Search For The New: Chapter Ten

"Ok, Mimi, I can see the head. You're almost there."

Dr. McKnight took in a deep breath and sighed. "Feels like Déjà vu all over again. Mimi you're doing great. On the next contraction, I want you to push down hard."

"You're about to meet your new baby brother, Koumiko." Izzy whispered in his daughter's ear, wiping a tear from his eye as they both sat on the bed by Mimi, who was taking deep breaths.

I have to find a place to hide. Tatsuha thought urgently as he quickly scanned around the room that would conceal him. His eyes fell on a big blue armchair setting by the wall.

A chair! Great! Now, if I can just scoot over there.

"Okay, Mimi. Feels like you're getting another contraction." Dr. McKnight said, feeling on the top of her belly. "Get ready for a birthday party."

"Oh, we've been ready for a birthday party." Mimi groaned, sitting up on the bed. "Spent nine months getting ready."

"Koumiko, how would you like to get a jump on your duties of being a big sister"

"Sure" Koumiko cheered, eyes brightening. "What can I do?"

"Scoot over here by me and when I call for the bulb sucker, hand me that blue thing right there." The doctor instructed, pointing to the bulb syringe. "And when I call for clamps, hand those two yellow things to me, and when I call for the scissors—"

Oh wow! Koumiko gets to help out! I wish I could. Tatsuha thought, peeping from behind the chair.

"I hand you these" Koumiko said, picking up and holding the pair of scissors on the bed.

"Very good! You're a great assistant." Dr. McKnight said, nodding. "And I'm sure Tatsuha would like to help out too" he said, taking off his glasses and cleaning them on his scrub top. "Wouldn't you, Tatsuha?"

Izzy, Mimi and Koumiko looked at the African-American doctor in confusion. "Wha…"

"I may be farsighted, but I'm not all the way blind." Dr. McKnight said, still not turning around to face the chair. "I noticed that Koumiko didn't close the door all the way. The light from outside was beaming into the room and shining on the wall over there." He continued, pointing to a small slit of light cast on the back wall behind the bed.

"When the light got wider, I knew that someone was slowly opening the door. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw a shadow in the light slowly edges in, and then I saw the light on the wall disappear as the door was closed. Since the only place close by the door to hide was the chair, I deduced that would be the easiest place to hide."

"Come on out, Tatsuha. I know it's you because I overheard you and Koumiko talking about where babies come from. I know for a fact that a five year olds curiosity is one of the strongest things in this world or a digital one."

"Oh, It's coming! It's coming" Mimi cried, holding her stomach. "Can we talk about this another time? I don't give a care that he's in the room! Just get this kid outta me!"

"Well, you may as well come on," Dr. McKnight said, diverting his attention back to the task. "You wanted to know where babies come from, you're going to get a crash course. Mimi, go ahead and push."

Mimi groaned and strained, as Izzy held her hand, supporting her back as she arched forward. "Come on, mommy. Come on. There you go."

"Wow…" Tatsuha and Koumiko gasped. "Mommy, does that hurt" Koumiko whispered eyes wide with curiosity.

"MM-HMM!" Mimi growled through clenched teeth, face still squinted in a scowl.

"Okay. The head is almost out, Mimi. We got a forehead…little nose…a mouth…and…. Stop" Dr. McKnight said, holding up a hand. "That's it! The head is out! There we go"

"Oh!" Mimi sighed, falling back on the bed, sobbing. "Just get him out! Get him out!"

"We're working on that now. Bulb sucker, Koumiko." Dr. McKnight called, holding out his hand.

"Koumiko, eyes brimming with tears, handed the bulb syringe to the doctor who then began sucking out the baby's nose and mouth.

"Marvelous. Now, just give me some gentle pressure, Mimi. Just like last time. The shoulders are the widest part, but once we get through that, we're in spades."

Mimi grunted as Dr. McKnight gently pulled out the child's shoulders. Tears started streaming down her face as she felt a great release from inside her body.

"And that's how we do it." Dr. McKnight said, as he set the now crying child on Mimi's stomach and covered both of them with a blanket. "We have a boy."

Koumiko and Tatsuha hugged each other tightly, laughing and crying. "It's a baby! It's a baby!" They cried, tears streaming down their cheeks and their grins growing by the second.

"I knew you were a boy! I knew you were a boy" Mimi cried, cuddling her new son in her arms. "Oh, my precious little boy."

"Do you see him, Koumiko" Izzy whispered, kissing his daughter on her forehead"It's your new baby brother. He looks just like you."

Koumiko slowly scooted up to the head of the bed with her father, mother and new baby brother. "Awww, he's so cute." She cooed, gently touching his forehead. "Mommy, why is he so slimy"

"Because he was in mommy's tummy for nine months. It's going to wash off." Mimi sighed, kissing her daughter and her son on the forehead.

Tatsuha stood from behind the chair and walked over to the bed, standing right by Koumiko. "You mean he was living in your tummy for nine months, Aunt Mimi?"

"He sure was, Tatsuha."

"Neat! Hey, Aunt Mimi?"


"Can you do that again?"

"Okay, now press this button here, and read the number."

"Six pounds and one ounce."

"Very good! Not as big as you were when you were born." Dr. McKnight said, writing some information on a clipboard. "But he'll grow."

