Erin got up at midnight from her bed, went into her closet, took out her duffle bag and started packing for Philadelphia. She learned that she was adopted when she was ten and started counting down the days until she was 18 to find her mother. Erin had her real mom's phone number and the place where her mom worked. Erin unzipped the bag and stuffed clothes and then zipped it back up. Then she got her backpack, put her CD player and CDs and then walked silently into her parent's bedroom, got her mom's wallet and took 500 dollars. Then she took the credit card from her mom's purse and went online and bought her train to Philly. She stuck the credit card into her wallet along with the 500 dollars, printed her ticket out on her printer and left. She hoisted her duffle bag onto her arm and left a note on her parent's dresser. She walked outside into the crisp cool New York City night to go to Grand Central Station. She hailed for a cab on Park Ave. and it sped away leaving a dust of smoke behind the apartment where she once lived. "Grand Central Station please", she said to the cab driver. "Alright you got it", he replied back.

As the cab driver pulled up to the corner of the train station, she whipped out a hundred from her wallet and told him to keep the change as she got her duffle bag that was sitting next to her. She walked into the station, took out her train ticket and went up to the counter. "Hi I'm Erin Shreves and I have a 2am train to Philly where do I go"? She asked the info desk clerk. "Just sit in anyone of those seats and we'll call you". Erin took her arms away from the desk and said: "Okay thank you", she walked away and sat on the bench next to the clerk's desk.