By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: PG-13 for 'torture' and language, and minor sexual references.

Summery: Daxter gets captured and 'tortured' by Erol. Not as bad as it sounds. At least… it's not bloody. It's funnier than it sounds.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak and Daxter or anyone. Sniff…

Spoilers: No. (Unless you haven't played Jak 2.)

LES: I kinda… poke fun at 'The Spice Girls' in this fic. It is NOT serious. It is all in the fun of the fic! Please, don't get offended if you happen to like the Spice Girls! Sorry also to any other thing I poke fun at. I'M NOT BEING SERIOUS!!!!! Thank you…

(Daxter's POV)

"Uh…" I groaned as I woke up on a cold metal surface. That's strange… the last thing I remembered was Jak fighting a bunch of Krimzon Guards… he decided to run… and then… nothing. What had happened?

"So… our little friend decides to join us." A horribly familiar voice said. I opened my eyes and my worst fear was confirmed! Erol and a bunch of his minions were standing over in. I appeared to be in the fortress prison. I was chained to the same metal chair that I had found Jak in. I must've been captured! I looked around frantically for Jak, hoping he hadn't been caught too. "Oh no, rat," Erol said, reading my mind. "You're friend managed to escape us… for now. But not for long. I know you can talk… now you will tell me how to destroy Jak!"

I was completely horrified! Tell him how to kill my best friend! Never! "Sir." One Guard said, "He's not talking, are you sure…"

"Of coarse I'm sure you numbskull!" Erol spat. "Now, rat, don't force me to take drastic measures." Drastic measures? I thought. Torture? I had a healthy respect for the type of torture Erol could inflect. The Dark Eco machine gleamed eerily in the dim light. Erol followed my gaze. "Oh no. Not that. We don't know what Dark Eco would do to you. It might kill you… we don't want you DEAD, we just want to spill your guts about Jak."

No Dark Eco torture! I breathed a sigh of relief. Erol noticed this and became angry. "Talk! Why don't you talk!?!" He demanded. I decided to provoke him. In my best Ottsel fashion, I began squeaking, just like a normal Ottsel. I could almost see the blood vessels popping in his forehead. "You chose the hard way, huh? Don't worry, rat, I'll break you… just like a did your Eco Freak friend!"

Erol walked away for a second, I resolved that I wouldn't talk; I wouldn't tell that bastard ANYTHING! No matter what!

Erol came back, rolling a TV. I was confused… pleasantly confused. Cool! TV! These people know how to treat their prisoners! Erol pulled out a tape and put it in the VCR, and pushed play. "Alright, men, let's get out of here before it starts. Have fun… rat." Erol and his men left the room. I watched them go.

"Haha." I laughed when they were gone. "Suckers." I settled in to watch the movie. But gasped in horror when the title flashed on the screen…

'The Blair Witch Project.'


(Several Days Later…)

"Oh, God, no!" I cried as the movie finished and started over again for the millionth time. "Oh, God, please! I can't take it anymore! Jak! Help me!!!" I cried the hated title, 'The Blair Witch Project' flashed on the screen once more.

Suddenly the door opened. A man with his eyes closed walked across the room and shut off the movie. I nearly cried in relief. That was the most horrible thing I've ever experienced! Once the coast was clear and the movie safely turned off, Erol walked back into the room.

"Well, rat, enjoy the movie?" He asked sarcastically. I glared my up most defiant look at him. "Ready to turn your Eco Freak friend in?" I stuck my tongue out at him, remembering my promise to not talk. "Hmm…" Erol sighed. "He's got spirit, this one. But… I've got more tricks up my sleeve…" Erol reached into his pack and pulled out a single CD. I stared at it, hoping that it was a Korn CD, though that was too much to hope for. Erol stuck it into a Stereo System. "Earplugs in!" he ordered his men. They scrambled for the earplugs. My heart sank into my stomach. Once Erol had his ear plugs in, he pushed play and a musical beat sounded though the room:

'Elvis was a cooler shaker,

Marley, Ziggy melody maker,

She's a bond babe, kick some ass,

Doctor No, this girl's got class.

Charlie's Angels, girls on top.

Handbags, here's their pistol rocks.

Baby love are so glam queen

Sing the blues, a love supreme.

