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How to take over the world!

(In a nutshell)
by Yami Bakura

Being a Yami is so very depressing. Not only are you totally dependant on your host, you also have to put up with their stupid moral conscience! And the worst thing of all is, you have to accept that one day, my dear Ryou Bakura will no longer be around- he shall cease to exist, being the foolish mortal he is, and I? Well I will be lost, buried deep in the heart of the very tombs that I so enjoy plundering, adrift through the very sands of time, until some new foolish mortal strays upon my humble abode.

It is then I shall be free again. May it be the mercy of Ra that I shall not have to suffer enduring another painful existence with some kind hearted moralistic baloney, who is good, and kind and naïve and everything I'm not! Bah, you get the idea.

But in the meantime, I shall enlighten some of you foolish mortals on how I achieved immortality, and some of my copyrighted plans- I repeat copyright- on taking over the world, and how to rule it as a tyrant.

So I have prepared some memoirs, which may be of later use to you when you are considering world domination. If you do succeed, just remember to devote a country to me- Egypt would be nice, not one of those tiny wannabes that don't even make it on the map.

"Yami! What are you doing, you promised to listen to me this time, and I would like to go for a walk, instead of listening to you go on about your boring plans!" The avatar of Ryou enters our shared mind, and gazes around innocently, twiddling his thumbs. "The air is fresh, it'll do you some good. And why have you decorated our mind with darkness again? I told you, I don't like it, and it is certainly not very friendly."

Ye gods, Ra! Why hast thou forsaken me?

So, whaddya think?