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Yugi groaned, feeling too comfortable to open his eyes. Against him was pressed something warm and soft, and he buried his face in that source of comfort, breathing in deeply the smell of frankincense and wine. He frowned, feeling that something wasn't right. His mind had a vague recollection of being panicked, but he felt too foggy to recall why.

'What is this?'

Whatever he was resting his head on, it was steadily moving up and down. He almost unwillingly opened his bleary violet orbs, blinking to focus his vision. In front of his eyes, he saw blue fabric and buttons, a shirt to be exact. It was the uniform for his school. His whole body froze in sudden realization. The boy's eyes traveled up from the shirt, to the black collar so snugly wrapped around an elegant neck, to smiling lips, and hungry wine-red eyes.

Gasping, he tried to sit up and pull away, the anxious, erotic memories returning to him, but those strong arms that had kept him hostage recaptured him, snaking their way around his waist and pulling the little one close. "You won't escape from me, aibou."

"I-it's…you..." He spoke almost in a whisper and his voice was shaking, but then he managed to shout, "Who are you! Why did you bring me here!" Pausing for a moment, he looked at his current surroundings. "Where are we?"

There were no walls; only pillars and a roof of sandstone, and mounted up and down them were oil lamps. The oils they burned smelled like cloves, the perfume lingering in the air like the last note of a song's end. The moon was beginning to rise and shone bright, it's holy silver light bathing the desert sandsa pristinewhite. Before the bed was a large square void in the stone flooring where stood a pool of water. It seemed this temple-like structure was built around an oasis. Next to the bed were placed two beautifully carven wooden nightstands from which the wonderful aroma of cedar exuded. On each tabletop was placed two or three fat candles and a bowl of more oils in which bursting silver roses floated lazily. (In case you didn't know, silver roses are a pale lavender color.)

The area of the bed seemed to be raised a bit on a sort of platform. Above the two was a canopy of gold hues rendered in silk, softly aglow with candlelight. Below him, Yugi could feel the softness of an undetermined material covered in silk that made up the mattress. His own body was swathed in the cool iridescent material, though it was bright red to match his blush.

"We are in one of the many 'mysteries' of my soul room, love. I would've brought you here while you were conscious, but you seemed a bit… startled. I thought a little nap would help clear your head." Quickly moving on, he buried his nose in the boy's hair. Yugi squirmed and he blushed, a brilliant scarlet shade painting his delicate cheeks. The man pulled away for a moment. "Ra, you're superb…" he said as his eyes wandered over Yugi's exposed shoulders and chest. Only then did the boy realize that he had no clothes on. With a yelp, he managed to tear himself away from the other's arms, although he felt strangely content in their trappings. He also managed to fall off the bed with the silk fluttering after him like red streamers.

"W-what happened to my clothes!" cried Yugi indignantly, pulling the sheets tightly around himself.

The ruby-eyed man pulled himself closer to the edge of the bed, resting his chin in one hand. He reminded Yugi of a jungle cat, playing with its prey. "Well…I'm sure you remember what happened to your underwear…I just thought your top should match with your bottom." His body shook with silent laughter. Poor Yugi's whole face flushed with anger and embarrassment. He looked away embarrassedly and said quietly, "I don't even know you are…"

Though he was ashamed to admit it, Yugi could feel strange emotions stirring within him that made him want to blush. Perhaps he was still aroused from the previous incident, but those strong arms around him, the way the stranger's body pressed against his own, the scent of cinnamon and musk… Yugi shuddered and the man smiled, knowing what the young boy was thinking of.

"You say you do not know me, but it is you who named me, who held me, and told me your secrets...No, you know me very well."

Pulling himself off the bed, he bent down on one knee and gently turned Yugi's face so that they were eye to eye. "Tell me now that you do not know me, hikari…"

It was no longer debatable. Those ruby eyes, hikari, but how could it be?

"How can you be Jackal?"

Yugi's eyes went wide when the former four-legged creature pulled him into his lap, draping his arms around the boy's slender body. He craned his neck up to see the man's face.

"Well, you see, I suppose you could call Jackal my shadow. I am still that creature who listened to you faithfully as a friend, only in this form, I can better express my own emotions." He poked Yugi's nose. "It is the form I am forced to take when I am at my weakest and, it is because of you, my adorable aibou, that I am able to take human form." Lithe fingers gently cradled Yugi's face, caressing the smooth skin there that had become flushed from innocence. The gap between them closed inch by inch, warm breath curling like the fine fragrance of myrrh against the youth's lips. "I never did thank you properly for taking care of me, did I?" Yugi was helpless, mesmerized by those hypnotic eyes.

"By the way…" he planted a kiss on his chin. "…I thought you should know that my real name…" Lips brushed over the corner of Yugi's mouth. "…is Atem, but of course…" he mumbled, a ghostly kiss brushing against rose petal skin. "…you could always just call me Yami."

