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Godzilla's bride
Chapter 1: A new monster

I am Godzilla, The King of the Monsters.

If you are reading this, you have probably seen at least one of the movies, in which I have starred.

Years ago one girl went to visit her friend. There she saw one of my movies. From that moment on she liked my movies, no, but she loved my movies (and of course my good-looking face). By time she saw most of the other movies and was left to long for those, which she couldn't see.

Important however is that, at while seeing me in me in my world, at the same time when she was in her world, helped her to find again her natural born ability to access other, from her worlds point of view nonexistent and imaginary worlds, (like my world,) to change and stretch their rules and create new rules, and create by herself completely new "imaginary and nonexistent" worlds, creatures and objects of her own.

But now it's enough with these beginning explanations, I have repeated myself already too much. Now eyes open and listen carefully, this story is told exceptionally by me, because Johanna thinks I have more personal touch to this particular story. After all it turned my life upside down when compared to earlier times. (And Johanna didn't want to take the responsibility of ruining this story.) After all this isn't like any other story. This is the beginning of everything that is to come.

All right, that day on Monster Island the weather was warm and the sun was shining brightly on the blue sky. Most of all the monsters, that I had ever met, were on the island and lived relatively peacefully together.

Back then I didn't notice at all anything strange in it, even though I knew and remembered having destroyed most of them. Back then it felt completely natural, that they had returned, even those, who had died either by humans' actions or from their own choice. Those, who had gone somewhere else from their own free will. Mecha-Godzilla, Rodan, Spigon, Mothra, Angilus, my son Junior, Kamacuras the giant mantis, Gigan, Ghidorah, everybody. Destroyah I had not met yet, so he of course wasn't there.

Later I pondered why things like this didn't make me think. And even more, why they didn't make the humans think. At some point I reasoned, that it, like many other things, were Johanna's doings.

Like I earlier said, we lived relatively peacefully. As The King of the Monsters my job was to solve fairly all the arguments, that they didn't know how to agree, to arrange for everybody some own space, that served their current needs, to ensure, that everybody got the nutrition they needed, (or in Mecha-Godzilla's case fuel,) and of course to keep everybody informed about the humans doings and the worlds events.

To get all of this done, I sometimes had to use my kingly authority. Though mostly I got along by asking.

By asking help in some of the tasks, I created a friendly atmosphere, that prevented arguments, opposition and general depression, which sometimes threatened to overwhelm the minds of the monsters who were unemployed.

Rodan somehow ended up taking care of some kind of doctor's position on Monster Island. Furthermore she and other monsters capable of flying sometimes received either an order or a request from me to fly to the mainland to get some news.

Usually a request, namely because there was a limited amount of doing on the island, and they were usually inactive and eager to get to do at least something. However if everybody did have something to do, I ordered to the news trip that one, whose doing I considered least important at the moment.

Again I'm getting astray from the issue, I think I have picked up such bad habit from Johanna's father.

That day I had sent Rodan to get news. In human cities always rose a panic (naturally) when one of us showed up. But when Rodan arrived to the nearest city, everybody was already in panic.

Rodan flew around searching for the source of the larger than usual panic when she listened the talk and the shouts from the streets. "Escape, Godzilla is coming!"

Rodan was surprised and thought by herself: "Godzilla can't be here; just a moment ago he was on Monster Island." But her astonishment only became deeper, when she heard more: "It is not Godzilla, it is red!" yelled some man.

"Who cares, it looks like Godzilla!" yelled back a woman carrying her child to safety.

"Well at least not me, because red Godzilla is here!" shouted another woman, who carried a small suitcase.

At the same time one police was trying to calm down the crowd: "No panic, dear citizens, evacuate the area quickly and in good order! Situations like this have been pulled through before!"

Then one young man on a motor-cycle stopped and pointed at a near-by window: "Look at the TV there in the stores show window! They tell on the news, that the red Godzilla has a little one with it!" Some humans stopped to take a look at the mentioned TV-screen, when the young man on his motor-cycle took a look behind himself, saw a great shadow sweeping across the opposite house's wall, looked up and shouted: "Help! Now Rodan is here too!", and drove away as fast as could in the crowd.

