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It was far away in the (lets see Never Eat Soggy Waffles) Eastern! The Eastern part of the U.S in New York in a building shaped like a T in the Year 2015 when Robin and gang were 27. By now there more than just Raven, BB, Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire (I shall explain all).

"Umm 95 divided by 5 is…um?" muttered 7 year old Wingfire. He ruffled his spiked red hair and gazed down at his homework with his green on green eyes.

"Son, Star made breakfast. Are you coming?" said an 27 year old Robin he still had spiked hair but abandoned his classic Robin uniform for a black one with a blue bird across the chest.

"Yeah, yeah hold on."

"Okay but you better get out here before Uncle Beast Boy spikes your bacon with tofu."

"Eww… I'm coming."

Wingfire ran out to find Beast Boy (ok just remember everyone is 27) eat tofu pancakes with his wife Raven and 9 year old daughter Phoenix. Phoenix looked a lot like Raven except with more color to her skin and green eyes. She wore a tight long purple dress with a black cape and a purple chakra. His sister had long black hair with orange skin and blue eyes. Her name was Kora and she was 5.

"Wha . . . ween… wweent?" struggled Kora.

"The word is 'went' dear." corrected Starfire.

"Thanks mommy."

On Star and Kora's other side was Phoenix's 1 year old sister Sparrow who had green hair with cream colored skin and purple eyes. She was being held by her father Beast Boy.

He looked at Beast Boy who had an extra mischievous look in his eye." Uhh... never mind." It didn't matter if he ate today or not today was the day of his dad's, Cyborg, and Beast Boy's project. In 13 days it would be Christmas and they guys had an extra cool idea for gifts for the wives. Wingfire turned and bumped into Cyborg, Bumblebee, and their 6 year old son Matthew. Matt was dark skinned with brown eyes and brown hair and was holding his parents (Bumblebee and Cyborg's) hands. They all sat down and had breakfast. After 20 minutes Robin made an announcement. Just then Wing's stomach growled sad his Dad's best friend (BB) had spiked his bacon with tofu.

"Um I have a little something (he winked at everyone who was in on the project) I'd like to show BB, Cy, Phoenix, Matt, Kora, Wingfire, and if I could hold Sparrow in the lab."

Raven, Star, and Bumblebee raised eyebrows but handed over the kids to the three guys.

The husbands and kids practically sprinted down to the lab they were so excited.

"K everyone here?" said Cy before closing the door. There were nods. "Ok see this?" asked Cyborg pointing at a small device. "This will take you kids back to 2004 so you can get a picture with you and us young titans Phoenix hold on to the camera and your little sister. You guys have 3 days then you will automatically come home ok?"

"Yes sir." They all said in unison.

"And don't get hurt or we guys are going to get it."

The guys waved and kissed their kids as they activated the teleporter.

Meanwhile on the same day in 2004 Cyborg and BB (all 16) playing game station, Raven reading a novel, and Robin trying to show Star what a blender is. There was a flash of blue light and all of a sudden their future kids were standing on the side of the kitchen table. All the past titans could do is stare.

"The heck are you?" Robin was first to speak.

"Dad..." Kora was nudged in the ribs by Wingfire." I mean Robin"


"Can all of you please stand in a group for a picture?"

"What the heck?" asked Cy.

"You show up in our kitchen and just ask for a picture? What do you want with us … seriously." Said Raven very confused.

"A picture." Kora once again spoke.

"Who are you?"

Phoenix took a deep breath. "We are the titans of the future. 2015 to be correct. And we are sent here because are dads' want us to take a picture of us with you to give to you future selves as a present." She said in one breath.

"Yeah whatever you say."

"Come on we'll prove it to you one by one."

"Oh really." Raven said rolling her eyes. "Go ahead prove it to each of us one by one."

"Ok we'll lets see Robin your hair isn't naturally spiked you use gel every mourning." Wing fire with a look of triumph on his face said. Robin turned a beat red as the others stared at him in surprise.

"It's true," piped up Star, but slumped into a corner as Robin sent her a pleading look.

Kora was getting excited so she turned to Starfire. "And you know how to work electronic things you just ask Robin so you can hear him speak." Star flushed.

