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Mixed Emotions

I fight because I have to.

I fight because the weak are supposed to die.

I fight because I know the truth.

I fight because that is my nature.

From the moment I kill my family,

I fought.

He is standing there,

He irritates me

With all his talk of protecting the weak, and yet

His truth is not withstanding.

His truth is WRONG!

If you're strong, you live;

If you're weak, you die.

That is the truth...

Weak people MUST die,

So that the strong can prevail.

Mr. Himura.

You reach down deep inside my heart,

Grasp hold of everything I believe in,

And shake it.

I do not know what to believe anymore, thanks to you!

I cannot concentrate when I fight you.

Because in my mind is this one question.

If you protect the weak...

Then where were you...

Where were you...

When I was weak and needed help?

I do not need your pities now, Mr. Himura,

Because I am now strong.

I am strong, and because you are weak,

I will kill you.

I will find the answer

With my Shutensatsu.

You will die instantly,

And I will have proven...

Proven that Master Shishio is right.

If you die here, that means

That you are weak and I am strong.

If I die here, that means

That you are strong, and I am weak.

My emotions are raging...

Emotions that I haven't felt for ten years!

You frustrate me, Mr. Himura.

Even if I now feel emotions,

It does not matter.

I will slay you with my Shutensatsu.

Before you start worrying about others,

Mr. Himura,

I suggest that you start worrying

About yourself.