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Chapter 1: Graduation

"Gerroff Padfoot"! James complained shoving Sirius' head of his shoulder for the tenth time. Sirius rubbed his eyes tiredly yawning loudly and instead laid his head down on the table. Professor McGonagall looked at him annoyed. "Mr. Black this is very important. Would you please pay attention." Sirius lifted his eyes to look at Professor McGonagall. "I'll try" Sirius said in a sleepy voice. Professor McGonagall turned to look back at the class and Sirius layed his head back onto the desk and was asleep within 2 seconds. "I am sorry for calling you in so very late, but this is-" Professor McGonagall started. "Mr. Black! Wake up!" Her voice screeched, whipping the silent air, making a lot of the seventh years jump a foot from their seats. Sirius slowly lifted his head from the desk, but found that it automatically just dropped down again. "Professor" James called out. Professor McGonagal turned to look at James. "Yes Potter, what do you want?" She asked looking at James, looking like she was about to crack. "Professor haven't you already given us a goodbye and good luck talk?" James questioned, wanting to make his last night in Hogwarts a good one, which definitely wasn't classed as sitting in a class room listening to Professor McGonagall. "Yes I do believe I have, but I must say it was a waste of time." McGonagall answered matter-of-factly. Many of the seventh years looked offended. Though most people now were paying McGonagall a little more attention, wanting to know why she thought wishing them luck was a 'waste of time', Sirius had just started snoring. Professor McGonagall was starting to lose her temper again. "SIRIUS BLACK!" Sirius woke up for a start, "I understand that you have just returned from your traditional grand graduation feast and it is past midnight, but this cannot wait!" Sirius didn't bother to move, besides what different did it make? In a couple of hours he and the rest of the school would be all seated in the Hogwarts Express and would be on their way home. Plus considering that Sirius was in seventh year he probably wouldn't see the school again, let alone Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall continued, not even trying to get Sirius' attention this time. "I know that most of you will not enjoy the task Dumbledore and myself have set you, but we believe it is crucial for your future lives. This assignment will affect your NEWTS results." A few students looked up tentatively, all clearly confused. "Wait a second" Lily whispered furtively to Leisha. Isn't all the NEWTS testing been completed? Leisha shrugged thoughtfully, frowning slightly. James Potter and the Marauders looked plain horrified at the thought that there was still more testing to happen.

But all of the seventh years were thinking something across the same lines…NEWTS testing on their last day, at midnight? Had the teachers lost it!?

"This year group in particular are extremely prejudice when it comes to muggles." Continued Professor McGonagall. By now most of the seventh years were now taking a leaf out of Sirius' book and laying their heads down on their desk. Besides, what task could Dumbledore and McGonagall set for them that they had to finish in a couple of hours? Sirius had already decided to flunk it. How important could it be?

"I wish she would bloody well hurry up and say what the task is already!" James mumbled to Remus groaning.

"Now, now. That isn't the attitude of our Head Boy is it?" Remus smirked. James glared back scowling.

McGonagall turned to James in mid sentence obviously over hearing James' comment. "Well Mr Potter" Professor McGonagal said with a tone of unpleasantness in her voice, "Here's the task. You will all be sent to Australia for two weeks to learn and live like muggles-" The rest of McGonagall's sentence was drowned by uproars and complaints by the seventh years. That one had sure as hell got the attention of Sirius Black, he was wide-awake now looking up at Professor McGonagall in disbelief, along with James. Remus was indifferent and still looking rather sleepy and Peter Pettigrew was squeaking along in protest with the other seventh years.

Lily Evans and her friends were some of the very few not complaining. In fact, Lily was actually a little pleased, her parents had decided to take a trip to France to visit good friends of theirs, during that summer which meant that Lily would only have her awful sister Petunia and her brother in law Vernon for company. This was definitely not Lily's idea of good company over the summer.

By now McGonagall had been able to order silence once again in the room, her mouth was pushed together in a tight line, like it so often did when she was angry, turning a rather pale looking white. "This is disgusting!" Professor McGonagall shrieked, "living with muggles is absolutely essential! Many of the seventh years were looking horrified at the thought. "You must understand this. This was the reason we have set this course for you. I was hoping you wouldn't take it like-" "this" Dumbledore finished from the door way. Everyone quietened almost at once. No one had realised Dumbledore had entered. "Now, now Minerva, you must of known they wouldn't be happy with this news." Dumbledore said to Professor McGonagall. "Yes, yes I did. Sorry Albus."

Looking rather relieved that Dumbledore was there, Professor McGonagall stood up and addressed the seventh years again, "Now." Professor McGonagall continued in a slightly calmer voice. "You will not be able to use magic of any sort under any circumstances-" Professor McGonagall's voice was again drowned by the seventh years who were now standing up and using their remaining energy to bellow their protests as loud as they could. Some of them were even waving their fists in the air out of fury. "She's got to be kidding." James said hoarsely. Sirius looked like he was going to be sick.

Dumbledore was looking at the seventh years rather amusedly, but still put up his hands in order to quiet them down. The seventh years grudgingly obeyed, and turned to listen to McGonagall again, feeling their own tempers rising. "No magic, no wand, no contact with the magical world, understood? You will not take anything with you, other then clothes, and you will all be presented with $5000 worth of muggle money and a manual for those of you who need to learn how muggle currency work. Tomorrow you will be told further instructions in the Great Hall at 11:00. I hope that gives you sufficient time to catch up on your sleep." Professor McGonagall paused and then finally said, "You are dismissed." The seventh years stood up and all sauntered towards the door, suddenly remembering how tired they were again.

The Marauders walked into their dormitory and Sirius finally plumped down onto his bed, exhausted. "What a way to end our last day at Hogwarts" James remarked, drowsily. "Finding out that it isn't our last day after all." Sirius added for him. And with that the Gryffindor boys fell asleep, snoring loudly, not even bothering to change their robes.

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