Sixties Twiggy set the pace,

Way back when she had the pace.'

I could hear other prisoners screaming in their cells:

"Oh, God, make it stop!"



I think I was screaming too, but the song continued:

'That's all in the past, legends built to last.

But she's got something new.

She's a power girl in a '90's world,

And she knows just what to do!

Cause the lady is a vamp, she's a vixen not a tramp.

She's a dadadadada da da.

Come on fellow, raise your bets cause you ain't seen nothing

She's the top of the top, she's the best!'

I could hear myself crying, but I didn't care. This was the worst! I would've rather had another round with 'The Blair Witch Project!'

'Jackie O, we loved her so

Sorry Mr. President, as far as we know.

Norma Jean had a 7 year itch.

Some like it hot to a fever pitch.

Sandy Denny summer love,

And Grady's T-birds to the moon above!

That's all in the past, legends built to last.

But she's got something new.

She's a power girl in a '90's world.

She's a downtown swinging dude!

Cause the lady is a vamp, she's a vixen not a tramp,

She's a dadadadada da da!

Come on fellow, raise your bets cause you ain't seen nothing

She's the top of the top! She's the best!

Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, yes, now that's your tot

We're the Spice Girls, ready to go!

Ladies and Gents, can you please take your seats

And we hope you enjoyed the show!

Thank you very much!'

"STOP!!" I screamed, unable to remain quiet any longer. "Stop! Make it stop, please!"

"Ahh." Erol said, turning off the music and taking out the earplugs. "You break at last, rat!"

"Why?" I begged, "WHY?"

"Now that you're talking, tell us Jak's weakness. I've never met anyone without a weakness!" Erol said. "Jak has one too, I just need to find it!"

"I'll never tell you, Bastard!" I spat. "You're nothing but an insane madman!"

"Oh really?" Erol asked. He held up a little Ottsel-sized, red, revealing, women's lingerie. "Would a madman dress you in women's lingerie, then laugh uncontrollably while rubbing his hands together like a madman?"

Erol immediately jumped on me and put the lingerie on me. Erol stood back to admire his handiwork; he rubbed his hands together and laughed like a madman.

"Yes!" I said, "That's precisely what madmen do!"

"Well, you have your opinion and I have mine." Erol said. "We can agree to disagree."

"You're a psychopath!" I said.

"Hmm…" Erol said. "You're strong. I'll give you that. Most men would have broken long ago. But, are you strong enough to survive… this…" Erol pulled out an ordinary feather.

"Oh, God, no!" I cried. "Please, make it stop, make it stop!" Erol began to 'Tickle Torture' me! Oh my God, the tickling! I squirmed in an attempt to avoid the feather, but it was no use. The feather attacked my ticklish places over and over. I screamed in tickle agony. After minutes of this that seemed like hours, the feather ceased its attacks. I breathed again.

"I'll… never… tell…" I gasped.

"I've had it with you!" Erol said. "Bring in 'The Heavy Artillery!" He ordered one of the Guards. Two of them hurried off. Oh God, no. What did they have in store this time? "I've heard this is quite effective… I've never tried it out, though. You'll have the honor of being the first."

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked.

"You'll see." Erol paused as the door opened once again and the two Guards came back in, but they were accompanied by the hottest woman I've ever seen! She wore SUPER-revealing clothes, and I began to get that special tingling feeling in my… tail.

"Ahhhh…" Erol said, "I see you like Candy." Candy… I gasped in my mind. Womanly perfection has a name… and it's Candy. "See, here's the deal. You're staying in this prison no matter what. But, if you tell me how to capture the Eco Freak… I'll let you have congenial visits with her."

"Congenial visits?" I asked, confused.

"It means you can sleep with her." Erol explained.

"Are you sure she'd want to do that?" I asked, unable to believe. "I mean, I'm a Ottsel!"

Erol gave Candy a look, she walked up to me. She leaned over and gave me a quick French kiss! She stopped and said. "I'm not afraid of rabies." It was almost to good to be true!

"If you give us our information, I'll put you in a nice cell with Candy… if not… this deal expires and I'll continue torturing you. I have so many other things I could go to you."

I looked at Candy, then Erol, then Candy again. I thought of Jak, what would he do?

