Tori Hiyashi knocked on the door of Samantha's trailer. It was a usually bright morning, for November that is. It was fairly warm and the sun was shining. The snow form the night before had all but melted. It was nice change after all the cold weather. She threw back the hood of her hoodie causally, letting her black hair catch the sunlight.

She rapped on the door again. "Hay, Sam, it's me!" she called.

The door opened slowly and Samantha's head picked round it carefully. She seemed surprised for brief moment; then she broke into a smile. Tori raised a finger, an indication she was about to speak, but Samantha, recognizing this sign, put a finger to her lips. Tori raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Oh, Tori!" Sam whispered excitedly, barely able to keep her voice even. "You'll never believe this—but…I have someone I want you to meet." And before Tori could react she grabbed the neck of her friend's hoodie and dragged her inside the house. She gave Tori a little push into the living room and hastily shut the door behind her.

It took Tori's eyes a moment to adjust to the dimness of the room. Sam had all the dark green curtains shut tight and it was almost as dark a night. But they did adjust. She had clapped her hands over her mouth to stop from screaming.

In the middle of the room, lying on a makeshift bed on the floor was a young man asleep. He had long auburn hair that lay about his shoulders and he wore a loose, scarlet, Japanese-style kimono. Upon his left check was a mark in the shape of an "X".

Tori squealed from behind her hands and grabbed onto Samantha's shoulder as thought she might faint. And she might have. Her heart was beating so fast one would think she was having a heart attack. Samantha "shhhh" ed her sharply as she pulled the awestruck girl into an adjacent kitchen. She prided to other girl loose. It took Tori a moment to find her breath. And when she did…

"Who is that?" she screeched, clearly annunciating ever syllable. "He's hot."

"I know." Samantha returned excitedly, "Isn't he incredible!"

"Where did you get him? Like, a school pageant?'

"Noooo," said Samantha with irritation, "I found him on the doorstep out cold last night." Tori looked incredulous. "No. Really. He's got some kind of fever. Been in and out of consciousness all night. Tori, I think he's the real thing."

Tori snorted. "Yah, we're talkin' time-machine, right?"

Samantha shook her head, still beaming. "No! Well, I don't knew, couldn't get mush out of him, for the brief periods of consciousness, but hay, he has a sword. An actual, authentic, honest-to-goodness, Japanese katana!" With a frantic wave, she gestured at the counter top. Upon it tile lay, side by side and sword and black sheathe. The blade glinted ominously. To Tori it was a picture of beauty. She had a katana of her own; but of course it was made in China. How real was that? But this was from Japan! It made a big difference.

Samantha noticed Tori's reaction to the sword, she knowing of her love of blades. "Yep. It's Japanese. Bet you kill for something like that?" All her friend could do was nod. "Well I saw it in action. He got a bit delirious and started slashing that thing around in here. I had to confiscate it." She then inclined her head to a corner of the kitchen. There upon the floor lay a small wooden coffee table. It was sliced neatly in half. Tori squeaked. "Yah, it was kool. But there goes my allowance for the next, um, three weeks. It was kind of an antique."

Tori ginned weakly. "So what dose you mom say to having a man sleeping in your living room?" She added with a sly smile.

"Uh, well…"Samantha's checks burned. "They're, um, gone for a week on business, so—um yah… They have no idea."

"You have never been one to keep the rules, have you?"


Tori sighed. "Well it's more then your life's worth for then to find out. But hay! Can't blame ya'. Sooo, what's the guy's name anyway?"

"Well, he calls himself Kenshin," Samantha replied (Ahhhh, Kenshin, swordheart. Tori thought, what a beautiful name!) "But I could get much else out of him."

"Who is this Sam?"

Tori' released Samantha's shoulders, which she had again taken to gripping tightly and wheeled around on the balls of her feet. That beautiful, soft, voice! Her heart skipped two beats. That man, Kenshin then, stood not five paces behind her, leaning against the doorframe. His reddish hair fell around his face with a causal elegance that that most movie stars couldn't have achieved. But even with that it was his eyes that really struck her. They were the most pronounced blue she had even seen. Bright and deep like pools of water. Her knees felt weak.

"Sam," he said again, his voice strained. He sunk to his knees.

"Tori," Samantha ordered urgently, "Get some cold water and a cloth." She rounded on the man. "Kenshin! For the last time, I told you to stay in your bed! Your to sick to be up!"

Kenshin smiled playfully, turned, and crawled away on his hand and knees back top his bed. Samantha throws up her hands in frustration.

The man will never get better! As soon as he opens his eyes he'll try to get up and yet he is unable to stand!"

"You know," Tori returned, "You sounded disturbingly like our moms just then."

Samantha didn't reply but swept from the room with Tori at her heals caring a metal bucket of water in her arms. Kenshin was lying obediently in his bed. Sam knelt down beside him and placed a hand on his forehead. Sighing she spoke to Tori.

"You see? His burning up! Wet that cloth and hand it to me." Tori obeyed. Samantha placed it on Kenshin temple. He looked over and met her eyes. She glared at him. "Now you stay right here, got it?" He nodded weakly. "Good."

Tori paused for moment before speaking her thoughts. "Um, Sam? Can I like, stay over, and um, yah…" She trailed off as she met Kenshin's eye.

Samantha look up and smiled mischievously. "You want to? Call your dad."

