Naruto100 challenge: Switch

It was times like this when Ino was really thankful that Shikamaru took it upon himself to teach her Shougi. Of course, she had yet to win a game. And lately, they've yet to finish one. Ino always got distracted by something regarding Shikamaru, and after a while, she had him pinned under her with clear intention.

Like usual, he wasn't struggling as she was removing both of their articles of clothing. She knew he enjoyed it as much as she did, or else he would've stopped her. When she removed her shirt, though, she caught a strange expression on his face. Was he... smirking?

Before she knew it, his hands caught her wrists, and in her surprise, it didn't take him long for him to reverse the pin. All she could do was get out a squeakedm "Shika..what?" in reaction.

"This time," he answered, one hand pinning both of her wrists above her head, the other, dealing with the rest of her clothes, "I get to be on top."