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Summary: After Kagome catches Inuyasha and Kikyo together (YET AGAIN! GRR!) she decides that enough is enough and isolates herself from Inuyasha and the others completely. Lost and broken, Kagome puts all of her trust and pain into the man who only ever truly claimed her as his own...Koga. Time passes and the two become close...VERY close. In an act of desperation, Inuyasha makes an effort to win back Kagome's trust and companionship. When she decides to forgive, she subconsciously in turn FORGETS about the heart of the wolf prince...selfishly leaving him in the cold. Now Kagome must pay for her sins of manipulation and suffer the consequences of a true and deadly...obsession.

Obsessed, Devoured, and Disturbed

Chapter 1: Leave Me

The night air was cool against her milky skin as she made her way out of the Bone Eaters Well. She had spent the last three days taking her finals and the simple thought of failure frightened her still. Part of her could still not concieve the fact that she actually made it into high school in the first place considering the fact that she had spent most of her school days fighting demons in the Feudal Era. It had been two years since she first made her journey to this still yet strange world; two years since she had first met Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku and Sango...oh and of course Kirara. Wow, has it really been that long? She thought as she threw her enormous bag over her shoulder and proceeded to Kaede's village.

The Feudal Era was almost like a second home to her now. Though the thought of fighting demons day after day and chasing after one specifically ruthless scum of the earth demon didn't exactly fit into the 'Home Sweet Home' category, that wasn't the point. She had friends here. Friends that she depended on and would lay her life down for in a minute. And she didn't doubt for a second that they would do the exact same for her. They were quite a group; A priestess, a demon slayer, a monk, along with two demons and a half-demon. She laughed to herself at the oddness of the prospect, but regardless they all cared for one another deeply and truly that was all that mattered.

As she passed by a few trees, she felt a strange wind pick up around her. She turned to her right only to see the departing tail of a Soul Gatherer; Kikyo's Soul Gatherers. That's one of Kikyo's Soul Gatherers. Is she nearby somewhere? Kagome's eyes widened as she watched it disappear into the canopy of forest trees. Deep down she knew that she probably should have just let it be and went on about her way. And she would always wish that she had.

She quickly followed behind the floating Soul Gatherer deeper into the forest. The grass swished beneath her feet with every step as she slightly picked up speed. The lights became brighter as she caught sight of an opening centered in the forest. Huh? Immediately she stopped in her tracks, shocked and hurt by the words that she so conveniently just happened to walk upon to hear.

"...And the girl?" Her tone was sultry and slightly dark as it caused a tremble to run throughout Kagome's body.

"Girl?" His amber eyes bored intensely into her own dark pools as he spoke hoarsely.

"You know of whom I speak, Inuyasha." She stated firmly.

Biting his lip, he soon came to realize the identity of the girl in question. "Kagome." He breathed sorrowfully.

"What path will you choose, Inuyasha?" She began slowly. "Is she everything that you want if any at all? Are you satisfied with the way things are?" She questioned as her Soul Gatherers swam around her like ghostly snakes.

Inuyasha bowed his head as his eyes burned into the ground. He had been going through this for two years; trying to choose. He was so confused, and lost. He didn't know what course to take. He slowly raised his head to meet eyes with the woman that stood before him. Her eyes held such coldness, sadness...aloneness. His eyes had held that look before, long before he had met...Kagome. What was she to him? She's a friend. Or was she more? I-I don't...I can't...

"Inuyasha!" The bold sound of her voice brought him back to life as he opened his mouth to speak once more.

"No." He said simply.

"No? No to what, Inuyasha? Have you finally abandoned your childish cowardice and decided to choose?" She spoke firmly once again.

His voice cracked with each syllable that he spoke. "Y-yes, I have."

"Then tell me, Inuyasha, what path have you chosen?" She questioned.

"Kagome she's..." Inuyasha trailed, causing Kagome's heart to speed up in pace at the anticipation. This was just as nerve-racking for her if not more.

"She's what?" Kikyo questioned plainly.

"She's, not everything that I want." Inuyasha began shortly.

"Oh?" Kikyo commented with undefeated confidence.

