Accidents Happen

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 12

The words seemed to echo off the shine walls and painfully in his heart as Endymion pulled Serenity to her feet to stand beside him and face the very unwelcome presence of the intruder who stood in the shadow.

Serenity recognized the figure immediately and the anger that radiated off it, so her voice was steady when if a bit curious when she spook, "What are you doing here?"

"I was told I could find you here, why are you alone with this human," the one word was said with disgusted as if it left a bad taste in the mouth. "Are you not betrothed to another?" As if knowing, the answer wouldn't be pleasing to hear the intruder reached for the sword which lay hanging off the standard issue belt of knights with high rank.

As if to answer the unspoken challenge Endymion reached for his own sword; drawing it out slowly with deliberate control. He still couldn't see the intruders face but from what he could gather of the conversation the knight seemed to be an acquaintance of Serenity's. Though acquaintance or not if the knight wanted a fight it was a fight Endymion would give.

A moment of panic passed through her eyes before the young princess could control it, 'what are so worried about, children often played ruff before becoming the best of friends,' Serenity told herself firmly before speaking again on the matter that was a direct result of the crossing of swords.

"I'm not betrothed to anyone." Endymion didn't know how good words could sound before those.

"So someone that's not you betrothed has put hands on you?"

The question was said with such so deceptively calm and conversation tone that Serenity answered yes before she realized that was the wrong answer as her favorite knight lunged at Endymion taking both of themselves through the shire shrine wood and paper sliding doors and into the court yard.

It took a second for Serenity to realize what had actually happen before her turned and shouted after them. "Haruka, wait, don't kill him!" The scream was out of her mouth before her brain could tell her heart that Haruka would never…almost …possible never kill someone in her presence without Serenity's direct order. But, as the young princess ran for the entrance of the shrine with only the sound of swords clashing to comfort her as to Endymion still being alive she left more of the warrior in her behind to become more of a princess fearing for her prince.

Author's Notes: I know it's short and that sucks and I am sorry but I traveled a lot this summer, something I had no idea I was going to do until I got a job to pay for the whole thing. I've just started writing Chapter 13; give it a week to be up. As for 'A Knight for a Prince' I wrote the middle and ending of the next chapter I'm just trying to write a good beginning now. HAHA…kind of out of order I know but I just had a great idea for everything but the beginning so that might not come out to great. Anyway I promise I'll up date my Harry Potter stories before midterms.

P.S. Incase you were wonder Haruka was the 'intruder,' I thought it'd be cute to do that since she's the only person you guys didn't think would show up. That's also why I kept calling her the intruder until the end; I wanted to keep you guys guessing.

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