Summary: Chris doesn't know how to tell his family he has a boyfriend, so he keeps it a secret. But as one by one they find out, he finds himself in a embarrassing situation. :slash:

An. This is just a bit of fun, and might not be edited very well. After this prologue there will be one short chapter for everyone who finds out. The first will be Wyatt, who will he react?


As Chris walked into the swimming change room he tried not to stare at the great bodies the guys around him had. He knew that if anyone saw him checking another guy out, he was in deep shit. He didn't even want to think about what would happen. Sighing, he got dressed and headed out to where Wyatt was waiting for him. As he slowly trudged through the school, he wandered if he could write a spell to stop him liking other guys. Probably not.

Just as he was passing the main building a voice called from behind him and he stopped.

'Hey Haliwell, wait up a sec.'

He turned to see a boy running from a group of football jocks that had been hanging out round the corner. It was Matt, who was two years older than Chris and who he vaguely knew from some sports teams over the years. Also, Leo had had to erase his memory once after he saw Chris vanquish a demon once. Chris had always kinda avoided him after that.

'Hey Matt, what's up?' He asked casually, thinking that he just wanted him to pass a message on to Wyatt.

'Um...I just wanted to talk to you for a sec. Could you come with me?' He asked, looking down at the ground.

As Chris followed him into an empty classroom, he knew Wyatt would be pissed he was late. But he was interested in what Matt had to say, as he seemed so nervous and shy. Chris always remembered him as being very loud and confident. As Matt was closing the door, Chris saw how hot he was, and wondered why he'd never noticed before. Matt was at least half a foot taller than him and longish light brown hair and grey eyes. He was wearing baggy jeans and a sleeveless shirt.

'See Chris, I wanted just to ask you…um…if y-you..err.' He stared at his shoes, blushing and gripping the bottom of his shirt. Chris would have helped him, but he had now idea where this was going. Instead, he walked up and placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to smile reassuringly.

'Hey man, don't worry, it's all cool.' He didn't know what was cool, but was just trying to be nice. So you could imagine his surprised when Matt kissed him, full on the lips. Chris stood in shock for a moment, then pushed Matt away. Not because he wasn't enjoying it, but because he needed to have a moment to get a grip.

'Shit Chris, I'm so sorry! Crap, just forget about it.' Matt stammered, turning to leave. He looked ready to cry.

'Hey,' said Chris, stepping in front of him quickly and smiling shyly, 'I didn't mind.'

Matt looked at him in shock, then a small smile appeared on his face.

'Really?' he said, taking a step closer and looking into Chris' eyes, 'S-so would you maybe like to go out this Saturday?'

'I love to,' Chris grinned.

They smiled at each other for a moment, then Matt left with one last grin. When he was alone, Chris grabbed the nearest table to steady himself. He was sweating and shaking slightly, not quite being able to believe what had just happened. After sitting still for a few moments and breathing, he realised how late he was to meet Wyatt. Scrambling up, he ran as fast he could to where Wyatt was waiting. As soon as his brother saw him coming, he got out of the car; slamming the door behind him.

'Chris, where the hell have you been? Do you know how worried I was? Anything could have happened!' as he was ranting, he pulled Chris into a hug, 'Don't do that again, ok?'

'Stop being such a drama queen and get in the car.' Chris grumbled, but not being able to stop smiling.