"She's, not everything that I want because...she's not really you." Inuyasha began. "Everytime I look in her eyes I find myself looking right back at you, and I try to forget you...bury the past and leave it where it belongs but, I can't do that when your reflection's there with me every moment."

"So what are you saying Inuyasha, that you're tired of being bound to my projection? That you would rather be with my true self, and me only?" Kikyo pried.

Taking in a breath, Kagome nearly felt her world freeze at the answer she knew was to come. "Yes."

"Then what are you waiting for? Come Inuyasha." Kikyo extended her hands out to him catching him in a tight embrace. "You and I Inuyasha, we are fated souls, meant to be together until the bitter end. Never forget that."

"I won't." Inuyasha breathed into Kikyo's hair as he lightly scented the darkened tresses. He gazed into her eyes heatedly as an electric surge passed through the both of them, drawing the two of them into passionate kiss.

Kagome could barely breathe. She wanted to run away, she wanted to escape, but it was almost as if she were being held against her will. How...how could you? After everything... Her heart felt as if it had been ripped from her very body, carrying the remainder of her soul along with it. She had loved Inuyasha dearly as her friend. No, he was more than just a friend to her. But love that is one-sidedcan never prosper. Two years of honesty, loyalty, and devotion to him that she had given. She had always known that a part of him would always belong to Kikyo, and she had accepted that. She had also accepted the fact that he had seemed to be getting over the fallen priestess. Slowly but surely she was beginning to gain a larger space in his heart. Or at least, so she thought.

She continued to watch them in their moment of passion. It had deepened as half-demon and priestess both tore and grasped at the other's garments with burning desire, need, and love. Their tongues in an all out duel for dominence as the world around them disappeared and no one but the two of them existed alone together. Kagome, at many moments in her alone time with Inuyasha would sometimes get that feeling that no one else in the world existed, that it was the two of them in their fellowship. But now she had placed her self at the eye of the storm. Somehow she just couldn't erase the guilt that her pain was somehow her own fault. Maybe I was too clingy. Was I just a bother to him? She grazed her brown eyes down to the forest floor. I'm so stupid. Of course this is my fault. He tried to make me stay away before, but I couldn't bear the thought of being away from him. Maybe deep down, he was only "putting up" with me. I'm such an idiot! Kagome yelled to herself as tears began to fill her eyes. She had to get out of there before she was seen, or worse yet sensed or smelled. Using all of her strength she immediately ran in the opposite direction, not really paying attention to her direction. She didn't care if she was running into a death trap set up by Naraku himself, at this moment death seemed like a much more inviting concept other than the one she was currently abandoning.

It seemed as if she had ran for hours as her breath began to escape her body laboriously. She had to stop. She collapsed to her knees, not even bothering to look up and observe her surroundings. Had she done so she would've noticed that she was now not only far away from Kaede's village and Inuyasha, but she was in dangerous territory. Leaning her back against a tree, she weakly grimaced at the pulling sensation on her hair. She slightly lurched forward and hissed at the stinging sensation of individual strands of her hair being violently pulled from her scalp. "Ow!" She griped as she rubbed the back of her head to soothe the ache. It was sticky and tangled her hair horribly. "Eww!" She pulled her hand back and gaped at her open palm, covered in a white sticky substance. "Ick! What is this?" And then is when she decided to look around. It was everywhere. Beds and mats of a white, stringy, sticky, substance that covered the trees in bushes in the entire area. "Oh gross! Spiders!" Leaping to her feet, she reached for her bag but noticed that it was stuck to the ground. "Oh come on! Ugh! Nice job Kagome! How about curing your aching breaking heart by running off and getting yourself killed!" She scolded herself as she tried to pull her bag up from the grips of the spider webs. Unfortunately, the grip was so strong that she ended up falling back onto her bottom, into yet another pile of webs. "Eww! This is disgusting!"

As she tried to free herself from the webs, she noticed the area becoming shadowed by the silhouettes of large eight-legged creatures. She shivered with fear as she tried aimlessly to free herself from the grasp of the spider webs. "Oh, where's a can of bug spray when you need it?" Kagome griped as she squirmed uncontrollably in efforts to release herself. She guessed that she probably looked even more like a fly caught in a web by the way in which she moved about.

