It's a new thing. I thought I'd try it.


It's her fault, she knows. She should have known he would have moved on by now. She'd been gone so many times, for so long the last time. Sometimes without even saying goodbye. But he'd always taken her back, because he loved her and he'd missed her. He'd always been cold at first, but all it had taken in the past was a smile and a small talk over his coffee to get him to trust her again. To make room in his life for her. But from the start, she knew something was different. He didn't have the same depth to his words when he spoke to her. He never ranted about Taylor to her anymore. Half the time, he couldn't even look her in the eyes unless he was telling her about how he just knew she'd bolt again as soon as she got bored.

She doesn't blame him, or Lorelai, for that matter. But it still hurts to know she's been replaced in his heart. Even if he doesn't know it yet.