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He sat defiantly on the chair, looking straight ahead without really seeing anything. His mouth was set into a firm line. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. It was as if he was shielding himself from the angry words that spilled out over him. He let the livid words wash over him without paying attention and without even trying to comprehend them. He had long ago stopped trying to grasp them. They weren't important and he wasn't interested in them, so he just didn't bother.

What they said was all the same anyway: 'He was being difficult and what they had done to deserve this. They were there for him when no one else was able to and so he should be grateful. But no, he was being ungrateful. They only tried to help him and why he thanked them with this behaviour.'

It ended up with the same speech every time they came to this point - which had been often in the last few weeks.

He gritted his teeth and burrowed his clenched fists under his arms, obscuring them from view.

"Why didn't he care?"

He nearly rolled his eyes.

'Why didn't he care?' the question echoed in his mind.

He had long since stopped caring - after all, no one else seemed to care. There had been a shimmer of hope for a short while but then, like everything else, that shimmer had died when he found out that no one cared indeed. He had tried to convince himself otherwise, had hoped that everything would get better in time, but it had been to no avail.

There was no one who cared for him so he had stopped caring as well.

This discovery had left him angry and defiant and there was nothing anyone could do to revoke that opinion.

He sat still as the words slowly became more and more hesitantly when it got clear that he was not listening, or at least not paying any attention to what was said.

Finally the words came to a halt.

He looked up, his eyes hard, and he crooked his head to the side.

"Can I go to my room now, or is there something else you want to throw at me?" he snarled.

The man's eyes narrowed briefly but he backed away. "No, you can go," came his frustrated reply. He watched the younger man standing up regally in a fluid motion and straightening.

Turning on his heel, the younger man left the room without a backwards glance.

The door still open, he could hear them talking quietly behind him.

"We should probably make the phone call now. I don't think we'll get anywhere with him."

He heard the man sigh. "Yes, you're right."

Oh great, how he hated everything!

To be continued…

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