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Leyline Project, Phase 2

The one known as White Fire knelt before the shadows, eyes closed and shoulders tensed. An overwhelming silence pressured the room making the darkness seem to close in around him. He could feel the presence of eyes on his face.

"What did they say?"

White Fire opened his eyes and watched the outline of a figure whose features were abstracted by shadows.

"They told me of an old prophecy about a man with red hair who wields a caster," answered White Fire. His answer was steady but his heart was not.

"A name?"

"They said they came across a man of such values a little while before Hazanko was killed. His name was Gene Starwind."

White Fire felt the eyes upon him narrow.

"You know what to do…"


"What do you mean you're not paying? We did the damn job just like you said!" Gene barked into the receiver. He glared at the man on screen challengingly, sizing him up.

"You think I'm paying you after what you and your lousy caster did to my warehouse!" yelled the man on the other end. "You're crazier than I thought!"

The screen flashed and blacked out as the man hung up. Gene grit his teeth angrily and slammed the phone back on the hook.

'Great,' Gene thought bitterly, 'Now how am I going to pay off that massive bar tab I wracked up without Jim knowing?!'

As if reading his thoughts, Gene's business partner Jim, stuck his head round the door and eyed Gene suspiciously.

"How'd it go?" he asked.

"Do you want the truth?" asked Gene sarcastically.

"Gene! Not again! What did you do this time to piss those guys off?"

"Shot a hole through the roof of the warehouse." said Gene in a monotone voice.

"You're kidding me! You asshole, you'll never get paid at this rate!" cried Jim disbelievingly. He sighed and rubbed his forehead wearily, "How much did you spend this time on the materials for the job?"

"1000 Wong."

"We'll never get out of debt at this rate. How much do we owe Fred now?" asked Jim gloomily.

"Beats me, don't worry about it."

"Yeah, beats you, harasses me," Jim mumbled.

Turning back round to his computer screen, Jim scanned his automatic update system.

"The bounty circle's dry," Jim glanced side long at Gene and muttered, "It's not like we can afford to be picky."

Gene shrugged indifferently and started heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Jim urgently.


"You can't just go out! We don't have the money! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US INTO EVEN MORE DEBT?!"

"Just think of it as me going out to look for a job?" suggested Gene, one foot already out the door.

"D'you know if they looked up 'broke' in the dictionary they'd find a picture of you Gene…Gene?" Jim leaned back in his chair and gawped at the space by the door where he had last seen Gene. The open door creaked treacherously, Gene was long gone.


Gene barged his way to the front of the bar and sat scowling at the bar tender.

"Usual?" asked the bar tender directing his question at the hunched figure of Gene Starwind.

"Make it a double." snapped Gene sulkily.

The bar tender fixed his drink and slid it with expert accuracy down to Gene, Gene caught it absent-mindedly, lost in his own thoughts. He looked down into the murky liquid before him and swirled it round steadily watching the growing whirlpool in his glass.

' Maybe Jim was right about me spending too much money…' considered Gene.

His eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration.

"Nah." he said to himself and downed the drink.

"You okay Gene, you look like you're down on your luck or something," said the bar tender wandering over.

At the sound of his name a figure sitting at the back of the bar stiffened. Gene caught the slight movement in the corner of his eye. For the first time he noticed the nameless figure sitting at the back of the bar with a pint of lagar. He had a black mask on and dark goggles that covered his eyes so his face was unreadable. He wore an armoured suit, not an inch of him was exposed. Gene's heart began to beat faster.

"I'm alright, a little strapped for cash that's all," said Gene not taking his eyes off of the silhouette in the corner. He beckoned for the bar tender to move closer to him.

"Who the hell is that asshole?" he asked motioning to the guy in black.

The bar tender was silent. Gene's eyes darted to the bar tender's stricken face. His face had suddenly gone shock white, his lips were quivering as terror gripped him, his eyes were small and unseeing.

"Th-th…" the bar tender stuttered.

Gene felt the prick of a gun on the back of his neck long before the bar tender managed to spit out the first word. The cold steel burned his flesh. The hand holding it was steady and firm, this guy was experienced. He could feel the old rush of a battle ensnare his senses.

"Don't move." hissed the guy venomously.

Beneath his cloak, Gene fingered the handle of his favoured caster gun, a thrill went up his arm.

" Sorry, I don't take orders from smartalic punks" he said. With lightening reflexes, Gene spun on the bar stool and made to knee the guy in the stomach. The figure sprang backwards without a sound and landed with a slight crunch on one of the bar tables. The figure moved a dark gloved hand to the centre of his stomach where the blow would have landed. It was almost as if he could feel it. He stood up ruthlessly and pointed his gun at Gene, Gene met this with his own caster gun, finger readied on the trigger.

"Now," said Gene gravely, "How about a name?"


Jim trudged into the kitchen complaining furiously to himself about Gene's irresponsible behaviour.

"He never does what's best for the team, he's always going off to get pissed or laid. Fred Luo's debt isn't gonna pay itself off and he just keeps spending more money. If we ever get out of debt I might open my own bank account to keep my share safe. Mmmmm…" sighed Jim sniffing the air. "Smells good."

"It's my new-" Melfina stopped dead. The pale hand guiding the wooden cooking spoon froze. Jim frowned questioningly.

Suddenly Melfina's back snapped dead straight, her hands were clamped to her sides as though bound by an invisible force. With one firm movement she had turned to face Gene, her eyes seemed dulled of light, her expression was blank.

Jim stood transfixed.


Melfina opened her mouth to reply, Jim knew before she said anything that this had something to do with the Leyline.

"Leyline Project: Phase 2."


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