By Jedi Princess Clarrisani

Warning: This story contains strong shonen ai. If you have a problem reading boy/boy love, then I would suggest that you turn back now. While this story is good, it just is not the story for you. However, if you like shonen ai, continue on and enjoy.

Author Note: Welcome to the final instalment of the Honesty Series/Saga. You've put up with all that has come before - Overture, Honesty and Honesty II - and now you have finally reached the end. I do hope you enjoy this final glance at the series.

Note to Angst fans: Something for you, whether you want it or not

Note to Mariah fans: She gets to tell her story in this fic, so now you'll know what was going through her head.

Thank You to my little sister for betaing this and for saying something other that 'yeah, it's okay'. I actually made some of your recommended changes. Thank you to Izure with whom I ran ideas by, and to Melanie for allowing me to rip off one of her pictures. Johnny plays a decent part just for you. And a big thank you to all those that have supported me during the series, such as Lady Snowblossom, Reiven, Fleeting Shadows (thank you for the emails!!!), and to every else who has reviewed over the year!

Couplings to be seen: Kevin/Lee, Kai/Ray, Tyson/Max, Tala/Bryan, Oliver/Enrique, plus more!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, nor do I own Beyblade. However, the bladers of Team Genesis and Panas Fomin are mine.

And let it begin…


Outside a bird twittered in the growing grey light, the edges of the sky slowly beginning to brighten with the approach of the new day. Inside, all was still, not a sound save for the even breathing of the six neko-jin, the youngest whimpering slightly, beginning to feel the first pangs of hunger that would soon wake her.

In another room violet eyes blinked open, the 17-year-old stifling a yawn as he cast his gaze around before resting his head back down onto the warm chest of which he was curled against. He hated waking early, but a small amount of excitement played through him. Today they would go. Today they would take the journey toward the final step in their quest.

Sensing the other's breathing shift, he smiled. "Looking forward to it?"

"Hm?" Orange-gold eyes blinked open sleepily. "To what?"

"The Finals." The younger snuggled closer to him. "We leave for the airport in a couple of hours, remember? Next stop: Russia."

"Mm. Cold, dull, and wet."

"Snow ain't wet."

"Is when it melts."

"It never melts."

"All snow melts."

"Can you see the bright side to anything, Lee?"

"When I want too." The 20-year-old smiled faintly, fangs glistening in the growing light. "What you doing awake so early, Kev?"

"I'm excited I guess. In a few hours we get to see the others again."

"True." Lee reached up with one hand, trailing his fingers through the long green hair, sighing as he remembered how only a few months before he had almost lost the former imp, and in that Lee had almost taken his own life. "You actually want to see Tyson again?"

"Tyson and Max aren't too bad." Kevin stifled another yawn. "However, I ain't looking forward to seeing the All Starz. Arrogant jerks."

Lee chuckled. "No arguments here. What about the Majestics?"

"Oliver and Enrique are pretty nice once you get to know them. Not too keen on Johnny and Robert though."

"How about the Demolition Boys?"

Kevin frowned. "Not too bad, actually. They keep to themselves for the most part, though Ian is as annoying as all hell."

Lee tugged playfully at the youngers hair. "So are you."

"Not like that I'm not."

"Mm." Lee gently kissed Kevin's forehead before burying his face into the others hair, breathing him in. "I noticed at the Pacific Tournament you and Bryan were getting pretty chummy."

"Define 'chummy'." Kevin stretched. "It's actually possible to have a civilised conversation with the guy. We also discovered we had some similar interests."

"Mm. Don't think I don't know about you two climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

"Heh. The rest of you were too chicken. Besides, we asked Tala and he said no." Kevin looked up toward the other. "Not jealous, are you Leeroy?"

"Of Bryan? Yeah right." Lee scowled. "Just don't trust the guy, that's all."

"Ray does."

Lee shrugged. "I don't do everything Ray does you know. It is possible for me to make my own choices."

"I know that." Kevin trailed his fingertips over Lee's chest. "Just pointing out that it takes a lot to make Ray trust someone that much, that's all."

"You have a point." Lee sighed, reaching out with his free hand and turning the clock to face him, one eyebrow raising as he saw the time. "Jeez. It's earlier than I thought."

"Mm." Kevin closed his eyes, smiling faintly. "Nice and quiet."

Lee couldn't help but chuckle. "You're not referring to little Honesty, are you?"

"Aw, come on. You've got to admit the kid has a pair of lungs on her."

"Kevin, she's not even one-years-old. Besides, you used to have a pair of lungs at that age too."

"So? I still have a pair of lungs once I get onto one of my insult spiels." Kevin opened his eyes and looked up toward the other. "Honesty is worse than I was, so Gary says. But hey, like mother like daughter."

"Mariah would kill you if she heard you say that."

"So would Meiying, but she's the same."

Lee nodded his agreement, mind drifting to Mariah's maroon-haired younger cousin who had offered her services as Honesty's carer while Mariah was training and battling in the Tournaments. "She does, but I think it's a Minx trait."

