This drabble was for the second week of the IYficchallenge LJ community. The theme that week was "Snow." The drabble won third place.

Title: The Brief Lives of Snowflakes
Rating: PG
Genre: WAFF, some angst. Takes place a bit after episode 101, "Seven Years Later, Lingering Snow."
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Word Count: 200 exactly, according to MS Word. Too lazy to count it manually.
Summary: After seeing one woman be taken by the snow, Miroku fears for another.


When the storm comes, it reminds him. The ways to freeze are as numerous as the snowflakes.

Kagome shivers brightly from under most of Inuyasha's clothes. But despite her attire, she's not the one he's worried about.

He remembers that Sango already froze for him once. It seems to be his curse, that women's lives fall apart after meeting him.

And Miroku believes in curses.

Possessed by demons, ice, bitterness, these women come back to haunt him. He hears their voices on the winds. Like snowflakes, like butterfly wings, once touched, never the same.

Which could also be said about him, though he doesn't think that way.

He finds her under a tree, wide eyes seen through snow-covered branches, crouching for heat. She says she needed some air. Her face is red, from tears or cold, he doesn't know. He sits beside her, tracing long lines in the snow with a stick.

He should leave now, run for her life, but he can see that she's freezing in her uniform, her over-clothes having been donated to Kagome.

So he pulls her into his arms. Cursed or not, to stay apart forever is another kind of freezing.

Little by little, Sango melts.