"Yami…" Yugi muttered with eyes half lidded, and the ruby-eyed man smiled before roughly kissing the boy's supple lips, crushing the other's slim frame against himself. Yugi nearly swooned and drew back with small gasp. Taking advantage of the boy's open mouth, Yami pulled Yugi back and plunged his tongue into the boy's sweet mouth.

He delighted in the little one's taste, like the flesh of white peaches and fresh cream, sweet and cool and wonderful. Yami made sure to ravage that cherry mouth, pushing away the sheets eagerly as his fingers burned to touch every inch of the boy's smooth skin. His desire to take the little light was almost too much to bear. Yugi moaned and wrapped his arms around Yami's neck, drunk on the other man's taste. Everything of desire was new to him, including the passion of a lover's kiss. He reveled in the feeling of the other man's tongue playing with his own, coaxing the passion bubbling within Yugi's body to rise up. Like spiced wine, the intensity of the other made him feel light headed.

Then, despite his clouded thoughts of longing, doubt crept through.

'Why am I letting him touch me? Isn't this wrong? I barely know him. What would my friends think? What exactly is this feeling?'

Many thoughts like this swirled in his head, and Yugi's heart began to feel leaden. Small hands roughly pushed away from the man who called himself the Dark, though he didn't manage to escape from his lap. "No, no! Stop it!" Skin became ashen from dread. "Stop making me feel this way! Y-you have no right!" He quickly grabbed the discarded sheets, wrapping them around his body.

"Little bird…" Yami tried to console the light, but the boy batted his hands away. "Don't touch me! Stop touching me!" His heart felt so heavy and confused, and buried his face in his hands. "I…I can't think when you touch me…" But Yami didn't listen. He hugged the boy tightly, and though Yugi struggled a bit, he finally gave in to that warm embrace. "What makes you think…" Yugi stated solemnly, "…that you can do this to me?"

Yami smiled gently. "Do what? Stir your heart? Love you? Because, hikari, you are mou hitori no boku…my other self…. We are one in the same, love, yet very different. It was predestined that we would be joined, yami and hikari"

"Dark…and light?"

Kissing the boy gently on this forehead, he drew him close so that Yugi's head was resting on the dark's chest. When the light tried to pull away once more, Yami held on fast.

"No aibou. Don't you understand? I've been waiting for you, for so long… you are my other half. Is it not natural for me to want to feel complete?" Blushing, Yugi didn't resist when he felt himself being lifted up and being gently placed on the bed. Thirsty flame red eyes drank in the boy's pale skin, and Yugi instinctively tried to cover himself, his face regaining some color in embarrassment. Yami simply shook his head and unbuttoned his white shirt.

"Tell me something, Yugi…" He pushed both the blue and white shirts off at the same time, revealing an expanse of smooth, tan skin that stretched taught over lean muscles. Thin white scars marred his skin here and there, but they only served to make the striking man even more appealing. Yugi felt like his face was burning. He sat down next to the wide-eyed boy and leaned over him, his hands pressed against the bed on either side of his head. Yami's eyes were misty, and his tone serious.

"How many tears have you wished to shed? How many thousands of tears have you bottled up inside of yourself?" The young boy was startled.


"Tell me, precious one, how long have you been alone? How long have you watched as others laughed and cried and loved, while you could only sit and watch? You were lonely, weren't you? Tired of having to stand on your own legs all the time, with no one to turn to?" He very gently took the boy's face between his hands and licked away the trails of soft tears, kissing the boys flushed cheeks. Yugi didn't even realize he had started to cry.

"Know this…I will never leave you, because you are mine. Give me your pain, all of it. Let me have you."

When Yami pulled away, Yugi couldn't help but moan in protest. Yami smiled adoringly, briefly pressing his lips to the boy's once more before leaving a trail of kisses down his jaw line, settling on his neck. Like a man possessed, the dark spirit kissed the skin there feverishly, then unexpectedly bit down and drew blood.

Gasping in pain, Yugi instinctively tried to pull away, but Yami kept him pressed close and lapped at the pooling red liquid. "W-why did you do that?" said the innocent boy, a bit breathless.

"So that everyone can see that you have been claimed." There was a bit of a growl in his voice as he continued to kiss the boy's pale throat and chest, leaving a path of angry red love bites. He groaned and spoke in a low, dark, guttural tone. "Mm… even your blood is sweet…" He kissed the boy, biting his own lip so that his blood and the blood of the boy that lingered on his tongue mingled together. The innocent tasted that strange concoction, and the darkness stole his breath, making the world fade into the white desert sand.