Tori hung up the phone, her face shining. "Yesssss! He said I could!" She made a fist of triumph.

Samantha walked up to her. "How long?"

"Ahhhh, as long a I want."


They glanced at Kenshin who lay on lay o his back staring ceiling with almost no expression on his face. Tori involuntarily clapped a hand to her heart. Samantha saw it out of the corner of her eye and grinned.

"You like him don't you?" Tori nodded weakly. "I'll set up a bed for you in the living room…" she winked playfully.

Both girls ended up in sleeping in the room with Kenshin. Tori on one side of him, Sam up on the couch. They both cared for him. Samantha was too afraid to called a doctor or anyone for that matter. They might take try to carry him off like some kind of animal if they knew who he was. Sam's mom was a nurse.

Kenshin's fever broke after four days. Not bad. He was intently grateful to the girls for helping him. Samantha demanded that as "payment" he tell them a bit a bout himself and answer their questions. He hesitated, at first, but he got out of it was seeing her get really ticked.

"Listen you, took you in, at my own mortal risk, and help you to get on your feet and all I've got out of you is your name!" She grabbed the neck of his kimono and looked him directly in the eyes. "Well?" Tori turned away smiling.

Sam released him and he fell back on his hands grinning guiltily. "This one cannot tell…oro!" She had thrown a pillow at him. He duck just in time. "Please steel down missy! This one could have been—ORO!" The second pillow hit him square in the face and knocked him flat on his back.


"This one gives in!" Kenshin pleaded laughing. "Sam has a powerful throw, that she dose!"

"All right, then. So who are you really…?"

Kenshin answered all their questions. But Sam still had a feeling he was only telling half-truths. But when they learned was strange enough. His full was Himura Kenshin and he was the real thing. He had been a samurai in the Medji Revolution. He'd been at the top of the government's plans and was behind mush of it. But then they stared to want to use him as an assassin. He tried then to back and was in the end forced to flee Kyoto. But the government deiced he knew too much and could not be allowed to go out into the open. He had learned of his pursuers and fled for his life. But in the end they caught up with him and he was forced to kill them. Yet there were many. He fled again. Then everything was blurry. All he can recall is running, then falling from weakness—and lo and behold, and wakes to find himself on Samantha's porch. He had no recollection of 'time-travel'.

"But I don't when to go back." Kenshin concluded. "I've had enough of that life. I've seen enough blood spilt."

"Strange," Tori muttered. "You say you were one of the top people?" Kenshin nodded. "When why haven't I heard of you? I've read all the history of the Japanese Revolution, and I know some of the names you mentioned, but there's no reference to a Himura Kenshin anywhere."

"This one didn't go under the name of 'Kenshin' in the war…" Kenshin whispered sadly. Then he added hesitantly, "Have you heard of the Battousai?" Tori nodded, unable to speak.

There was a heavy silence in the room. On one wanted to be he first to break it. Samantha and Kenshin stared at the carpet. Tori looked blankly at the wall, fiddling with her hair. They might have stayed in that silence forever had not the phone rang. Samantha muttered in a quite voice that she'd get and walked into the kitchen. Tori and Kenshin just nodded.

Sam looked on the caller ID. Hm, wireless caller. She picked it up. Tori was dimly aware of Samantha voice in the back of her thoughts.

"Yah, high mom! Really? kk. How was it? Kool. Everything's fine. Ohhh. Not much. Yah…Gotcha! See you soon!" And she hung up.

Tori got to her feet. "Well?'

Sam sighed and looked over at Kenshin dejectedly. "My mom and dad just got off the plain in Salt Lake. My mom's friend will pick them up. They'll most likely be home in an hour, at the least. You'll have to get out, Kenshin."

Tori stepped forward defensively. "But—where will he go? You can't just chuck him out!" She glanced at the Japanese.

"This should be just find!" said Himura cheerily. "Love sleeping under the stars, that I do!"

"Doubt you'll see much of the that." Sam muttered so only Tori could here.

"So, where is this ones katana?" he asked her. She pointed to the kitchen. He stood and went to fetch it, walking right between them as though they were part of the wall. He seemed to have something on his mind, Tori noted. He returned with the blade tied in his sash. It looked so natural. Tori felt her checks coloring. Not now, she pleaded with her self. "I guess I'll be going then."

"But…" said Samantha and Tori in unison.

"No.'" Kenshin uninterrupted more firmly. "This one can't take any chances. I'll be just fine."

"Where will you go?"

"What will you do?"

"This one doesn't know yet." Kenshin replied offhandedly. He then passed for a moment as thought trying to remember something, then said, "You don't have something I use to tie this one's hair back?"

"Sssssure," muttered Samantha.

Sam found an one ebony in her junk. He took it gratefully and tied a neat ponytail.

"Much better! This ones dose not like his hair out, that he most certainly does not!"

"Shame." Tori signed.

"Oro?" Kenshin looked at her, perplexed.


"OK, then this one will go now." and he turned towards the door and let himself out. But before closing it again and looked over his shoulder and said, "Do not look for this one, but I promise I will came again when I can. I have things I must do. Stay out of trouble. Farwell." And he was gone. Samantha and Tori did not see him again for a long time.

Well, what do you think so far????????? It was based on a crazy dream I had, soooooo I might be a little different. Kenshin's personality scared me! An anime fic see thought the eyes of anime freaks, of course it'll be scary. R&R please!