You know you're not like any of the princesses I've meet before." Sammy said as he began to walk again.

"That seems to be the senses," Mina piped up. I'm Mina by the way," she flashed a smile that could stop any mans heart.

"And, I am Serenity but you can call my Serena."

Sammy chuckled softly, running his fingers through his brown hair. He led them back through the hall that held their rooms and down the main staircase to their right as they continued to talk. "Don't you mean Princess Mina and Princess Serenity?"

"Only in front of someone who will care if you don't call us princess" Mina answered not really caring much for the title. "And, I do have one question; I heard there was a competition going on, what's that about?"

There was a long pause, Sammy actually stopped to stare at them before continuing on the way. "You mean you don't know? You thought you two would be the only one's here fighting for his Highness's heart?"

"Fighting for his heart?" Mina blanched. "What do I look like a bobcat?"

"You two really are quit a pair. Princesses from far and wide have all come here in hopes of making the Prince fall in love with them. We've got at least four girls that came at there parents command or being in love with someone else. A good half want higher station or the power and there is the money and the rest if not all just want…well him.

The staff and the Prince's generals are pretty well informed on the most popular of the princesses' motives you know seducehim or what not, so they can get a chance to bare an heir to the throne. I am warning you though these walls have ears you planning anything like that and the King or Queen find out your gone." He smirked at that. "We had to get rid of the Swedish triplets and the French twin princesses on those charges."

"All these young women are here for just that, fighting over a single Prince? Isn't that a bit outlandish?" Mina asked.

Sammy gave her a look.

"You've got something to say, say it, we aren't going to hurt you."

"Well if you really want to know," Sammy informed, "I think your being a hypocrite. You call these other girls ridiculous but you're here to."

The smiles from their faces fell to one of annoyance or weariness for only a moment but the young boy saw it. Serena knew he did so before he could apologize she spoke. "We aren't here for your prince Sammy…we just happen to be around and…well unforeseen events have caused our arrival that's all."

"We don't want a husband honey," Mina added. "We just need a place to rest before we're on are way again. We'll be out of here just as soon as we find a way." He nodded knowing they probably wouldn't go into details.

"So any bids on this thing?" Serena asked wanting to change the subject.

"I've got 15 gold pieces that says Princess Beryl from Germany causes a catfight before weeks end. You ladies want in?"

"Not today kid," Mina replied with a smile while Serena ruffled his hair.

They arrived at two large double doors, "here we are," he stated cheerily. He opened one of the thick wooden doors bowing humbly. Both girls gulped nervously swearing to themselves that they would never be late again.

Endymion had just picked up his fork to take a bite of his eggs when one of the double doors opened again. He froze, fork in mid-air as he attempted to take a bite. One of the servants, a young boy with short brown hair who he recognized as Sammy, was bowing, ushering two ladiesthough the door no doubt.

His jaw dropped when he was finally given the chance to see the two beauties at the door, his eyes roaming over their forms appreciatively. Both wore very little make up, which was most unusual for a young woman there age with dresses of a style he had only seen his mother and grandmother and very few other women secure with there body wear. Instead of a bodice to hold in their stomachs and hold up their breast there was the natural fabric of there dresses that clung to their petite but shapely figures. There hair for the most part fell loss over their shouldered making the blue-eyed prince wonder what it would feel like if he ran his hand through it; his hands itched to find out. Yes they were breath taking and by the look of it his generals thought so too, but they were still late and most importantly after his thrown.

The door closed behind them leaving both girls very aware of all eyes on them. Pushing down the feeling of being trapped and fighting the feeling to claw the door down and escape both slowly made there way to the front of the table to apologize for there lateness.

When they came a few feet away from the table they both gracefully curtsied, eyes to the floor.

"Perhaps you did not hear me last night ladies when I gave the instruction not to be late breakfast," The man at the head of the table. "Or should I not have expected so much from scatter brained Princesses." He knew it was harsh, he knew the moment it came out of his mouth but he brushed it off with his new mantra that would get him through the day 'they just want my throne and sex.' That last thought made him pout mentally. 'I feel cheap and used…wait focus!' he told himself. 'It's alright to be mean they want me for my throne...and sex.'

