"Alright, give me the bullet." Dr. Miles said, helping push the gurney into the hospital room.

"Drunk Drive ran head on into the car," The paramedic explained. "Mother was not wearing her seat belt, went through the windshield, and landed on her abdomen. She was LOC the whole time. BP 120/80 pulse 40. Patient is eight months pregnant. Found traces of a clear fluid on the ground and on the seat."

"Severe bleeding from the head and abdomen." Dr. Knight said, checking her injuries. "This is a mess. Do you have fetal heart tones?" he asked Dr. Miles.

"Yes I do." Dr. Miles said, checking the ultrasound. "Baby looks fine, but the water broke on impact. We're looking at a preemie delivery."

"How could someone do this?" Dr. McKnight growled, as the life support monitors blared in the background. "What's the status of the driver? I wanna see this bastard."

"Neck snapped, severe head trauma. Dead on arrival." The paramedic said, unsympathetic.

"Such a waste." Dr. Miles sighed, finishing the ultrasound.

"Sir," Dr. McKnight asked, spinning around to face sobbing man that came in along side. "We need to check your wife and your baby out, but we need to know your wife's name."

"Kamaya. Sora Kamaya." The husband said, burying his face in his hands.

Search for the New: Chapter One

"Mrs. Kamaya! Mrs. Kamaya! Can you hear us!" Dr. Miles shouted, shining a bright light in her eyes. "If you can hear me, squeeze my hand." She commanded, picking up her limp hand.

"Unresponsive to commands." Dr. McKnight noted, biting his lower lip. "BP is 80/60 pulse rate 60."

"Pupils are fixed and dilated." Dr. Miles said, slamming the flashlight on the little medical cart next to her. "Breathing is irregular. O2 rate is 80 percent."

"Nothing left for it. We got to get her intubated. Seven point five E.T tube please. Let's get her paralyzed."

"What does that mean!" the husband asked anxiously, forcing his way in between the nurses crowded around the hospital gurney.

"Mr. Kamaya, we have to stick a tube down your wife's throat to help her breathe and get oxygen in her body and to the baby." The African-American doctor said, looking up into the worried man's eyes. "I'm going to have to ask you to wait in the waiting room. We'll come out and—"

"No! I want to stay! I'm going to stay!" Tai yelled, as he twisted out the grasp of the nurse who gently pulled him to the door. "I want to—ahh!"

"Mr. Kamaya, are you allright?" Dr. Miles asked, looking up sharply.

"It's nothing, just a scratch." Tai said, blood oozing down from his hand-covered forearm down to the tips of his fingers, dripping down to the white tiled floor.

"Scratches don't make puddles on the floor," The doctor snapped, pointing to the pool of blood that was forming on his fingers. "You could get an infection and have severe tissue damage if you don't have that cleaned and stitched."

"But I—"

"Mr. Kamaya," Dr. McKnight said, voice now firm. "We will notify you if your wife's condition changes. Right now, you need to have your arm checked. Now, please go with the nurse, or I will be forced to call security."

Tai stood there for a minute, looking at his unconscious mate lying on the bed. "Sora, I love you! I'll be back in a minute! I'm still here! I'm not going to leave you." He called out to her as the nurse once again gently pulled him towards the doors and out the room.

"Her blood pressure is dropping fast!" one of the nurses announced. "BP is at 70/60. O2 rate is plummeting. Fetal heart tones are still strong."

"Let's get her intubated and have full flow oxygen ready to be hooked up." Dr. McKnight said, picking up the tube.

"Lets work with getting this bleeding under control and lets get a CAT scan and x-rays ready!" she demanded. "Lets get an idea on what the damage is."

"So, where were you two headed?"

"We were headed out for dinner and a movie." Tai sighed, almost inaudibly. "I should have slowed down…we should have stayed at home."

"You can't beat yourself up after the fact. Besides, it's not your fault. You didn't take a drink and hop behind the wheel. You can't hold yourself accountable."

"…and don't forget to take your vitamins every single day. Your body needs that extra nutritional boost."

Tai looked up and saw a tall, blue haired man in a long doctor's lab coat, talking to a young couple. The girl, about the same age as Sora, was literally dwarfed by her taller, muscular husband. Both had big smiles on their faces as they took the container of pills, and walked out the hospital, the automatic double doors swinging open in front of them, the bright orange beams of afternoon sunlight covering them as they stepped out, hand in hand.

He recognized the doctor, but his mouth couldn't form the words to call out to him. He just sat there, his arm resting on the small cart with blue sterile draping; oblivious to the nurse cleaning the cut with antiseptic.

"Well, this cut is not as bad as it could be." The nurse said, covering the wound with a sterile bandage. "I'm going to get some liquid stitches; it's better than regular stitches, and it also contains a pain reliever so it won't hurt. Please try to stay still, and don't move your arm. I'll be right back."

He nodded slightly, his mouth still frozen shut. He watched the nurse walk into his line of sight towards the reception desk, walking behind it, and towards a keyboard with a the large flat screen wall monitor. She keyed in a command, spent a few seconds typing in some information, then walked off out of sight.

The blue haired doctor then walked over to the main desk in the middle of the emergency room floor. He looked up at the new information on the monitor. The color slowly drained from his face, as the big double doors finally closed; the soft, orange sunlight now giving way to the harsh, bright fluorescent hospital lighting.

As soon as he finished reading the information, the young physician half jogged half ran around the corner to the trauma room out of sight.

"Okay. Lets get this cut glued together." The nurse said, dropping several small glass tubes full of purple liquid with cotton tops. "After I finish, I'll check on your wife for you."

Tai nodded somberly.

To Be Continued...

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