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The Karaoke had begun.

First to get up was young a lanky guy with glasses. The music started and he sang the words that came up on the screen.

"Oh, my God, we're back again

Brothers, sisters everybody sing

We're gonna bring the flavour show you how

I've got a question for ya, better answer now."

"Oh God," said Mia putting her head in her hands "I thought I couldn't possibly dislike the backstreet boys anymore… I guess I was wrong."

This guy was the worst thing anybody had ever heard, but he had still managed to get the party rocking.

"Am I original?"

The crowd joined in (yeahhhhhh)

"Am I the only one?"


"Am I sexual?"


"If someone doesn't get him off the stage now, I think I'm gonna faint." Said Lokini her head resting in her hands. Luckily for her the next contender had just stepped up. A young muscly, handsome guy stepped up, who looked surely as if he was a regular surfer at one of Sydney's beaches.

"Hmmm, not bad." Murmured Leisha smiling, checking him out.

The guy started to sing.

"I'm not a girl…

Not yet a women"

"Ooookay, he is soooo gay!" said Leisha turning away as Marauders and the other girls laughed.

"When are we going to get someone decent people up there?" whined Erin

James put his arm around Erin. "Erin, honey if I was up there I'd be rocking the show! I'm a born singer!"

"Sure you are James" Erin agreed sarcastically.

"No really I am!" James insisted.

As James and Erin continued their bickering Lily fumed."That's it" Lily thought heatedly after over hearing their argument. "It's time this little egoistic prick learns his lesson once and for all." Lily got up from her seat.

"Hey Lils where you goin?" Mia asked curiously.

"Be right back guys" Lily answered shortly.

James raised his eyebrows surprised, watching along with the others as Lily walked up to the stage.

"Is Lily gonna sing?" Remus asked astonished.

James smiled slightly and shifted his position to the edge of his chair for a better view.

Lily picked up the mic and held it to her mouth. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are all enjoying yourself tonight. I am here to inform you that we are very lucky tonight as we are in the company of a 'born singer'. The crowd murmured in interest.

Erin smiled. "Oh, I think I know where this is heading."

James seemed to have thought the same thing. He was no longer smiling but looking at Lily warningly.

Lily took no notice and instead continued. "I would like to call upon Mr. James Potter to show of his talents for us tonight!"

James made a desperate lunge for escape but Sirius and Remus caught him and pushed him towards the stage.

James walked up to the stage awkwardly, taking his time.

Sirius looked as James pathetically walked up to the stage. "He's really got himself screwed this time hasn't he?" Sirius commented pityingly.

James had finally reached the stage and Lily shoved the mic into his hands and gave him a smug smile. "It's time for you to prove your talents Mr. Born Singer. C'mon they're all waiting for you to 'rock the show' James."

They both gave each other poisonous looks before Lily walked off the stage.

The music started. It was 'All my Life' by KC and Jo Jo. It was clear James had never heard the song before.

"Err..ahh.lover...you..than you

I have... found a..lover ..ous..you

Precious then you


The DJ stopped the music. Silence filled the room except for occasional snickers. Clap clap clap... went Lily's slow solitary applause, echoing around the huge silent room. Lily smirked nastily at James. Satisfied, Lily turned to walk away.

The crowd was silent, and Lily felt half the room's eyes on her, but still walked defiantly back to her table. Yet something wasn't right, she had just humiliated James in front of everyone but instead of feeling triumph she felt kinda bad. He must hate me now Lily thought.


"This one's for you Lily." James said in the mic. Lily stopped in her tracks, but didn't turn around.

"Open up your eyes
Then you realize
Here I stand with my
Everlasting love"

Lily whirled around. James was smiling and the crowd was going wild, cat whistling and cheering, Sirius the loudest of them all.

"Need you by my side
Girl to be my pride
Never be denied
Everlasting love"

The crowd went louder still. This is not happening Lily thought flustered my plan did not just backfire on me! Not only that, but the worst part was he was a good singer.

"From the very start
Open up your heart
Be a lasting part of
Everlasting love"

As James sang the last line he ran towards Lily and landed on his knees in front of her. The crowd went crazy. James stood up and bowed to the applause.

'Oh no' Lily thought defiantly 'he's not gonna get away with it that easy tonight.'

Lily snatched the mic from James' hand. James looked at her surprised, as did the rest of the Marauders and the girls. Lily put the mic to her lips nervously.

"oh no no no don't phunk with my heart

The girls in the crowd screamed with encouragement.

"This is going to be fun." Sirius said excitedly. The others couldn't deny it, there were definitely going to be some fireworks tonight.

"I wonder if I take you home would you still be in love baby, in love baby?

I wonder if I take you home would you still be in love baby, in love baby?"

"You go girl!" Erin screamed

James looked at her astounded as the crowd went wild for Lily this time, and the boys whistled. Before he knew it he had taken the mic back from Lily.

"You should let me love you

Let me be the one, to

Give you everything you

Want and need."

James looked at Lily and winked. Lily rolled her eyes in return.

"Baby good love and Protection

Make me your selection

Show you the way love's

Supposed to be."

Someone from the crowd had run up and given Lily a mic. Lily was on a roll. Not feeling nervous for one moment this time, she took the mic, cut off James and began to sing her response.

