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Kira slowly turned to his side. Amethyst eyes appeared against the darkness and he blinked several times; he was finally awake.

"How long have I been sleeping…?"

Instinctively, he craned his neck upwards to glance at the clock sitting beside him on the table, reading "12:34 AM", and afterwards let his head fall back onto the plush pillow.

"Ughhh…" Dizziness overcame his stature and a rising unease sat upon his chest like a cat refusing to be moved. "I hate getting sick…"

The youth turned to his side for a more comfortable position, but not before releasing wracking coughs and a withering sneeze.

He reached for a tissue, "Actually, I don't even recall being this sick before…", but there was no tissue.

Mind fuzzy with the disease trying to take control of his body, Kira cursed quietly out loud, with it ending up being a raspy growl. "I guess…I'll have to get up…"

…One mistake there.

Every part of his body felt heavy and with his head spinning rather quickly, he had to grip onto the mattress' sheet tightly to prop himself up. Sweat was dripping down the side of his neck, leaving an uncomfortable cold trail while his feet tried to find good footing.

But alas, it was not meant to be…

Kira tumbled ungracefully when he got up. His hands met the ground with a small 'thud' and he knelt there beside his bed on the ground. The dizziness and continuous pounding against his temple did not make things any better. "I always hated feeling helpless…"

His hands felt around and he clasped onto the edge of his bedside table but not before feeling something cold brush against the back of his hand. He immediately withdrew his arm and squinted to try and see the object. The dim city lights that was able to creep between the blinds illuminated the glass and inside, Kira saw water.

"Athrun must have left it here…"

Kira grinned slightly before picking up the cold glass of water with both of his hands while sitting on the ground. He took a deep draught of the liquid before placing it back carefully on the table, reaching for the small pills.

"Ehhh…? This is probably medicine…"

The coordinator, with unwavering trust in Athrun, took the mysterious tablets down in one gulp. He sighed lightly and rested himself against the side of his bed. "Hopefully this would make me feel better…"

He pulled the blanket on his bed down and wrapped it around himself like a cloak; he huddled in there to keep warm whilst sitting on the ground as he rested and waited for the medicine to take effect.

After what seemed like an hour of sitting - which really was only 20 minutes time spent - Kira felt his head lighten and with it, his mood as well. Although he couldn't feel his nose or throat, his mind felt considerable clearer; with his thoughts up and running about, his hunger was made known to the youth. So, with the blanket still draped across his shoulders, he grunted and got up, making his way to the quaint kitchenette.

The distance of his room to the kitchen had never seemed so long…

His callused hand trailed the wall, feeling the bumpy surface and each step felt labored, legs numb, his feet shuffling quietly against the carpet. And as he closed around the corner to the kitchen, he got a glimpse of his living room. He saw that the television was on.

"…Who's watching t.v. at this time of night?"

Deep inside though, Kira already knew the most probable answer to who it could possibly be: Athrun, since he was the only other person currently occupying his home.

Kira's feet padded silently, his shadow slinking behind him as the blue glow from the television highlighted his dull eyes. The t.v. was placed right in front of the wall where across from it, a narrow sofa resided. The sick youth walked around the sofa so that he faced the seat and the sight of Athrun curled up on the couch sleeping made his heart semi-melt. The brunette sighed quietly, his eyes drinking in the spectacle with slight wonder. How can Athrun position himself so that he won't fall off the narrow couch? Kira removed the long, thick blanket off his shoulders carefully and draped it on top of his sleeping best friend. Satisfied that Athrun would have a good night's rest, the beaming brunette made his way back to the white-tiled kitchen.

Sniffling, he wiped his nose vigorously with the damp tissue in his hand before throwing it in the garbage bin, a rather sad, amused expression on his face, "Including that one, that's the thirteenth tissue…I'm like a running faucet…"

He shook his head while grabbing another tissue, his eyes gazing across the counter. "Hey, what's this?" He caught sight of a peculiar tray covered by several bowls.

Kira removed the oriental designed bowls and saw simply scrumptious food underneath them. There was chicken casserole, veggies, and a deep helping of mashed potatoes, a clearly westernized meal; for dessert, there was rice pudding, a treat Kira really loved. The tingling smell wafted around the room and the boy could just imagine the deep roasted scent of chicken and cooked vegetables. The food glimmered invitingly at Kira, telling him to 'dig in'.

However, although his taste buds might have appreciated it, his stomach would have rejected the hearty food. The youth glanced sadly at the tempting treat and quickly pushed it away. It wouldn't do any good throwing up the food he just ate so instead he opted for some clear soup. Luckily for him, a can of soup was sitting within arms reach.