She could hear them hissing as they drew closer to her. She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting to see what she knew was to come next. Suddenly, a pulsing sensation went throughout her body; a pulsing sensation that she knew all to well. Sacred jewel shards! They're approaching fast! She quickly opened her eyes into the direction of the approaching shards only to come face to face with the venom dripping fangs of an enlarged spider demon. "Ah, get away!" She cried out as she again made an attempt to free herself from the webs to no benefit.

Then, in the distance, she could see what appeared to be a tornado approaching with incredible speed. Could it be? Her eyes widened once she saw the blurred image of a fur clad foot making contact with the head of her predator.

"Hey, didn't your mother ever teach you that it's not healthy to eat this late?" She heard a male voice sound as the tornado began to disperse revealing that of none other than the handsome wolf prince himself, Koga.

"Koga!" Kagome called in relief.

"Don't worry Kagome, I'll take care of these overgrown pests!" Koga assured as he fought off the two spiders with precision and perfection, leaving behind no more than their broken remains. He made his way over to Kagome and easily gathered her into his arms, freeing her from the spider webs. "You alright Kagome?" He asked with genuine concern.

"Yeah but, how'd you know where to find me? Better yet, how'd you even know that I was in trouble?" Kagome questioned.

"Well, actually I didn't." Koga stated innocently.

"What?" Kagome's eyes widened.

"Well, it just so happened that I was catching tomorrow's breakfast for the pack when I smelled the foul scent of spiders nearby. So naturally I decided to follow." Koga stated plainly. "It wasn't until I started to get closer that I picked up on your scent, and that's when I moved into action. I guess you could say that I was at the right place at the right time!" Koga smiled.

"Yeah." Kagome replied lightly.

"I guess this means that we truly are meant to be, Kagome. It's obvious that it was fate that led me to cross paths with you tonight." Koga gathered her hands into his own and gazed deeply into her eyes. Usually he would get a half-hearted chuckle from her, but not this time. Something was off in her expression...she had none. Her eyes were so empty, almost as if her soul had been extracted from her very body. He couldn't help but ask. "Kagome, is there something wrong? What were you doing this deep in the forest anyway?"

She had to blink to come back to herself once again. Her mind was slowly drifting. She was slowly drifting. "Oh, it's nothing." She stated flatly.

"Kagome," Koga lifted her chin with his index finger forcing her to meet eyes with him. "you can tell me anything. You're my woman, and if something's bothering you, I want to know what it is. I want to help." His words were so true and sincere that she couldn't help the tears that filled within her eyes again. Before she knew it, she had broken down into a shaken cry against Koga's chest. She was so upset, words couldn't explain...only her tears would suffice. Koga gently wrapped his arms around her small shoulders, bringing her closer to him. "It's alright." He breathed into her hair. "Do you need me to take you back to the village-"

"No!" Kagome immediately protested, much to his surprise. "Just...is it alright if I, go with you instead?"

He smiled in her hair, and couldn't help but answer with an eager expression. "Anything you want Kagome, I'm here."

She had always wanted to hear those words but only from anothers lips. Inuyasha...no, I'm done and I'm never going back. It's over. She looked up into Koga's face. He was generally a nice guy, and had promised loyalty and devotion to her at any cost. If she could only have gotten what Koga offered her out of Inuyasha, then maybe she wouldn't feel so empty, cold, and alone. But maybe I don't have to be. At the moment she was a walking void...a black hole, and near soullessness. If Koga was the answer to filling the craters within herself, then why throw all of that away so carelessly? She bent down and gathered her bag and started to throw it over her shoulder. She then felt a hand on her shoulder and then the weight of her bag being lifted from her.

"Allow me." He said kindly as he threw her bag over his shoulder, wrapping his free arm around her waist as he led her away towards his home. He couldn't believe that Kagome was actually going home with him, and of her own wishes. Maybe this is the moment I've been waiting for. He glanced down towards Kagome, her expression was still that of death. Don't worry Kagome, with me, you'll never feel that way again...I promise you.

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