The humans got frightened even more: "Run!" many of them shouted. Rodan had heard enough to know, that this had to be told to Godzilla right away.

Besides that she wasn't very interested to stay and wait for that noisy army, which came to the scene always when the monsters showed up ashore outside the carefully guarded Monster Island. And if there already was a monster nearby the city or in the city, which had caused a panic like this, the army would soon be present as well.

Arching her wings Rodan turned back towards the sea and went flying back to Monster Island.

On the Island's shore I waited patiently for Rodan's news. I was surprised seeing a familiar character flying across the sea towards the Island many hours earlier than I had expected.

"I hope nothing is wrong", I muttered to myself.

I suddenly felt great restlessness. When Rodan finally landed in front of me, I was at breaking point.

"Well, what's new?" I asked as soon as Rodan landed in front of me. "Wait a little. Huff. Godzilla. I need to breathe. Poof." Rodan said and fell down to the ground panting heavily.

Irritated I stayed waiting and walked back and forth impatiently.

After a few minutes Rodan took a deep breath and sighed. "Oh-ho-yah. Now I feel better." She got up and looked at me. "Godzilla, you will never believe what is going on in there."

"Well tell me already, then we'll see whether I believe it or not." I snapped.

"Well, boss, when I got to the city, there was already full panic and the evacuation was almost over, while listening to speeches I heard being mentioned a red Godzilla, who has an infant with it. I tried to look for it at the same time I was listening, but because the city was already almost empty of humans, I concluded, that the army would soon be there making noise and I decided right away to come tell you about this." She stopped and stayed observing my facial expressions. For a moment I was in the same irritated state of tension than before hearing Rodan's news and it showed on my face.

For a moment Rodan looked worried, but calmed down immediately, when the thing she had said started to sink into my consciousness and wiped slowly my face empty of emotions, after which, when I started to understand what the words I had heard meant, confusion glazed my sight and raised my brows, leaving me staring of to emptiness.

I sensed how Rodan got worried and I felt when she tapped my arm with her fingers. "Godzilla, is everything alright?" she asked.

The voice seemed to come from somewhere very far away. Godzilla. Exactly that word had paralyzed my brain activity. Godzilla actually means, at least in monster language, my species' monster's position as king.

In the human language it's my name and the name of my species, because I am only one of my species, which they know. So if my son isn't counted.

If we monsters talk about my species, we talk about something else than Godzilla. That, at this alleged member of my species, who had an infant with it, was red, meant something important. Like on animals bright colour warns from danger, so does on us monsters.

Red means "keep your distance", and is rarely really red, usually closer to pink and dark pink. Reds are sometimes poisonous, the darker red, the more surely poisonous. In other words a really appropriate warning colour.

Reds are always females. Females can also be other colours than red. There's whites and greys too, but both colours are rare. Greys can be any shade from almost white grey to almost black grey.

Also males can be grey, but greys are the most rarest both among the males and females. Usually males are some shade of green, sometimes appears also black males, which are as rare as white females, which both are more common than greys.

Furthermore the scales on females head are many times smaller than on males, but they are elongated from their tip and quite flexible. The length of these elongated scales varies on different individuals, and they cover the females head as a thick mane like hair on human females. They're even called hairscales (or shortly just hair) and their colour can be notably different than body colour.

Females differ from males yet by that, at they gather spare nutrition on their chest muscles and on their hips, in other words to the same places as on human females, caused by the females different lifestyle. That difference to human females in this thing however is, that the fatty tissue gathering on the chest muscles doesn't form two separate formations, but is in the middle almost as thick as on the sides. Did you understand, what I told you? You'd better understand, because I will not explain this again.

During this whole thought process I didn't speak anything, so that is at least a few minutes. "Godzilla?" Rodan said and poked into my arm with her fingers.

I awakened from my thoughts and a clear plan was in my mind. "Boss, what are you going to do? And what should I do?" Rodan asked worriedly.

"You go tell everybody, what you have heard, tell everybody stay on the island and look after Junior, I'll go see, is this "red Godzilla" truly the same species or something new."