"Now where did I put the can opener…"

The cabinet doors went flying open as Kira rummaged through the shelves but the silver mechanism was no where to be found.

"Damn…" his roughened voice rang quietly in the room. He pressed the heel of his hand onto his forehead and massaged leisurely, evidently stressed by a missing can opener. One of his eyes cracked open and he sighed, his brain thinking of another option for a meal. "What else is there…?"

A rather devious voice spoke out at the corner of his mind, "Athrun can help you."

A heavy rouge lifted in his cheeks and he shook his head. He got up, realizing he was still crouching in front of an open cabinet, and sat back down on one of the chairs around the table, one hand propping his head up. "Nothing (besides Athrun of course…no, no…)…and I don't think I have the attention span right now to make the soup from scratch."

His stomach complained loudly and Kira glared attentively at an invisible spot on the wall, willing his stomach to starve itself full. His head gradually dropped and rested in his arms on the table, with him still hungry and his body rather sick.

"I might as well fall straight asleep here…" He pouted and buried his head, his eyes closing shut. "This is so stupid…"

The blunette on the couch winced as a particular loud slam from the kitchen woke him up. He sat up groggily, with the heavy blanket pooling off his body, and for the most part, was quite perplexed for some time. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and reached for the remote control to close the t.v. "I must have fallen asleep when that boring documentary was on…"

Athrun yawned and stretched his tired limbs. Another noise erupted from the kitchen and the blue-haired male got up curiously, the blanket held loosely in his arms. At the doorway, Athrun paused before peering around the corner.

There was Kira, kneeling helplessly in front of the cabinet…

His heart immediately went out to his obviously distressed friend and Athrun had to stop himself from running towards him and give him a warm hug of comfort. It just doesn't work that way, does it?

Athrun watched as Kira got up and sat down on one of the chairs…just realizing that…

The blunette felt the heat rise into his cheeks and Athrun subconsciously hugged the blanket tightly around his chest. "Gods Kira…"

The former pilot had to tear his gaze away from the near-naked form as he hopelessly tried to calm himself down before a heart attack can occur. Finally feeling his heart rate even out and with the image in his head canceled out by calm peaceful thoughts, the coordinator turned back to the doorway to watch Kira.

Athrun's breath quickened as he saw the aforementioned slowly drop his head into his arms. "Damn it…"

Unable to continue standing by, he approached the other cautiously and carefully draped the blanket back onto him. The sudden contact caused Kira to jolt upwards. "Athrun? I thought you were sleeping?" the scratchy voice asked him.

"You know, you should take better care of yourself," commented Athrun, avoiding eye contact, as he took a seat opposite of Kira.

Kira stopped fiddling with the blanket and looked confusedly at him, "What do you mean?"

A sigh and a low blush tinted his cheeks, "You aren't…wearing much are you?"

"Oh." Kira looked away, turning beet red, mumbling, "I guess I didn't notice…It's way too warm right now."

Again, Kira felt the gentle hand touch his forehead and Athrun withdrew it slowly, savoring the warmth. "At least your fever went down."

"I suppose…" Kira sighed tiredly, while propping his head on the table once again.

There was a short, awkward silence and Athrun fished a question that came into mind, "What are you doing in the kitchen?"

Kira's stomach answered for him.

"I…see…" Athrun's face faulted and he couldn't help but laugh faintly.

Red in the face with embarrassment, the other youth frowned, "It's not my fault that the can opener disappeared…"

The emerald-eyed teen pointed towards the solid food and Kira shook his head. "…I don't think I could stomach it…"

"And that's why there was soup on the stove," grinned Athrun cheekily.

"There was…What?" Kira blinked several times and indeed, there was a pot sitting on the stove range. He sank his head deeper into his arms, "I can be so blind sometimes…"

Smiling kindly, Athrun got up from the table, "I'll go heat the soup for you right now."

"Thanks Athrun…"

Kira watched as the youth got up, his back turned from him as he worked the stove. He took this time to re-memorize the finely muscled back, and how his hair framed his lower neck. A dreamy smile plastered on his face, Kira traced his lower lip, remembering faintly how close Athrun was to him earlier that night. And although Kira didn't open his eyes to meet the hypnotic stare, he feel the sheer intensity of his gaze before Athrun closed the small gap between them and kissed him gently on the forehead. Kira shuddered with bliss upon that remembrance.

"Why is he always so patient with me?" Kira gazed at the other youth, love-stricken. He didn't notice Athrun staring back at him.


