The Price of Power

A muscular tan man dressed in pitch black robes with a lightsaber hilt at his side, looks out from a balcony in a palace fit for only the most powerful man in the galaxy. The crowd chants "all hail Lord Ecanruf, all hail Lord Ecanruf" It is fitting because he is the most powerful man in the galaxy. As the crowd cheers and salutes him, he ponders upon the road he has walked to get to this place. "I have fought side by side with my men, killed many, deposed a tyrant......only to install myself as a new one." He thinks to himself.

"Why did I take this road, if I could, would I walk it again?" He dismisses the crowd with a swift about face, with a swirl of his cape he is gone from view. He retires to his meditation chambers. The round room is slightly glowing red, it amplifies the power of the dark side and mirrors it back inside him. "It is not too unlike the star forge", he thinks to himself. He remembers the fateful day he usurped the rule from Revan's once strong hands. He remembers taking control of the new order from Palpatine, he remembers slaying Vader and as each of the Sith Lords fell, he remembers using an ancient Sith technique to strip their bodies of the force and build it onto his own power.

He remembers slaying the rest of the Jedi and The so called "Master Skywalker", each time he slew, he became more and more powerful, until he met the only enemy that had given him a was a once war mongering alien race from another galaxy....they were seemingly outside the force, however while he hid in the shadows, a young jedi knight came forth.....the young Jacen Solo who reunited them to the Force. That was all the help he needed, Lord Ecanruf, came out of the shadows and destroyed the Yuhazan Vong leaders and enslaved their race, slew Jacen and took his empathy power and force power. Now in his meditation chambers he dismisses the thought for another time........for now is the time of the imperial banquet. And there was some one he is hoping might be there.........