Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c stepped out of the Stargate's artificial wormhole onto the flat stones that covered the ground as far as the eye could see. Jack signaled and the team fanned out; checking to make sure the area was as safe as it seemed to be.

After a five minute search of the area surrounding the gate they regrouped and headed to what looked like a temple in the distance.

Upon arrival at the temple they were surrounded by humanoid people. They all spoke English and looked very much like humans. One man, dressed in orange robes, cleared the crowd and invited the team into the temple.

Daniel was having trouble paying attention to the man. He was looking at the ceiling and the walls of the structure, mumbling to himself something that sounded like a translation.

"Daniel!" Jack said sharply, pulling his friend out of translations.

"Yeah, Jack." Daniel responded, clearly annoyed.

"Go do that diplomatic thing you do." Jack said remind Daniel of his job.

"Oh, yeah." Daniel smiled guiltily and walked to the man in robes. "Excuse me." He said getting the man's attention. "My name's Daniel Jackson. We" he said gesturing to the rest of Sg-1. "are peaceful explorers from a planet called Earth."

"I am Avery. Who are your friends?" The man answered.

"Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter and Teal'c." Daniel said pointing to each member in turn.

"Welcome, Daniel Jackson." Avery said. "Let us all sit." He gestured to a small wooden table with hand-crafted chair around it. Daniel turned to Sg-1 and waved them over to sit.

"What is your purpose here?" Avery asked.

"We're explorers. We would like to learn about your traditions and culture." Daniel explained.

"We have a gathering tonight. Would you like to participate?" Avery offered.

"We would. Thank you." Daniel responded. "Is there some where we can stay?"

"You can stay in a room here." Avery said.

"Is this a religious place?" Daniel asked.

"Yes. I am the religious leader here. I lead the people and make decisions." Avery told them.

"What should we wear to this gathering tonight?" Jack asked.

"What you are wearing is fine." Avery answered. "We have no code of dress."

"Could you show us to our room?" Sam asked. She seemed agitated to the others, though she was trying to be patient and kind.

"I can, Sam Carter." Avery said standing up and straightening his robes. They stood also and Avery lead them through many hallways and doors to a room with four cots. "You can stay here. If you need anything just press this." He said indicating a button on the wall. It looked very high tech and out of place in the stone room.

"Thank you." Daniel answered and Avery left their room, closing the door behind him.

As soon as Avery was out of earshot Jack started a conversation. "Are you alright, Carter?" He asked. Her behavior was concerning him a little.

"I have this weird feeling, sir." Sam tried to explain. "I don't know how to explain it. I feel fuzzy kinda. Like I'm drunk."

"I also have this feeling Major Carter." Teal'c agreed.

"Yeah, I'm feeling that too though I thought it was just me. Do you think something here could have drugged us?" Jack asked.

"I don't see how. We haven't eaten or drank anything here. And we've only been here for a short time. Though I'm experiencing the same effects of whatever it is." Daniel stated.

"We should probably head home and get checked out." Jack suggested. He hated having his check-ups, but he could feel a head ache coming on.

"Yeah." Daniel agreed. "Let's go."

They all stood up and Jack led them out of the room and through the hallways. He could feel his head ache taking over his head. No longer able to think through the pain he stopped and rubbed his head.

"Are you okay, sir." Sam asked when they stopped.

"I will be." He said trying to focus his vision. "I'm dizzy." He backed into the wall still grasping his head.

"Sir!" Sam exclaimed rushing to him. Daniel and Teal'c each got on one of his sides and grasped his elbows to support him. Sam faced him. "Colonel?" She whispered, her concern evident in her voice.

"Headache, Carter. Really bad." He said slowly. He still couldn't focus and he was slightly reeling, trying to find his equilibrium. He could feeling Daniel and Teal'c holding his elbows. He leaned completely back against the wall and slowly slide down it to the floor. He sat there; his team sitting next to him for an unknown amount of time before he would move his hands. He reached out his hand, his eyes still adjusting to the light and focusing slowly and rested it on Sam's shoulder. The physical contact helped him focus on the situation. "We have to get to the gate." He said pulling a small container out of one of his pockets and opening it. He took out three of the ibuprofen tablets and swallowed them with a drink from his canteen. He put away the bottle and ran a hand through his hair. "Okay. Let's go." He said releasing Sam and realizing that he'd just done his whole pill operation with one hand still on Sam's shoulder. He slowly stood up and had Teal'c take the lead.

They walked the many halls, Teal'c always leading them down the right one and Sam, Jack and Daniel following in a line across the hall; in that order. Teal'c easily lead the out of the temple and across the stone without incident.

Daniel dialed the gate and the Iris code and the went through to Earth.

Once in the Gate room General Hammond's voice boomed over the PA system. "Sg-1, your not due back for six hours." Jack released the hold he had on his P-90 and grabbed his head again.

Hammond left his place in the Control Room and joined Sg-1 at the end of the ramp. He saw his second-in-command with his head buried in his hands and turned immediately to Sam.

"Major Carter. What happened?" Hammond asked.

"We arrived on the planet and met a man named Avery. We talked with for a while and then were show to a room where we could stay to wait for an event we had been invited to. In the room we all discussed the fact that we all felt kinda fuzzy. We decided to come back after that. On the way through the halls of the temple Colonel O'Neill stopped. He said he'd be fine then he grabbed his head like he is now and backed into a wall. Daniel and Teal'c supported him while I found out what was wrong. He said he had a really bad headache. Then he slid down the wall and we waited there. After a couple of minutes he looked a little better. He took some ibuprofen and Teal'c led us to the gate. Daniel dialed and we came through." Sam recounted the story.

Thank you, Major." Hammond said. "Take him to the Infirmary. That is a good enough debrief for me."

"Thank you, sir." She said. She turned to the Colonel and put a hand on his shoulder. She squeased it softly and he turned slowly to face her.

"Carter?" He questioned softly. His hands hovering over his eyes.

"Yes, sir." She whispered. "We're going to the Infirmary."

"Okay." He whispered and let her guide him to the Infirmary. He kept his head in his hands the whole way and tried to ignore the sounds and light around him.

Janet noticed them as soon as the entered the Infirmary.

"Colonel, what's wrong?" She asked while crossing the room to where they were.

"Headache." He managed to say. "Please stop yelling." She and Sam guided him to a bed in the very back section, a very quiet and dim part of the Infirmary. Janet had him sit and Sam sat down in a chair next to the bed.

"Colonel, I need you to move your hands." Janet said in her quietest voice. He slowly moved his hands laid them in his lap. "How do you feel?"

"Like something big is moving into my head." He whispered in all seriousness.

"Okay." Janet said and turned to Sam. "What happened?" Sam recounted the story for Janet quietly.

"Thanks." She turned back to the Colonel. His hands had gravitated back to the sides of his head. "You took ibuprofen?"

"Yeah." He answered under his breath.



"Okay. You can lie down. Is it getting any better?" Janet asked.

"No." Jack answered as he rotated and eased his head down onto the pillows.

"When does it hurt?" Janet whispered.

"Lights, noises." He said trying to stay awake. "Can you make it stop?"

"I can try." She answered. "I want you to sleep."

"'Kay." He said as he closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

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