"Um, Dr. McKnight." Tatsuha said, tugging at the doctor's scrubs. "You won't tell my parents, will you"

"Tell your parents what? That you were trying to find the bathroom and accidentally wondered in here right when the baby was born" Dr. McKnight said, a small grin forming on his lips while he wrapped up the newborn in a blue blanket. "Wouldn't think of it."

"So, this is your job" Tatsuha asked, as the doctor picked up the bundle from the scale. "Delivering babies"

"Yep. That's my job. Its messy, but seeing people so happy-."


Dr. McKnight quickly scooped up the newborn and gently jogged back into the bedroom. "What's happening"

"I don't know! I was just lying here, my stomach was cramping, and all of a sudden, I feel a lot of pressure and a big gush of water" Mimi cried out, eyes wide with fear. "What's happening to me"

"Take your son for me, will you, Izzy" the doctor urgently said, handing the newborn boy to a shocked father. "Mimi put your legs up for me, please and let me check you out."

Mimi groaned as she propped her legs up. "What's going on? I delivered the placenta ten minutes ago."

"What's happening Dr. McKnight" Koumiko asked, walking up beside him. ""What's wrong with my—HEY MOMMY! There's another baby down here!"

Dr. McKnight's eyes widened in shock. "Out of the mouth of babes speaks the truth." He muttered, looking at the crowning baby's head. "Mimi, I'll explain later, right now, you need to push."

"I don't believe this" Mimi growled through clenched teeth as her face squished together in a grimace. "There is no way…NO way…"

"Koumiko, come here. Since you called it first, you get to catch him." Dr. McKnight said, pushing Koumiko in front of him at the foot of the bed. "Now, make your hands cup like this" He ordered, taking her hands and forming them into a cup. "And gently grab a hold of the baby's head like this."

With eyes shut closed, Koumiko felt the doctor take her hands and set them on something hard and squishy. "Whoa!" She cried, feeling the warm feeling in her fingers.

"Good. Now gently guide him…or her…out of your mommy's tummy. Tatsuha, you stand by with the bulb sucker and when she calls for it, hand it over to her." Dr. McKnight ordered, setting the five-year-old right next to Koumiko.

"Y-Yes sir." Tatsuha stuttered.

"Okay, Mimi, you don't have that far to go, so start pushing."

Mimi groaned and strained, panted and screamed, as Koumiko gently guided the baby's head out of her mother. Izzy sat back down on the bed, still holding their oldest son.

"We weren't ready for this…we really weren't ready for this…" he repeated over and over again. "Mimi, we weren't ready for this"

"You better get ready." Mimi screamed out, as she felt a small release as the baby's head fully emerged.

"Okay…stop! Mimi! Stop" Dr. McKnight cried out, holding up his hand. "The head is out! Koumiko, what do we do now"

"Bulb sucker, Tatsuha" the young girl cried.

Tatsuha wiped the tears from his eyes. "Bulb sucker" he echoed, handing the suction device to Koumiko.

"I think I'll take this one." Dr. McKnight said, plucking the device from her hands and reaching over to suction out the nose and mouth. "Scoot over a second, Koumiko. It's going to be difficult to get those shoulders out, but you can finish up, okay? Mimi, I need a strong push."

"This…can't…be…happening" Mimi groaned, as the doctor guided out the baby's shoulders. "There we are. Koumiko, you're up! You're going to gently pull while your mommy pushes, and when the baby is out, put it up on her, now hopefully empty, tummy."

"Okay! Push mommy! Push!" Koumiko cheered, gently guiding out her new sibling.

"All right, sweetheart, this is turning out to be a surprise party" Mimi said, grinning as she bared down. "Come on"

"It's out mommy! It's out" Koumiko cried, tears streaming down her face as she set the new baby on her mommy's stomach.

"What is it, Dr. Izumi? You're the first one who gets to find out." the doctor said, draping mother and baby in a blanket.

Koumiko looked under the blanket. "It's a girl! I have a sister! I have a sister" she cried, wiping her eyes. "I got a brother and a sister!"

"One of each, my sweetness." Izzy cooed in Mimi's ear, handing her their older son. "One of each. What a gift."

"Wow, Aunt Mimi! You had two in your tummy, right after I asked you if you could do it again" Tatsuha said, grinning. "Do you think you could do that—"

"Oh no you don't, you little fertility idol" Dr. McKnight interjected, quickly covering his mouth and pushing him towards the door. "You go wake up your parents and tell them what happened. The last thing we need is surprise triplets!"

Knock, knock, knock…

"Yes, come in."

"Heard you had your hands full today."

Dr. McKnight looked up from his notes and grinned at the lady who walked in and sat at the edge of his desk.

"Mimi and Izzy Izumi welcomed one baby boy, and then ten minutes later, welcome a baby girl that didn't show up on any ultrasounds." Dr. Miles said, grinning. "Didn't you learn your lesson last time"

"Ah, shaddup." Dr. McKnight said, sighing. "The point is mother and baby…err…I mean, babies are doing just fine, and I am off for the night."

"You off tomorrow"

"I just have one appointment at three tomorrow afternoon." Dr. McKnight replied, looking at his computer. "Quick prenatal exam."

"Who's the couple?"

The young doctor looked up in her eyes and sighed slightly. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."

What time was that appointment for the doctor's angel?

It's at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Dr. McKn—I mean Josh set us up on his day off.

Great. Can you believe that we're doing this again?

Almost too good to be true.

Good night, Mommy! Good night daddy!

Good night, Mommy! Good night daddy!

Good night Takashi! Good night Kishi!

Good night T.K

Night Kari.


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