Off to the side Endymion didn't notice Zoicite cringe slightly at his words. Zoicite's attention changed when he felt Jadeite take the pen that he always carried, from his ear and write down on one of his many notepads he carried Endy 1, no name princesses 0. Zoicite tried to keep the smile off his face as they watched the conversation progress.

Mina frown at his rudeness, she knew Earth, like any other planet, had it's rude royalty but some how she expected better from the Prince of Earth. How dare he insult anyone and in front of all these people, it was enough to leave her with a look of disappointment on her face towards him that did not go unnoticed by Kunzite and the other generals.

Serenity straightened, clenching and unclenching her hands at her sides, trying not to glare at the man before her. A few snickers could be heard from the other princesses, but she paid them no heed. She was too upset at this…this ill-mannered boy to even care about what any one else in the room thought. Opening her mouth to let loss a string of curses bad enough to make Raye proud, she remembered what Luna had told her once when she had done so the last time in public.

'You only make yourself look childish to fight back and it reflects even more poorly because you are a young women. It is better, if you must retaliate, to do so with class.'

She thought this through before answering, "Oh your highness you simply exude maturity this morning," her voice dripping with sweet sarcasm. "If this is how you behave as a prince, I simply can't wait to see you rule as king." She notice, with some satisfaction, his eyebrow twitch in irritation, "I hope name calling isn't your strategy for solving problems."

"Yes," Mina joined in, very proud at how her Princess was handling the situation, "though some what amusing not at all constructive."

Zoicite took the pen and pad and scribbled, No names 2.

'Die you insolent whore! How dare you question my ability to rule' he thought menacingly before answering "Of course you Princesses," he over-emphasized the word, causing them to smile innocently at him, "Would know more of diplomacy than any man here how foolish of me to think other wise. You two must spend hours studying it right along with proper educate and dance."

Jadeite added another point for the prince as some of the princess began to giggle before Endymion continuing in a board tone. "All Princesses are the same. Not only can't you think for yourself, but you also need a knight in shining armor to protect you from everything. Stop me if I am at all wrong, you spent your days dreaming of being rescued by a knight when you were a little girl, him saving your life from all the dangers of the world and whisking you off onto his white horse and you ride off to live happily ever after?"

"It's a nice dream" one of the princesses shouted causing the other to laugh and shout there own agreements

Mina snorted indignantly, 'if you only knew that I am the leader to the 3 most powerful soldiers in the inner planets' she thought. Yet she thought it only right to defend herself, to set the record somewhat straight, "I don't know how most princesses are raised out side of our kingdom but where we are from a princess is sent to live with a teacher at the age of eight to learn diplomacy, science, ethics, math, and basic medicine. We knew proper educate and our native dance by the age of seven before we were to leave. Where we come from a princess is not meant to be a decoration or a hindrance to her king but a partner to help him rule and help her people in times of need. She is also taught these things in case the king dies or she chooses not to marry so she may rule alone."

Zoicite didn't bother to hide how impressed he was writing, no names 6. Jadeite shook his head in disagreement scratching out the 6 writing a 3. Zoicite looked indignant before writing down, 'you don't even know half the subjects she was talking about.' Jadeite seemed to ponder this thoughtfully before writing '10.' He himself only knew warfare, he wasn't going to admit that but he could at least admit those two had to be smart. Zoicite write down a smiley face.

By the end of her speech she had the entire room gawking at them as if they had grown an extra head but they themselves were looking at the prince in the same confused manner. 'No wonder the Silver Alliance did not see Earth as fit to be apart of them, they were still so…base,' Serenity thought a little disturbed that men here still treated women as trophies.

Endymion coughed loudly in an attempt to hide his surprised, from the shock across their face it was clear that they thought he was crazy in his belief of what a princess did with her time. Even the maids and butlers seemed to think these two were from another world entirely but they seemed to honestly think he was just as strange. Deciding it was better to drop that subject for now he asked another question, "You two are sisters?"

"Yes," Mina stated firmly.