Yami's hands roamed the soft skin that his mouth could not reach, and Yugi was no longer his own as deft fingers touched places where he'd never been touched. He was lost to his emotions, and Yami's honeyed words. Brutal kisses left his lips swollen, and he could only watch as a… a hunger raged behind Yami's eyes. That was the feeling, the name he could not find before. Rough lips bruised delicate skin, but Yugi couldn't stop the other even if he wanted to; his wrists were securely pinned above his head. All he could do was moan softly between swollen lips.

His eyes went wide and he gasped as he felt Yami's rough, wet tongue lick a flat nipple. The devilish man kissed and lapped and sucked at the hypersensitive nub, while one of his hands played with the other stiffening peak. Yugi had no idea that such pleasure could be felt from that area, and he arched his back, trying to get closer to that skillful tongue and hand. He struggled against the dark one's other hand, the one that kept his arms ensnared above his head. Yami pulled away for and instant and crushed the boy's lips in a wicked kiss.

"We'll have to find you a cage, little bird…" and Yami grabbed one of the discarded sheets, wrapping them around the helpless boys arms, then looping them through the bronze framework of his headboard.

"Much better…" and then the dark one returned to ravishing the youth's prostrate body.

The lips returned to the boy's nipples, and Yugi's breathing became shallow while he looked on helplessly as his body was pillaged of virtue. But then, the kisses traveled lower, tickling his abdomen, and so close to his newly arisen erection that he grew nervous. Strong fingers brushed against his inner thighs and Yugi's cheeks went aflame as he tried to close his legs. Yami pushed them apart, and Yugi couldn't help but wonder what the elder was planning on doing.

A halting gasp was torn from his lips when the shadowy fiend ran the same tongue that had teased his nipples up and down his member, licking away the bead of fluid that had escaped from the sensitive tip of the boy's arousal. It went on that way for a while, Yami slowly torturing Yugi with long, meaningful, firm strokes of his tongue. The youth's eyes had glassed over, each breath he drew through tremulous lips, and his wrists hurt from resistance against his bonds, but the pleasure that damned tongue was giving him, it was unbelievable.

Then, hungry lips wrapped around the tip of the boy's pulsing shaft, and he felt it enter the hot, wet, cavernous opening that was Yami's mouth.

The eager hikari's back arched and his hips lifted from the bed, and the wind was pulled from his lungs as his eyes went wide.

"Y-yami…!" was all managed the gasp out.

The skilled Yami began to gently suck, his tongue gliding around the little one's manhood. Only gasps could be heard from the helpless hikari, his eyes wide in un-experienced delight.

Yami began to pump Yugi in and out of his mouth, hands firmly pressing the boy's creamy thighs down, his own manhood becoming harder with each whimper and moan that came from those cherry lips. He grazed his teeth along the sensitive flesh, causing the boy to jump and struggle and mewl. Finally, when he could not resist taking the boy any longer, Yami withdrew, and Yugi collapsed, panting with eyes half lidded.


The little light was quickly hushed with a swift kiss.

"Hush, beloved, just let be still."

With that, Yami reached over and dipped his fingers a little into one of the bowls of oil next to the bed. Making sure that he was positioned between Yugi's legs so that he could not close them, the elder man then gently inserted an oiled finger into the boy's virgin entrance. There was little of the oil however, to make sure that there would still be a…pleasurable…amount friction. Yami grinned viciously at the thought.

Yugi softly grunted at the sudden intrusion, closing his eyes. Yami slowly began to move the finger in and out, and after a while, added a second finger, making scissoring motions to widen the opening. The boy squirmed a bit in pain, shedding a tear or two, but they were quickly kissed away. Then, with the addition of a third finger, more tears followed.

"Bear with me, little one. I promise you, the pain will not last long."

After a little while, he withdrew his fingers and quickly threw off the entrapments that were his pants, freeing his throbbing arousal. Looking down, Yugi couldn't believe how big Yami was. It wasn't just the length, but the girth of his erection was something to wonder at. It was hard to imagine how he would fit into Yugi's little body. The darker half could only smile.

"Like what you see?"

Blushing madly, Yugi shut his eyes and looked away. "I-I wasn't-I mean, I didn't mean-"

Yami watched the stammering boy, his eyes taking in the enthralling sight of the boy's beautiful body laid out before him, and only for him. He harshly turned Yugi's face and kissed him again.

"Don't close your eyes. I want to see them as I take you."

The young one swallowed hard, nodding, and Yami pushed the boy's legs up onto his shoulders. Yugi tensed up when he felt the tip of the huge member pressing at his entrance.

"Don't be tense, or it will hurt more." Yami tenderly stroked the boy's hair and kissed his face, relaxing him as the man had instructed. Then, he slowly pushed into the boy, gritting his teeth to try and keep control not to just start to pound away.