Matt walked over to Cyborg. "You hide a picture of Bumblebee under your pillow."

"Bumblebee ey?" said Raven in a mocking tone, but was surprised when Phoenix walked over to her (as she held Sparrow) "You own pink night gowns and matching fuzzy pink slippers." Said Phoenix as Raven tried to hide her face behind her book. "And you Beast Boy area Mickey Mouse fan." The room erupted with laughter.

"I wouldn't talk Miss. Fuzzy Slippers." Yelled Beast Boy to Raven. The room quieted.

'So who would that make you guys," said Robin?

"We're your future kids," said Kora. Dead silence.

"Impossible." muttered Robin.

"Unless my DNA is lying to me than it is very possible." said Phoenix. Then suddenly something dawned on her. "Wait a minute," said Phoenix with a worried look on her face addressing the rest of her companions, "won't our moms notice if we go missing for three days?"

"I think our dad's our pretending we are all going camping for the time being." said Matt.

"In December? Well it was probably my dad's idea then."

Star gazed at the kids in awe but just as she looked at 2 of the kids (Kora and Wingfire) she noticed that they had many features that belonged to her and their clothing was also similar. "Tell me," she spoke up, "if you are as you say the kids of ours in the future then who your parents are?"

The chatter among the children stopped and Wingfire spoke. "I don't know if you are aloud to know?"

"Who cares if we can just get the picture over with?" said Matt very annoyed by now. "By the way where are we going to stay?" Again more chatter broke out among the kids.

"How about this," said Robin addressing the group, "if you answer some questions of ours you can stay in the tower."

"Seems fair," Phoenix replied (being the oldest she felt responsibility towards her friends),"but we have to take the picture."

"Fair is fair."

Everyone sat on the sofa and Cyborg stopped playing game station.

"Ok," said Cyborg in tone that sounded like he wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer, "who are well… your parents,"

Wingfire being the most social chimed in. "You should tell just by looking at us. But if you don't I'll start ok?"

The titans nodded.

"K my name is Wingfire I'm 7 years old and this is my sister Kora (Kora waved) and she is 5 and we are part of the Grayson family." At this Robins eyes were wide.

"Then… (Star stammered) I am your mother?"

"Yes mom oh sorry should I call you Star?"

"No stupid her name is Mommy DUH!" said Kora as if this was obvious.

"Sorry but she only knows Dad's real name. Because when Dad does something dumb you can hear 'Robin Grayson' being yelled through the tower." Robin tried to shield his face, but Star thought this amusing.

"Star how did you know they were you kids?" asked Robin.

"Well it's pretty obvious like Wingfire said."

Matt spoke next. "Sup? My name is Matthew and I'm Cyborg and Bumblebee's kid oh yeah and I'm 6." The room erupted with laughter at the thought of Cy and Bee.

"Cy and Bumblebee sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"Sang Robin and Beast Boy and even at this thought Raven had to stifle a giggle.

"Shut up! There are those two girls left so they're either Raven's or BB's!" said Cy. Raven and BB tensed up.

"Oh k? Well my name is Phoenix and I'm 9 and this is my 1 year old sister Sparrow . . . Logan." (We'll you can guess the reaction)

"Ha," said Raven in a triumphant way," their yours and I still Have my dignity." Said Raven happily.

"Well," said Beast Boy trying to cover his blush, "who is your mother?"


"Me?" said Rae. "Married to that bum?" Before she could protest any longer Sparrow let out a wail.

"Oh no she's getting fussy again. She wants Mom." Raven starred at Phoenix.

"No way No how." She said. Just then Sparrow let out another wail.

"Awe Rae hold her and shut her up." Said Cy. Raven rolled her eyes but took Sparrow from Phoenix and the crying stopped instantly.

"Awe motherly instinct." said Robin between laughs, but Raven just glared. Just then the alarm went off.

"Titans GO! But wait hey what about the kids?" said Robin.

"We'll Sparrow will cry again if Mom I mean Rae lets go so we'll go and Rae can baby-sit." Said BB. So without listening to a word Raven said the Titans ran out AND WAS JUST Raven and 5 kids to baby-sit.

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