"Say you love me

You don't even know me

If you really want me

then give me some time

Don't go there baby

Not before I'm ready"

"What's gotten into Lily today?" Mia said in awe.

Sirius smiled and started singing "Love is in the air.." Everyone laughed.

"Don't say your heart's in a hurry

It's not like we're gonna get married

Give me, give me some time."

All dignity forgotten, the crowd were banging on the tables screaming for more.

James smiled. He turned to Lily, held her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Won't you be my girlfriend
I'll treat you good (I'll treat you good girl)
I know you hate your friends when they say you should
'Cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are
Girl you should be my girlfriend"

As James finished the crowd cooed "awwwwwwwwwwwww".

Lily blushed, took her mic and pulled away.

"Well a scrub checkin' me
But his game is kinda weak
And I know he can not approach me
Cause I'm looking like class and he's looking like trash
Can't get wit' a deadbeat ass


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww" the crowd jeered pityingly.

James hung his head and looked at the floor.

I didn't offend him did I? Lily thought worriedly. Stupid wuss, it was only a joke. But just as Lily was thinking of apologising, James lifted his head and cried dramatically.

"Someone please call 91..triple 0

The crowd laughed. James continued clutching his chest and falling to his knees pathetically.

Tell them I just been shot down
And the bullet's, in my heart
And it's piercing through my soul (i'm losing blood yo)
Feel my body getting cold

James got up from the floor and shot Lily one of his winning smiles, and Lily smiled wickedly back and began to sing once again.

You, you've got a lot of nerve
I guess you haven't heard
I'm doin' fine out here on my own
You, you think that you can come
Around here for some fun
But boy you've got a lot to learn

Don't shake your head from left to right
Saying that you will when you won't ever see the light
And you just say what you say and want your way
And it's that game that you play
It's a little late

James smiled. If Lily thought he was going to let her win this that easily, she was sadly mistaken.

Now i know your not my lady im just tryin to make this right
I dont know what to do im going out of my mind
So baby if u let me could i getchu to say maybe we could ride together
We could do this all nite now i dont care if u got a man
Baby i wish ud understand
Cuz i kno he cant love u right, quite like i can

Lily brought the mic to her mouth determinedly. There was no way James was going to win this. Till death.

Cause even if I leave alone, I'm good
And even if you come along, I'm good
Don't mean a thing to me cause, I'm good
With or without you
If you wanna play games with me then, I'm good
Say what you do for me than, I'm good
You don't really mean a thing cause, I'm good
With or without you

As Lily launched into the chorus, many people started to get up and dance.

I'm good I'm good without you
I'm good I'm good
I'm good I'm good without you
I'm good I'm good

The crowd was still loving the entertainment and James knew they wanted more. However, James didn't lift his mic to respond to Lily's previous song. When the audience realised that James wasn't singing they all sighed oohhhh, thinking that it was over. Lily looked at James surprised, but James put his hand up to the crowd which quietened down immediately. Then, he walked over to Lily, slowly, looking into her eyes.

He once again held her hand, looked her into the eye and began to sing in the silent hall.

Nobody wants to lonely
Nobody wants to cry
My body's longing to hold you
So bad it hurts inside
Time is precious and it's slipping away
And I've been waiting for you all of my life
Nobody wants to be lonely
So why, why, why, why don't you let me love you

A silence filled the room as James finished. James didn't move his chocolate brown eyes from Lily's emerald green eyes, as Lily stood there embarrassed feeling a blush creep up her cheeks.

And then suddenly someone from the crowd shouted "GIVE HIM A CHANCE!" Lily and James turned around, suddenly remembering where they were. By now the rest of the crowd had joined in.

"Yeah, give him a chance!"

"C'mon, you know you want to!"

Lily looked around in amazement. "Ok, Ok!" Lily agreed to the crowd, and then gasped at what she had just agreed to. The room filled with cat whistling and cheers. James gave a big whoop of delight and ran over to kiss Lily. The two broke apart to even louder cat whistling and cheering. Lily turned away from the crowd, her face burning while James bowed to the audience.

Then Sirius had ran up to the front and took Lily's mic.

Thankyou thankyou, you're far too kind.

Now can I get an encore, do you want more

Cookin raw with the Brooklyn boy

So for one last time I need y'all to roar

Lily shook her head vigorously at crowd mouthing 'NO NO'.

Now what the hell are you waitin for

After me, there shall be no more

So for one last time, I need y'all to roar

And roar they did. James had began to sing again.

I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinkin about you lately
I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy, just to thinkin about you baby

Lily sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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Everybody now – Backstreet Boys :S

I'm not a girl, not yet a women – Britney Spears :S :S

All my life – KC and Jo Jo

Everlasting love – quite a few versions but I think most of mine is by Gloria Estefan

Don't Phunk with my heart – Black Eye Peas

Let me love you – Mario

Say you love me – M2M

Girlfriend – Justin Timberlake and Nelly

No Scrubs – TLC

911 – Wyclef and Mary J Blige

As if – Blaque

Obssession – Frankie J

I'm good – Blaque

Nobody wants to be lonely – Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin

Encore – Jay Z and Linkin Park

Crazy – KC and Jo Jo