After giving instructions I turned to leave, but Rodan stopped me: "You're not going to fight, are you? Think about Junior, if this "red" kills you when protecting its own infant?"

I growled and said: "Don't worry, I haven't stayed alive by making stupid decisions, I'll just go and see what's in there." "All right." Rodan said and took flight.

I walked to the water and started swimming towards the nearest city. While swimming my thoughts stopped circling around the same route and I felt more sure than usual.

After getting ashore, I made my way to the city center along the big streets, being careful not to break anything. I tried to be quiet, so that I would find the monster that I was searching for before it would notice me. Not long before, when I heard sounds nearby.

I started to go around the streets trying to locate the source of the sounds with my hearing. Then I turned around a corner and came to a big street, along which was a lot of stores.

There they were, crouching low and digging through stores, without noticing me at all. That "red" was truly a female of my species and she had a female infant with her. The female digging some sort of fabric store, on the street was already a few out pulled and opened rolls, and the infant was right next to the female, closer to me, digging out big candy counters from the store. One saw from the counters on outside, that this little one had already eaten most of the candies it had gotten out.

I looked at them closely.

The female was attractive, quite slim and young.

So a quite fresh mother, if the infant was it's own.

I felt strange relief of that, at I was still in my youths measurements and as handsome as I had always been, instead of gaining weight along the years. Though I wasn't yet even middle-aged, I still was no longer as young as this female.

The infant was approximately Junior's age, maybe a little bit younger.

The female pulled out of the store a roll of bright red fabric. She opened the roll and examined it.

They still hadn't noticed me.

"Little one, I think this colour suits you." she said. One and a half meters wide fabric looked like a thin lace in the females hands. The infant looked at the fabric and said: "Yeah, tie it into my hair." Aha, the female had been searching for a hair band to the infant, but I still didn't know, were they a mother and an infant.

I had seen enough. Now it was time to get their attention.

At the same time when the female opened the roll even more, I said: "Who are you, Red, and what are you doing on my territory?"

The female and the infant looked at me startled.

Well finally they noticed me, I thought.

The females look changed quickly to angry, but the infant seemed more curious. "Mother, who is that?" the infant asked innocently.

"Is the infant truly your own? You look very young to be a mother. I would have kept more likely that, at you are cousins or sisters." I said so surprised, that I didn't have time to stop the words from escaping from my mouth. I can only imagine, how stupid I sounded like.

The female reached her right hand and pulled the infant underneath her, further away from me. She probably felt threatened, since she was still crouching low. Fabric, which she had held, had fallen to the ground right after she got over the fright caused by seeing me.

"As an answer to your question, I can say, that who I am, is not your business, that what I'm doing here on your alleged "territory", is my and the little one's business, not yours, and yes, the little one is my own infant, and as a confirmation to your suspicions, I am quite young to be a mother. Not as young as I could be, and not even as young as I look like, but still young. We were in dormancy for a long time, which consumed a lot of spare nutrition, and the slimness caused by it makes me look even younger than usual. Also partially for that reason, at most of the nutrition I have found I have given to my infant." the female spoke at first with a tense and irritated voice, but that flood of speech seemed to wash away most of the tension and after stopping speaking she only stared at me suspiciously, instead of the earlier overt hostility.

"This is my territory, but it's furthest areas, the main area is on one island in that direction," I nodded towards the island, "since there aren't any of these disturbing little creatures, who call themselves humans. Instead there are others like us…" I was going to say even more, but I stopped speaking when I saw the females look changing suddenly to a strange mix of hopefulness, despair and the earlier suspicion and the earlier hostility.

"Others of our species?" she asked her voice strangely thick and I saw tears glistening in her eyes, ready to flow to her skinny cheeks.

I felt my stomach turning and I was too much ashamed to look at the female in the eyes when I answered: "Only me and my son, who is approximately your daughter's age, maybe a little bit older." The female blinked her eyes in order to stop the tears from flowing and turned her look to the ground. One tear however escaped from her eyes and fell on her dusty hand.