"A-ah…Nnh…" Yugi's full lips trembled as he felt himself being stretched, and he began to cry again. It was very hard to 'relax'. A mouth pressed against his own, suppressing shaky sobs. But then, when Yami inserted his cock to the hilt into the small boy, it hit a spot that made the boy's breath hitch and lilac eyes see stars. His little body quivered at the new sensation. Yami curved down and whispered huskily, "Now, wasn't that nice?" The boy didn't respond and just lay under his first lover, trembling and breathless..

Yami began pushing into the boy at a steady pace, grunting with effort to keep himself in control, and each time he filled the youngone's tight little body, he hit the boy's prostate, causingYugito writhe in bliss. His eyes never left the boy's, their lusty crimson pools always keeping wondrous, cloudy amethyst ensnared by their sheer passion. Yugi pondered how anyone could feel such intensity for him.

But soon, Yami broke into a frenzied tempo, unable to restrain his zeal. The scent of fresh blood reached Yugi's nose, but it didn't matter. The intermingling of pain and lustful abandon created a sort of gory pleasure that was exquisite.

"Ra…so tight…!" The hot friction of his small lover was maddening.

Their muffled grunts and moans hung in the air as they kissed in the midst of their fervor, as did the primal scent of their love making. The two were both breathing hard, wanton lust stealing the very air from their chests as soon as their lungs were filled. Dark, calloused hands ran over burning alabaster skin, teasing, promising fulfillment. Blood-red eyes glowed hotter than the flames of hell in scorching, desirous hunger, while delicate lavender was eaten up by those flames in reckless abandon.

Yugi's little hands gripped at his silk restraints, bruising frail wrists and straining every muscle. The hikari's slim hips bucked as he tried to match his lover's wild thrusts. The youth could feel the intense heat of his mate's body, the pulse of the man's throbbing erection as he filled the smaller boy's body and became one with him. His desire had been awakened by the lesson of lust bred into him and into every human; a lesson that was bornof the first lovers.

A rough hand wrapped around Yugi's member and Yami began to finish the job that his mouth had started in time with his own thrusts. "Oh…Oh, Yami…!" cried Yugi. The dark's free fingers entangled themselves in his hikari's hair and harshly jerked him up.

"Say it again…Say my name again!" A fierce kiss drew blood from the hikari's lips, and the dark's tongue eagerly lapped at it, his desire in complete control of him. And many times when Yugi was brought close to the edge, he would scream out the dark beast's name, but then that tease of a lover would slow down and still his hands for a moment, wrenching his prisoner back from the brink without satisfaction, only to start the process over again. Nimble fingers continued to find places that made the young one gasp and shudder as a hot tongue lathed attention on his neck and nipples. He didn't know how long the other tortured him this way, but after a time, his slender throat felt raw from his pleasured screams.

Yami's grin was feral as he watched the once innocent light nearly weep for climax, and finally the dark couldn't keep himself contained any longer. With a loud groan, he thrust himself deeply into his hikari's center one last time and came in the boy, his hot seed spilling into the boy's core. There was so much that it spilled out, covering the boy's thighs. He let out a long, low moan, his lust for the boy at it's peak.

"Oh…Yami… Ah…!"

Yugi finally climaxed as he felt the hotness of the darkness's lust overflowing within him, throwing his head back and screaming silently in sweet, searing release. He went blind for a minute as white hot ecstasy took place of the blood in his veins, back arching in mind blowing rapture. His muscles tightened around Yami's huge manhood, forcing every drop of semen from him, as well as another groan.

Yami fell to the side and pulled Yugi on top of his chest, kissing him and forcing his tongue into the boy's sweet and abused little mouth. His hands gripped the boy's waist, and he tightly pressed the hikari's hips to his own, sliding out and drawing a sigh from bruised cherry lips. Yami reached up and undid the silk that had trapped Yugi's slim wrists, and held them delicately in his hands. A ring of purple surrounded each once flawless wrist, and the dark one affectionately kissed them, pressing the palms of those small, cramped hands to his face.

"You were perfect, my love."

Hazy violet eyes looked on exhaustedly into the still raging fires of ruby.

"It's time for you to rest, and tomorrow, you will not awake alone…"

And almost as soon as these words were uttered, Yugi fell into an exhausted sleep. Yami kissed the sweet boy's head and grabbed a towel and wiped away the evidence of their spent passion. As his hands ran over the silky skin, he contemplated taking the young hikari again in his sleep, but the thought was fleeting.

Red, the color of blood, anger, passion and love; red silk was wrapped around their bodies now. A cool, desert breeze blew over them, and the lanterns flickered out by the dark soul's will.

The silver moon and the stars stood in the dark sky, silent witnesses to their passionate moment of confession and love and sex. The dark soul gently stroked the little one's back, holding him closely, guardedly, as if the starry gods would try and pluck the exquisite little bird from his arms. But the moon, their mother, blanketed the two lovers in her silver mantle, protecting them from the greed of her children.

"Rest well, my love, my song bird, now that you know that we will face the world together…"



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