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"There you are, my boys." Mr Dickenson smiled as Kevin and Lee rejoined the group. "I was wondering where you got too. I was just about to send out the search party."

"We were just discussing the paparazzi issue following Tala's announcement, that's all." Lee nodded, shrugging. "We've agreed that should anything be asked of us, we will not deny the truth."

"Glad to hear it." Mr Dickenson smiled. "Better they hear it from you then from a rogue photographer in the wrong place at the right time. But there is another matter I wish to discuss with you, and everyone else in fact." He clapped his hands, calling all attention too him as he straightened. "It has recently been brought to my attention that over these last few weeks there have been significant changes in terms of skill and strength in your blading, and due to this I wish to run more battles to redetermine the best in each country.

"In addition to this, the BBA wishes to discover who the best individual blade is in the world, so we will be holding matches between each countries top blader to determine who is ranked where on the world ladder."

Tyson frowned. "You mean you want us to battle our teammates and the others?"

"Exactly, my boy. It will be much like an individual Championship, only without all the fuss and publicity." Mr Dickenson let his gaze sweep over them, smiling inwardly as he noted the wry glances being thrown around the room, as well as a heated glare between Kai and Johnny. "However, there will be a twist. The contest will be open to all highly skilled bladers in our records." His gaze drifted to the side, taking in the Demolition Boys. "I've heard about this Panas, and I'm eager to see where he ranks."

Bryan smirked. "Right up with me, Tal and Kai, I assure you."

"Mm." He looked around. "There have also been other bladers appear. In Japan a young lad by the name of Diachi has come forward wanting to battle Tyson, and he has shown much potential. In America the PPBs Chairman, Douglas, has informed me of a young man named Rick that may give the All Starz a run for their money." Mr Dickenson pulled a list from his pocket, studying it. "In China there is a team that call themselves the Saint Shields that I believe will do well. There are other names on here: Brooklyn, Mytel, Garland, Mingming, and several others. You will no doubt have a battle on your hands."

"Well bring them on." Tyson smirked, the over-confident and cocky smirk sliding easily onto his face. "I'm up for a challenge. Besides, I'll be able to prove I'm the best blader in the world."

"Doubt it." Kai shot him a look. "Tal kicked your arse."

Tala smirked. "Had my eyes closed too."

Tyson stiffened. "WHAT!?"

"Don't believe me?" Tala waved it off. "Find some footage from the battle and you'll see in the final few seconds I was battling blind. I didn't want to feel like I won too easy."

"Why I oughta-"

Kai sighed, rolling his eyes toward his cousin. "Must you always insist on tormenting my teammates."

Tala chuckled.

"I'm afraid Kai might be right, Tyson." Kenny frowned down at Dizzi as he ran by the stats. "By my calculations it is most likely that the top five will be Kai, Tala, Bryan, Lee and Kevin."

"Lee and Kevin?" Johnny turned to look at him. "How the hell did they get so far up the ladder?"

"It's simple really," Dizzi interface glowed from the corner of the screen. "Following their intense training prior to battling team Genesis, it would seem their power levels jumped quite a bit. The readings I took during their battle against Genesis indicate that they could very well be the strongest bladers in the world, with Tala, Bryan and Kai not far behind. If you want to do well, you're just going to have to train to reach that level."

"Yeah right." Johnny growled, turning toward Mr Dickenson and narrowing his eyes. "Just how long have we got before these battles?"

"They will begin in a month." Mr Dickenson nodded. "Plenty of time to train."

"Yeah." Bryan smirked. "Panas can be your training partner. You can screw him between battles. But I gotta warn ya, he can tend to play rough."

Enrique frowned. "In his blading or in bed?"

The smirk widened as Bryan tossed him a wink. "Depends on his mood."

"So we battle again in a month." Michael frowned, glancing down at his plaster cast. "I'm not sure if my bones will have properly mended by then."

"Don't worry, you're injuries have been taken into account." Mr Dickenson tucked the list back inside his shirt. "We will be holding the more amateur battles first, giving you a chance to rest from the Championship. However, if any of you wish to begin the battles earlier, you are free to do so. Just remember that three BBA officials must be present, and preferably, depending on his personal affairs, Jazzman."

"I'm free for most of the already scheduled battles, Mr Dickenson." Jazzman thought for a moment, mentally running through his schedule. "In fact, I do believe I'm free a lot. My vacation should be over within a month at which point I will return to Japan to visit my parents. You can probably contact me there."

"Very well, Jazzy."

"Teh, more battles." Kevin looked up at Lee, scowling. "And here I was looking forward to some alone time without your bitching."

Lee blinked. "My bitching?"

"Yeah. After I kick your arse that's all you're gonna do."

"Excuse me?" Lee growled, glaring down at him. "Kick my arse?"

"Yeah." Kevin smirked. "I'm stronger than you."

"Wanna bet?"


"Good. Well I can't wait to prove you wrong."

"Then let's settle it now." Kevin pointed toward the door. "There's a bey dish out there. Just you and me, no distractions, and no limits."

"Fine." Lee spun on his heal, stalking toward the door. "We'll see who's stronger."

"They're really gonna do it?" Max frowned, watching him go. "You'd think they might have waited until it was official."

"Those two boys have always been fierce competitors," Mr Dickenson said, chuckling. "Even when they were small they would go to great lengths to outdo one another."

"That's Kev and Lee." Ray grinned, tugging on Kai's sleave as he passed him. "Come on. This I can't miss."

As they stepped outside they caught the beginning of the battle, both Kevin and Lee having removed their jackets and set them on a bench. The sky light up as the bit beasts did battle, the blades shooting sparks with every contact. The battle was at maximum power, no holding back from either side as they set aside their relationship to become bitter rivals.

"How can they do that?" Oliver shook his head, eyes seeking out and meeting Enrique's. "I find it so hard to battle Enrique, even at half power. I'm scared I'll hurt him."

"You've just gotta learn, kid." Bryan smirked, crossing his arms over his chest as Tala leant against him, their eyes on the battle as Tala's arms slid around Bryan's waist. "In the arena there are no friends, brothers, cousins, lovers, fiancé's, husbands or whatever. It's neutral ground. When it comes to the battle there is only you. Everyone else is a rival."

"Yeah." Tyson nodded, smiling faintly. "Yet at the same time, we are one."

At the dish two final attacks were launched, a bright light overcoming the darkness in the surrounding area, before slowly fading back into the night.


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