"Ah. Yeah, you might be right bout that." Kevin shifted so he lay on his stomach, folding his arms together on Lee's chest and resting his chin on them, staring up toward his boyfriend. "So what time are you plannin' on heading out?

Lee frowned. "Sometime between 10 and 12. Gotta try and be flexible in case Honesty decides to leave us another present in her nappy."

Kevin wrinkled his nose at the memory of a bus trip where Honesty had done just that. "You know, I think I'm actually getting used to it."

Lee smirked. "Meiying told me the other day she reckons you'd make a great dad."

"Teh. As if."

"No, I agree with her. You were always great with kids." Lee raised an eyebrow. "Shina absolutely adores you."

Kevin rolled his eyes. "Lee, your sister has been walking around the village telling everyone she was going to marry me since she was four. And she's what now? 10?"

"11." Lee sighed. "Nine years younger than me, remember?"

"Mm. She's got two years on Cale. Sometimes I forget, that's all. I mean, they act about the same age."

Lee nodded, letting one arm slide around Kevin's waist while the other hand reached up to smooth the teen's hair. "I still reckon you'd make a great father."

"Not gettin' all mushy on me, are you Lion?" Kevin raised a green eyebrow. "Technically you're at the age most of the guys back at the village get married and have kids if they hadn't already. Not feeling the urges, are you?"

"You kidding me? I love the freedom." Lee found the spot behind Kevin's ear and scratched, the younger purring softly as violet eyes drooped. "Besides, neither of us are ready for a commitment like that anyway."

The eyes opened slightly. "Commitment?"

"To having kids. Big commitment that." Lee glanced toward the doorway. "Personally, I don't think Mariah was ready for it either."

Kevin shrugged, eyes closing again. "The bitch is 18. She can handle it."

"She was 17 when she had Honesty, and don't call her a bitch."

"And why not?"

"Because she'll just slap you again like last time."

"Gah." Kevin rolled off Lee and onto his back, knitting his fingers together behind his head as he stared up toward the roof. "Not like it hurts. Mariah slaps like a girl."

Lee raised an eyebrow. "Mariah is a girl."

"Fine. She slaps like a fairy."

"Ah, Kev-"

"Oh shut up."

Lee chuckled, rolling onto his side and leaning down to kiss the younger. "Too early in the morning, hm?"

"Yeah." Kevin's eyes cracked open to look up at him. "How do you put up with me, Lee? I'm just a general pain in the arse."

"I put up with you because I love you." Lee brushed the hair back from Kevin's face, kissing his forehead. "Besides, you were the one who took out Tyson in the decider at the Asian Tournament."

Kevin smirked. "Not that anyone gave me any credit for that. I mean, all they cared about was that Max defeated Gary and Mariah drew with Ray. No mention of the fact you took down Tyson and I finished him off. We're just not the Blade Breakers."

"Yeah, I noticed that." Lee frowned. "Certainly popular, aren't they."

"Guess they are the defending champions." Kevin shrugged, bringing one hand from behind his head to play over Lee's jaw, tugging gently at the goatee. "Even the Demo Boys are getting shunted from first page for the Breakers."

"You have a point there."

Kevin raised an eyebrow. "Not to mention both Ray and Kai are heart throbs, and Tyson is starting to turn into a real sex idol as well now he's lost some weight. And Max ain't half that bad either."

"Maybe, but last I heard it was you and Tala leading the 'sex idol' race."

Kevin blushed faintly. "Um… yeah."

"Makes no difference to me though." Lee kissed him again. "You'll always be the runty kitten."

Kevin growled, glaring at him. "You see any runts around here?"

"Well, maybe not now. You have grown after all." Lee chuckled. "But you used to be the thing we tripped over just over a year ago."

Kevin snorted. "You used to trip over me deliberately. Gave you something to complain about."


"Gee thanks."

Lee continued to chuckle, cupping Kevin's face in his hands. "But you've gotten a whole lot cuter since then."

"Don't make me feel better." Kevin rolled his eyes. "Sucking up ain't gonna get you anywhere."

"Sucking up, no. But how about sucking face?"

"Gah!" Kevin sniggered. "I'm a bad influence on you, Captain. You're starting to pick up my lingo."

"True." Lee kissed him. "Still, think it would work?"

Kevin bit his lip trying to bite back his grin. "It might."

"Just 'might', eh?" Lee grinned, kissing him again and letting it linger. "I think it will."

Kevin lost his battle as the cocky grin slid onto his lips, the younger threading his arms around the other. "We'll see."

And we're off. Things are certainly better on the Kevin/Lee front, aren't they. And now, some information you shall need regarding the Championship:

Tournament Placing's

Asian 1. White Tigers 2. Blade Breakers
American 1. Blade Breakers 2. All Starz
Pacific 1. Demolition Boys 2. White Tigers 3. All Starz
African 1. Genesis 2. All Starz 3. Blade Breakers
European 1. Demolition Boys 2. Majestics
United Kingdom 1. Genesis 2. Majestics 3. Demolition Boys

Championship Ladder (Prior to Finals)

1. Demolition Boys
2. Genesis ()
3. Blade Breakers
4. White Tigers ()
5. All Starz
6. Majestics ()

()Only competed in two tournaments