(Daxter's head)

"Candy or Daxter!" Erol demanded Jak in Daxter's little dream.

"CANDY!" Jak screamed.

(Real life)

"Okay. I take Candy." Daxter said.

"Good rat." Erol said. "Now, where can I find Jak, and what is his weakness?"

Daxter sighed. "Jak can be found at the Underground Hideout. 5673 Hidey Ave. It's a dead-end alley."

"And his weakness?" Erol demanded.

"What Jak is most afraid of in the world is…" Daxter was cut off by Erol's laughing. Erol had Jak now! He had him! The Eco Freak was as good as his!

(Hideout, Author's POV)

Jak sat on a cot with his head in his hands; Torn was sitting there with him.

"I don't see what you're so upset about, Jak!" Torn said, "There isn't a person in Haven City who isn't glad to see that rat go!"

"I let my best friend get captured by those Krimzon Guard bastards." Jak said miserably. "How can I save the City if I can't even save my own friend?"

"Stop mopping around, Jak… I've got another mission that may cheer you up…" Torn said, but Jak never found out what this mission was. For the Hideout doors opened and Erol walked calmly into the place. "Erol!" Torn said in shock. "How'd you find this place?"

"A little stool pigeon told me…" Erol said. Guards ran down the stairway until they outnumbered Jak and Torn by a considerable amount.

"Jak!" Torn said, eyeing the KG. "Go Dark Jak and kill them all!"

"Love to!" Jak said, grinning. He felt the Dark Eco start to become active in his body.

"Tut, tut, tut, Jak." Erol said, calmly, "I wouldn't do that. You'll force to release this." Erol produced a jar from somewhere. Jak felt the color leave his face. No, it couldn't be… Jak thought. He felt his throat close up in fear, an emotion he was not used to. Only Daxter knew…

Torn noticed Jak not attacking. He glared at the time in the jar and thought that Erol had lost his marbles. "Jak, why aren't you attacking?"

"No!" Jak backed away from Erol and 'The Jar.' Torn was shocked, he had never, ever, seen Jak back down from anything! "No, oh God, no!" He backed against a wall. Unable to go any further, he sank to the floor and hid like a scared little girl.

Erol grinned, he didn't need to know why Jak was so afraid of something so little, all he knew was that it worked.

"Jak! Get up! It's just a freakin'…"

(A/N: Are you ready to find out what it is?)

"Wumpbee!" Torn yelled.

Indeed, a Wumpbee, only an inch long at the most, had Jak cowering in pure terror. Only Daxter knew this, but on Jak's ninth birthday, he was playing around a Wumpbee's Nest. And Jak accidentally fell into the thing, the Wumpbees stung him all over, and Jak had to get special care from Samos for a week. Most thought he got over this, but the experience created a deep phobia for Wumpbees that Jak had never gotten over of.

"Get him!" Erol ordered, using the Wumpbee to keep Jak still and in a corner. The Guards grabbed him and Torn and started to drag them to the KG fortress prison. "I've caught the Eco Freak and the Underground Leader… and it's not even ten o'clock. Not a bad morning." Erol said, as he followed his Guards out of the room.

(While Later, KG Fortress)

"AUGHHHH!!!" Jak screamed as he was put though the Dark Eco torture once again. Erol watched Jak twist and scream, silently remembering the good ol' days. Jak's screams died off as the treatment stopped.

"Now that we know this treatment is working, we'll make you into the perfect weapon yet!" Erol said excitedly. "I'll see you soon for more treatments, Eco Freak!"

Jak sighed as Erol left the room… leaving him alone. Well, almost alone… Jak had been horrified to find out that Daxter had ratted him out in exchange for SEX! He heard the traitorous Ottsel and his 'girlfriend,' Candy in one of the cells.

Jak took a deep breath, "DAXTER!!!!" Jak yelled.

The noises stopped. "Hang on, honey, Jakkie wants me." A pause. "Yeah, Jak?" Jak could barely see the Ottsel's smiling face though the bars on his cell.

"I swear by Mar, the Precursors, and by any God out there that if I ever escape this, I'll KILL you!" Jak vowed.

"I'd like to see you get out of those restraints!" Daxter laughed. "You can't… oh… Jak… I really didn't mean it… it was joke… AUGHHHHHHHH!!!"

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