"Where are you from?"

"Mo-" Mina stopped; horrified, they had not covered this in there plan

The Prince tilted his head, casting a suspicious glance as the bells in his head told him something was a miss as they shrunk away from his penetrating gaze. "What was that?"

Mina turned to Serena, Mortified.

Serena dug through her mind and strained herself to remember anything and everything Ami had taught her about Earth, even though it was not part of the Alliance the blue haired scout thought it best Serena learn of a planet so close to her own. It was then she remembered a kingdom Ami had mentioned once worshipped the moon.

"We are sisters from the Lunar Kingdom in Europe. It is a kingdom separated from the others, we are not well known because our ancestors choose to keep the location of the kingdom a secret from other to avoid any unnecessary problems," Serena stated proudly albeit quickly. Mina looked at her as if she were crazy but hide it when she remembered they were still the center of attention.

"It is only recently that our counsel and our father have decided to let are existence be known once more. When we received word of this 'opportunity'" she couldn't keep a straight face in saying that word "to visit Earths main kingdom father thought it best to send my sister and I to reacquaint ourselves with the your parents in an attempt to reform the bonds that once stood with your great grandfather, I believe it was."

'No way in hell am I buying that after your first mess up. I've never even heard of this Lunar.' He thought bitterly. "So it is of no consequence to you that I could choose either of you as a bride," he stated smugly waiting for them to blush and flirt or at least slip up in some way.

"No, not really," Serena replied flatly causing his generals to snicker behind their hands at her blunt honesty and the prince to glared at them. When the prince turned back to the girls Jadeite simply wrote no names 3.

'I'll deal with you later' the Prince thought confidently before giving them a wave of his hand as if he didn't care to speak further no the matter. "What are your names?"

"My elder sister is Princess Mina," she dipped into a quick curtsy at the mention of her name. "And, I am Princess Serenity.

He quirked an eyebrow at there names, 'so these are the infamous sisters Sara defended. "I assume you were not here yesterday when I had made certain announcements."

"No we were not," Mina answered. "We arrived late last night."

"So it seems. I am Prince Endymion, these are my generals," he motioned to his left, "Zoicite, Jadeite. To my right are Kunzite, Nephrite and my little brother Prince Damien." The smaller prince who had gone unnoticed for so long merely waved his hand smiling a mouth full of eggs at the girls.

Serena curtsied respectfully to the generals and separately to the younger prince giving him a wink as well. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you."

"You two may sit down now. I'm sure you are veryhungry." Endymion offered.

"And, don't let this happen again," the young prince Damien added through a mouth full of eggs. Serenity and Mina tried there best to keep a serious face.

"Of course your majesty," Serena spoke apologetically with a deep curtsy.

"It will never again accrue," Mina added with her own curtsy. The young prince bowed his head and gave an "its o.k." to which the girls took as the sign to rise and sit themselves at the very opposite end of the table. The generals could not keep the smile from their faces at the girl's antics toward their young prince.

"That was rather interesting change of pace from our usual everyday princess," Kunzite muttered as the chatter began to pick up again. "Sara has good taste."

"I told you," Damien chimed in.

"I thought it was rather amusing," Jadeite offered with his usual charming smile.

"I thought so to," Nephrite added as he tried to stop the young prince next to him from flinging his scrambled eggs at the princess nearest to him.

"Zoicite have you heard of this…Lunar Kingdom," Endymion asked, to which every one of the generals looked up at him with knowing smiles. Unconsciously he had begun twirling his fork against his plate, and only looked up when he felt their eyes on him. "There's something about her that's bothering me. I've never even heard of such a kingdom."

"Right," Jadeite drawled with a smirking. "That's why you said 'there's something about 'her' bothering you."

"I did not," Endymion sputtered indignantly.

"Did too." Damien shot back causing the generals to laugh loudly attracting the attention of the entire group of princesses.

At the other end of the table Mina and Serena ate quietly amongst themselves. "That was bad," Serena muttered.

Mina nodded before adding, "but it felt so good," causing them both to break out into there own set of giggles unaware of the eyes that followed there every movement.

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