Exhausted after a long day's teaching that had seemed to be nothing but a procession of embarrassing accidents on the part of his students, including one rather entertaining episode involving two second years, a grindylow and a bottle of snake oil, Harry stumbled into Snape's office uninvited and flopped down onto the deceptively comfortable sofa, sighing with relief as he did so. He immediately drooped sideways and closed his eyes, snuggling down into the furniture's soft worn fabric as he curled into a ball, all the while remaining blissfully unaware of Snape's disapproving glance at his dirty shoes on the previously clean cushions.

Gazing from where he leant casually on his desk, for in truth he had been awaiting the younger man's arrival rather than marking essays, Snape's frown softened as he watched the serene countenance of his lover, a sight he still did not yet dare to take for granted.

Harry's natural energy soon urged him awake, however, and the young man jolted upright again, his sparkling eyes returning his partner's stare as an accompanying smile graced his full red lips. He remained content in silent contemplation of the potions master for several seconds, before a sudden glimpse of the gaudy clock affixed somewhat jauntily to the wall behind the older man's head distracted Harry from far more pleasant chains of thought.

Not taking his eyes of the timepiece, he softly murmured

'was there something I was supposed to do today?': a question which was directed as much to the gaudy gold and red monstrosity as to the other man.

Used to Harry's slightly erratic organisation, Snape rolled his eyes at the younger man's puzzlement and glanced at the diary open on his desk before replying,

'Not that I know of, unless disturbing my peace and making a mess of my furniture was more of a priority than usual.'

Grinning and turning his gaze back to the older man, Harry put his nagging doubts aside and asked

'What do you want to do this evening?', happiness making his voice light as the sight of the man he loved dissipated the day's turmoil.

'Can't we just have a peaceful night in? Your youthful exuberance is touching, but attempting to drill the rudiments of potions into those little brats has exhausted me' Snape replied, in a voice whose rich melodious tone belied his insincerity and profound happiness at Harry's presence.

'I thought you had NEWT level students for all of today's lessons?' responded Harry playfully, gazing fondly at the older man's mock-irritated expression.

'I did. They're all as incompetent as each other.' A hint of sarcasm crept into Snape's velvety tones as he continued, 'although I seem to remember you surpassed them all in terms of ability…..and by that I mean lack thereof….'

The potions master maintained a solemn frown but Harry, by now a proficient student of the older man's expressions, saw the humour radiating from his obsidian eyes, something that became all the more apparent as the older man stepped closer towards him.

'Well, professor,' the younger man responded in a lower tone, rising slowly and deliberately from the sofa, 'you should know by now that my talents lie elsewhere'.

'Really? ….' Snape's challenge was abruptly cut off, however, as Harry quickly covered the remaining distance between them and caught the older man in a passionate embrace, spinning his companion around and eagerly fastening his lips to the older man's. Taken by surprise, Snape staggered slowly backward, winding his arms around Harry's slender frame and deepening the kiss as they moved in tandem towards the sofa. Unperturbed by this motion, Harry snaked one hand up the potion master's back and into his silky black hair, sensuously winding long strands of it around his fingers and causing the other man to moan softly.

Unaware of the shocked boy standing in the open doorway that they now occupied, the two older men lost themselves in their embrace, only startled into action when they heard an irritated and familiar voice emanating from the other room.

'Potter, watch where you're…….'

At this Snape and Harry sprang immediately apart, and the older man automatically flung the door further open in order to give them both room to wield their wands. By now such manoeuvres had become second nature to the pair, and each was used to unconsciously considering the other when formulating plans, be they bellicose or otherwise. With drawn wands pointed at the two frozen figures outside the office, they were able to clearly observe the horrified expressions of their younger selves illuminated by the warm glow of the office light.

Suddenly beset by a rush of memory, the future Harry fought the emotions that flooded in alongside them, knowing that it was imperative to put the time-travelling pair at ease as soon as possible. Thus, putting aside the knowledge of how much pain and confusion the surprisingly young figures in front of him would have to endure in the coming days, the future Harry lowered his wand and smiled disarmingly at the two intruders, speaking softly into the tense silence.

'Welcome', he said, 'we've been expecting you'.



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