In order to avoid an uncomfortable silence I asked did she have a mate. She was silent for a while. When the female spoke, she spoke in such a silent and choked voice, that even I had trouble hearing: "I so hoped, that he would be there. I never found out, where to did he disappear." The female snuffled and continued: "They searched him for a week, before they came to say to me, that nothing has been fond and if he was alive, he'd probably never come back. The next day, when the areas leaders, the Elders assembled, he was declared to be dead. And he never even had time to find out, that I was pregnant…" the female's voice broke and she started sobbing in spite of her hard attempts not to cry.

She tied her right arm beneath her daughter's armpits and hugged her little one, still in the same crouched position. She rubbed her face against the little ones head, sank her face in the little ones hair and breathed deeply smelling her child's scent. Apparently this was the female's usual self-comforting-method, since the infant wasn't frightened, but tied by herself her right arm around her mother's neck.

After a while the female calmed down and the infant let go of her mother. The female held the infant yet for a moment before letting her go.

"Mother, now that you're no longer sad or angry, can you tell me who that is?" the infant asked slightly worried, probably fearing, that her mother would start crying again. The female froze for a moment and became suspicious again, looked at me and said: "I doubt whether you tell your name without knowing first our names?" the female asked. I sighed.

"Of course not, that would sound stupid, if you would call me by name, and I would call you either Female or Red and your child either infant or little one." I answered.

The females look changed into a mix of dissatisfaction, suspicion, anger and that kind of "I should have guessed it"-feeling, but she nodded and said: "My name is Sabina, and my child's name is Susan. Will you tell now who you are?"

I nodded and said: "My name is Godzilla." I barely had time to say that, when the female, I mean Sabina, laughed bitterly saying: "The King? You don't seriously think that I'm going to believe that?" I had expected something like this.

"I don't expect you to believe me now, but I know, that you will believe me at some point." I said calmly and continued: "Now, tell me where have you planned to spend the night, those small humans can hardly cause you any other problems than noise, but they might manage to harm your daughter, if they can't make you leave from nearby their homes in any other way."

Sabina looked worried for a moment and said: "Outside this city, on a big grassy opening in that direction," she pointed away from the sea and I heard a helicopter buzzing somewhere, coming closer, when she continued "where I go tomorrow, I don't know, at least not yet."

Sabina finally got up from her crouched position to a sitting position and took her daughter Susan in her arms, hugged Susan for a moment and let her go standing slowly up. Susan stood up as well, but a lot faster, and started running towards me.

At the same time when she still ran to me with those clumsy child's steps, the helicopter I had heard came out above us and stayed buzzing back and forth. It looked like a news helicopter, and I saw through its windows humans, who had different kinds of cameras.

I had only about half seconds time to look at it, when Susan reached me and tied her arms around my right knee, lifted her face towards me and said with her small voice of a child: "I like you. I don't know, who you are, but for me you don't seem mean at all."

I got confused for a moment from this open indication of trust, but I smiled then and smiling patronizingly I bent down to pet that innocent child's head. "Well aren't you a sweet little creature," I said, "and you look just like your mother." Then Susan surprised me by letting go of my leg and jumping up to tie her arms around my neck.

Her sudden weight first pulled me down crouching, then on my knees and caused a surprised growl to escape from my throat. "Hold me." was the little girl's stubborn demand.

A warm wave went through me, turned my insides upside-down and caused me to take her in my arms. There I stood, in the middle of a human city, in my arms a child who I had just met. I wondered why my own son didn't make my knees feel weak with the power of a mere hug. Then I realized it was caused precisely by that, at he was a son, not a daughter.

But again, why a strange child makes me feel like this.

I was looking at Susan and thinking about it, when I heard Sabina's choked voice: "Susan, come here." I looked at Sabina and I saw on her face a pained, fearful look. "I don't want to walk, I'm tired." was the answer. "Come and carry me mother." Susan still muttered and yawned. Panic showed on Sabina's face.

I came to think, that maybe she was afraid of strange men. I decided to give Susan back to her and said: "Come and take her, I don't dare to carry her, I might accidentally drop her." Sabina started carefully coming towards me.