"Mhmmm…" "I wish you said my name out loud more often…"

"Your soup."

"Oh yes…the soup…" "…Athrun…"

"Aren't you going to drink it?"

"…" "…Athrun…"


"…" "He said my name again…"

Athrun, concerned, came up to him and shook him lightly by his shoulders, "Hey, Kira. Snap out of it."

The violet eyes were lost underneath the lashes as they blinked hurriedly and Kira held onto Athrun's arms to stop him from shaking him any further. "Please…stop…"

Athrun immediately dropped his hands to his sides and knelt in front of the other boy, "What's wrong?"

Distractedly, Kira smiled wanly and waved it off, "Nothing's wrong…"

"Kira," came the warning tone.

"Seriously, I'm fine." Kira waved his hands dismissing the stern voice.

The former pilot of Aegis got up and walked back to his seat at the table. He shook his head with disbelief, "You're so incredibly stubborn you know - not as much as Cagalli of course, but you're getting there."

Kira lost eye contact with Athrun and didn't bother to hide his listlessness, "Didn't we already go through that conversation? I believe we agreed that it must've been in the genes."

Athrun said nothing and instead, pushed the bowl of soup in front of Kira's face. "Drink."

The other nodded but really, he just prodded the floating bits of chicken with his spoon. "Athrun already has Cagalli…" The rediscovery of this realization brought Kira into a slump. He had already known (how could he have not?) but remembering this tidbit of information shatters his hope again and again. His expression darkened considerably and the spoon in his hand wavered in his grip.

"Kira, please tell me what's wrong."

The amethyst-eyed teen turned to face Athrun, who appeared at his side yet again, and he willed back the moisture prickling at the corner of his eyes. "Nothing."

"Nothing?" Athrun's eyebrows rose considerably. "You were happy one minute and the next, dreary and depressed. Was it something I said Kira? If it was, I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing, it's not your fault."

"Then what is it?"

"Really Athrun, you're overreacting." Kira refused to return eye contact.

"Kira, look at me."

The other youth didn't respond.


He tilted his head further away.

"Please Kira!"

The note of urgency gave Kira the will to stare back at Athrun and to his amazement; Athrun was the first to cry. His fingers shook as they shyly approached the peach skin and almost calmly, Kira wiped the tears away.

"Stop crying…Please?" Kira's voice began to crack.

Athrun blinked back several teardrops and held onto Kira's wrist to stop him from wiping any more tears.

"Athrun, please stop crying…Remember it's for me, the 'cry baby'," and even as Kira said that, he broke down into steady sobs.

A small hiccup, "…Kira." Athrun, on the ground now, embraced Kira tightly, forcing Kira to tumble out of his chair and into his lap.

And there they sat, together, both of them clinging onto each other for dear life, their tears mingling. Kira was the first to speak as he sobbed in between each word, "We're so silly…We shouldn't be crying like this."

Athrun said nothing and moved Kira's chin, forcing him to stare back at him. His tears gave his green eyes a deep sheen and in a hushed tone, he spoke, "There's always a good reason to cry like this."

"I don't...understand."

The other shook his head slightly, "I think I know…"

The blue-haired coordinator looked at Kira for another second quietly, searching the violet eyes, before bending his head downwards and planting a feathery kiss on those soft lips. For a second, their lips met and Athrun immediately pulled away, bashful.

"A-Athrun, I-" Kira subconsciously touched his lips; the tingling didn't stop.

"It's alright if-"

"-I don't know what to say but-"

Athrun spoke sincerely, "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me to do that." He moved his body away from Kira and continued, "I don't want this to come between us-"

"I don't-"

"Kira, I apologize." He looked at the confused boy in front of him and gave him a watery smile. "Friends?"

"You're so-!" Kira inched forwards and wrapped his arms around his startled friend.


Quietly against his ear, Kira whispered, eyes gazing dolefully at him, "You worry too much..."

This time, Kira turned Athrun's face towards him and gave a longer, more lingering kiss. Slowly, Kira withdrew and rested his forehead gently on his, enjoying the sweet moment.

Athrun was speechless and was quite shocked at what had just played out. They both confessed their feelings without uttering the three sacred words. Athrun smiled, his hands playing at the blanket splayed around him while Kira snuggled at the nook of his neck.

"Oh yeah, Athrun?...I won't be surprised if you're sick tomorrow…"

"Well in that case I wouldn't mind as long as I get to share a bed with you," floated the teasing voice.

There was a rather indignant reply, "Athrun!"

End Part 2

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