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Chapter One

We were in Morelli's living room eating Pino's Pizza when suddenly I snapped. I don't know why but I just could not stand it any longer.

"Do you love me?" I swear to God the question had just popped into my head while I was picking out my next slice of pizza.

Without blinking or taking his eyes away from the hockey game Joe answered, "You know the answer to that Cupcake…Damn it he should have had it! What's wrong with this reff! He doesn't know anything!"

Usually I would just let it slide I mean I know somewhere deep down inside him he does love me and I think I can say the same thing about me but for some weird and totally strange reason tonight I could not let it go. Why couldn't he just say he loved me? Why couldn't I just say it to him? Why every time he proposed did I feel like it wasn't good enough? Maybe because I felt like he didn't think I was good enough? Did he think he was going to change me if we got married? Did he want me to be like any other married woman in the Burg? Did he actually think that once we got married that I would just slip into the role with no complaints?

Oh now that got me mad! How dare he think of me that way the chauvinistic pig! So I did what any other red blooded female from Jersey would do I got up slapped him and walked out the door.

POV Joe's

What the hell was that all about? After a few minutes I got up and went to look for her, I thought she would be sitting on the porch or in her car but when I looked out the front door her car was gone. I figured she probably went to Mary Lou's our her parents and that she would be back in a few hours after she'd cooled down from whatever she was pissed about.

So I went back to watching the game, if I had only known what a big stupid mistake that had been.