After getting to me she took Susan carefully in her arms and took a few steps back, glanced behind her and went to pick up the bright red fabric roll, which she had dropped earlier. She shook off the trashes from it and put Susan down. "Stand for a moment." she commanded Susan, pulled the fabric roll more open and bit off from it a piece the length of her arm and used it to tie Susan's hair.

Then she picked Susan back in her arms and said: "Now let's go to sleep, little one," she looked at me and continued: "I you are curious, you can come to look at the place, where we are spending the night, but you have to leave when you have seen it."

"All right, but why wouldn't you come to Monster Island? There you would certainly be left in peace from those irritating humans." I said and glanced at the helicopter, which was for a change again in view. Meanwhile when I had given Susan back to Sabina and Sabina had tied Susan's hair, the helicopter had been circling somewhere behind the surrounding skyscrapers.

Sabina glanced at the helicopter and asked: "You said, that the humans might manage to harm Susan, if they can't make me leave from nearby their homes in any other way. Can those humans harm my little one?"

"No, they are just observing, they don't have any weapons than with to harm anyone." I said. Sabina's answer surprised me: "I don't have any reason to come to that island, as long as the humans don't try to harm me and Susan. Instead the other monsters on the island might succeed to harm both of us, if they would get into that mood, and I don't know them, so I can't know how they react to me. So I don't take any risk by coming to the island, before the risk of staying is bigger than the risk of leaving."

"Aha, well will you show me where you will spend the night, so that I know, where to look for in the morning?" I asked.

For an answer Sabina walked past me and turned to the street, which took away from the sea, beckoning me to follow. We walked along the city's streets to the other side of it.

When Sabina walked out of the city, the familiar banging, whistling and exploding began. A few ammos hit Sabina in the arms and legs, before she had time to retreat back to the protection of the houses. The street was so narrow, that I couldn't get past Sabina, so I made a new road for myself by charging side first through the house on the right.

As soon as I came to view, the army started to fire at me. The ammos whistled and banged irritatingly. I inhaled and blew from my mouth a hot beam, than with I destroyed all the visible tanks, cars and soldiers. I turned and said to Sabina: "The soldiers are gone now, and they don't come back for a little while, but they will come back."

Sabina shook her head so, that the hairscales moved back to cover the neck and stated: "Let them come back, if they want to. This time they surprised me, but the next time I'll make barbeque sticks from them." She walked past me and we continued forward to a low, wide hill on the big grassy opening.

On the top of the hill Sabina stopped, put Susan down to sit and turned to speak to me: "Here we're sleeping tonight. Now, get lost."

I nodded and said: "Yes, but tell me, what will you do if, and IF, something happens and you two get in trouble?"

Sabina was confused for a moment from this obviously unexpected sign of attention before she succeeded in answering: "If something goes wrong, I'll send a subsonic message to you." I nodded again and said: "I'll keep an ear open, but now I must go back to the island to my son, the sun is setting soon. Goodbye." Susan curled up on the ground, yawned and said: "Bye bye, uncle-Silla."

My name was probably unnecessarily difficult to such a small child, so she abbreviated Godzilla into that kind of form, that she was able to say it. Junior doesn't have that problem, because he has had time to practice my name since his birth, besides he usually calls me father. And Godzilla is his name too, even though I call him Junior.

Sabina in stead said only: "Farewell." And she didn't say it especially warmly. I turned and started walking the shortest route towards the sea, directly through the city.

Just before I stepped back into the city, I glanced behind myself and I saw Sabina lieing down on the ground next to Susan, half on her stomach and half on her side, leaning with her elbows to the ground and holding her head high, observing the surroundings. She brought to my mind some sort of feline, probably a tiger. I saw when she lied down completely on her side and curled up around Susan.

Then I turned back towards the sea and rumbled through the city. And I wasn't very careful this time. I left a "small" mess behind me, but the humans would clean it up.

They always cleaned up my messes from their cities.

After plopping into the sea I started swimming home with a steady speed, feeling strangely alert, even though all I was able to think of was getting to sleep.

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